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Naughty Girl Desires Boxed Set - cover

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Naughty Girl Desires Boxed Set

Jan Springer

Publisher: Spunky Girl Publishing

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Four contemporary romances with a naughty edge and a snap of suspense. Contains: Jade's Fantasy (Kidnap Fantasies 1), The Biker and The Bride, Sinderella Sexy, & Nice Girl Naughty  
Sneak peek: 
Jade’s Fantasy (Kidnap Fantasies 1) 
In the land of the rich and famous, Kidnap Fantasies is the answer to discreet naughty downtime. 
When ex-downhill skier Jade’s two sisters give her a Kidnap Fantasies questionnaire, Jade is aroused at the prospect of having no-strings fun in the sun with a stranger whose only job would be to fulfill her every intimate fantasy. Although she knows she’s too shy to send it in, she secretly pours her deepest wishes into the questionnaire. 
Soon the questionnaire mysteriously vanishes and Jade’s fantasy man appears on her luxury yacht in the form of a sexy handy man who gives her an intimate toy-filled holiday she’ll never forget. 
The Biker and The Bride 
Wrapped in red-hot lust for revenge, Avery plots to murder the man responsible for the death of her son. 
Her plans are dashed when her ex-husband whisks her away on his motorcycle to the rustic Canadian wilderness cabin they’d once honeymooned. 
Police detective, Mason is fighting for Avery’s love with everything he has. 
Armed with whipped cream, handcuffs and his undying devotion, Mason vows he will make Avery love again. 
But it’s only a matter of time before the man she’d planned to kill hunts them down… 
Sinderella Sexy 
By day, she's a dedicated gynecologist. 
By night, Dr. Ella Cinder, escapes reality by secretly performing in her own version of Cinderella, aptly re-titled Sinderella. 
When sexy colleague Dr. Roarke Stephenson shows up in the Sinderella audience on the same night her Prince Charming stands her up, Ella seizes the opportunity to make Roarke into her Prince Charming for one carnal night of extremely naughty fun in front of an audience. 
But at the strike of midnight, Ella knows she must face the harsh reality that Roarke must never learn her secret life and they can never be together again. Until then, she’ll make sure he'll never forget their night of sensual play... 
Nice Girl Naughty 
Blind since nineteen, Summer has blossomed into a famous wood carver. 
When she’s almost killed by a serial killer, she’s whisked away to a secluded wilderness cabin by the man she once secretly loved. 
Summer can’t get enough of touching professional bodyguard Nick Cassidy’s thick, powerful muscles and all those other hard, yummy male body parts that she has always longed to explore. 
For years Nick has stayed away from his best friend’s kid sister, nice girl Summer. Now he’s back, and sweeping his gorgeous redhead into the naughty cravings he’s always had for her. With passion blinding him, Nick doesn’t realize their hideout isn’t safe—until it’s too late. 
Please note: These books have been previously published with another publisher and have been re-edited for Spunky Girl Publishing.

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