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Merry Menage Kisses Boxed Set - cover

Merry Menage Kisses Boxed Set

Jan Springer

Publisher: Spunky Girl Publishing

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This holiday season wrap yourself in four sexy Christmas themed adult romance menages by Jan Springer. 
A Homecoming Menage Christmas ~ Rachel has a secret Santa fetish and she’s getting two Santas for Christmas. 
A Merry Menage Christmas ~ All work and no play encourages Dr. Kelsie Madison to indulge in a sizzling menage this holiday season. 
Cowboys for Christmas ~ After spending the last ten Christmases in prison, Jennifer Jane is getting three hot Canadian cowboys for Christmas. 
Christmas Lovers ~ A soldier and his nurse are falling in love and a naughty Christmas gift will ignite their passions at a mountain chalet. 
Please note: A Homecoming Menage Christmas & A Merry Menage Christmas also belong to the Key Club series, but can stand alone. 
All these stories are also available individually.

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    	“I love this song,” he said with a smile as the DJ played a slow song that was popular our senior year. “Do you want to dance?”
    	I just stared at him for a second. How many times had I fantasized about him saying those words back in high school? But I was older now and I wasn’t that same silly girl. “Oh no,” I said. “Thank you. But I don’t dance.”
    	“C’mon, Anna. I’m not a good dancer either. We can just dance like we used to in high school - just put your arms around my neck and sway back and forth. It’ll be fun.” And then he was on his feet, tugging on my hand. I allowed him to pull me up and lead me to the dance floor, still not quite able to believe what was happening.
    	When we reached the dance floor I stopped and looked at him. He grinned and lifted my arms around his neck. He placed his hands on my hips and I stiffened. I knew that was the end of my magical night. Once he felt my fat rolls, he’d be gone. I held my breath and waited. 
    	“What’s wrong?” he asked, peering into my eyes. “Are you still shy? Don’t worry about anyone but you and me.” He stroked one of my hips gently and I exhaled. He must not be too horrified.
    	I thought it would be impossible to do as he asked and not worry about anyone else but it proved incredibly easy. As soon as we began to dance the rest of the world seemed to melt away. Scott continued to stroke my hip with his thumb and it distracted me from what he was saying. I still couldn’t believe I was dancing with the guy I’d spent so much time mooning over in high school. I decided to risk rejection and be bold. I leaned my head against his chest, my cheek pressing against him. I knew I’d made the right decision when he dropped his chin so it rested on my head.
    	As the song ended he stepped back and I immediately missed the way his body felt pressed against mine. However that thought was forgotten as he gently tipped my chin up and brushed his lips against mine. Scott Andrews kissed me in plain view of everyone! I hesitated for a moment, not able to believe this was real, that it wasn’t just a cruel joke my former classmates were playing on me.
    	He pulled away. “I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have done that,” he said, looking confused. I realized he had mistaken my hesitation for disinterest. I had exactly one shot at this and so I did something incredibly out of character: I kissed him back. I could tell he wasn’t expecting it but he quickly recovered from his surprise. I felt his tongue probing against my lips and I parted them to allow him in. He plunged his hands into my hair and deepened the kiss. I heard a squawk behind me and knew we hadn’t gone unnoticed by Crystal.
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    Warning: This story contains highly sexy and explicit content. And the possibility of the paranormal...
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  • Pain and Punishment - cover

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    Kim Hardwick

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    Jet setting Monique gets her way and convinces her rich parents to fund her summer vacation in London in order to further her career goals. Little did she or her family suspect that behind the care free, Bohemian facade of the many pubs, there lurked danger. This savage and brutal story of men using and training young females will shock you and make you wonder if there's any hope for Monique.
    “Oh Barry, I’ve never felt this way toward any man before! You’re going to love what I’m going to do to you.”
    Before he could beg me and continue acting like a little girl, I held his cock up by his shaft and made an incision at the base of his cock head and then firmly, but carefully, swept the ultra-sharp edge around his gland and let his foreskin fall off. 
    Yeah, he bled all right; bad. That’s what I realized that I fucked up. I should have placed the hose clamp over his cock first. Now, I was going to have to deal with blood, mucus, cum (he started ejaculating as soon as I snipped him) before I could tighten the clamp and help him out.
    “Goddamit, Barry! Stop wiggling!”
    Don’t ask me how, but I managed to fit the clamp just under the head of his cock, right smack on where I cut his flesh, and quickly started to tighten it with the screwdriver. Just before cranking it, I pulled the toothbrush out of his cock and a couple of ounces of cum poured out. What a sick fuck, getting off on pain. I will never understand men.
    “Stop shaking, sweetheart, let me just tighten this a bit.”
    His cock head was average sized compared to other guys; however, by the time I finished tightening that hose sucker, his head had swollen to about three times its size. His cock was sure big!
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