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Jaxie's Menage - The Key Club #6 - cover

Jaxie's Menage - The Key Club #6

Jan Springer

Publisher: Spunky Girl Publishing

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A close encounter with death pushes Jaxie into making one of her most intimate fantasies come true. 
Never one for mixing business with pleasure, Jaxie Smarts knows it’s time to break that rule. With the help of one of her best friends, they’ll make sure Jaxie gets the two sexiest hunks at the Masquerade Ménage Ball. But Jaxie’s well-laid plans quickly unravel… 
When Ewan’s best friend, Royce, drags him to the Key Club’s Masquerade Ménage Ball, Ewan's only going because he knows Jaxie won’t be there. Saving her life is one thing, but having his heart broken over and over by her is quite another. He’s sworn himself off Jaxie. Forever. 
At the Ball, a seductive princess bride wearing a sizzling dress and a mask captures his attention, unleashing deep cravings that lure Ewan and Royce to use the Key Club’s trick hat in order to get her into their ménage bed. The last thing Ewan expects is to fall in love all over again... 
Jaxie's Menage is part of the Key Club series: 
Book1 - Menage 
Book 2 - Marley's Menage 
Book 3 - A Merry Menage Christmas 
Book 4 - Sophie's Menage 
Book 5 - Jewel's Menage 
Book 6 - Jaxie's Menage 
Book 7 - A Homecoming Menage Christmas

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    Brianna's stunning beauty is captivating, but no one can shatter her ice-queen reserve until she falls in love with Connor during an unexpected cross-country trip. But Brianna will never be satisfied with just one man. Can Connor accept her voracious hotwife lusts as she seduces both men and women right in front of him?
    PG Excerpt ~~~~~
    “I know you feel awful,
    Connor. You should. Jeff is going to do unspeakable things to your wife. But it
    also turns you on. You might as well admit it, you’re using me and thinking
    about Brianna telling you to double team her.” Jane was right, the dissonance
    was clear to see, as I slid smoothly between her breasts. “Do you want to know
    what’s going on with me?” she asked. “I’m so horny I’ve been eyeing that green
    Jane stood and turned around.
    Spreading her legs, she guided me inside. As she settled on me, she brought my
    hands to touch her breasts. “Play with them, Connor.”
    Another video conference came
    in much later. Jane and I had fallen asleep holding each other as my phone
    peeped on the night stand. When I answered, I was greeted with a view of
    Brianna drying herself after a shower. She still wore the collar and chain, but
    a black blindfold had been added. “Say hi to your husband.” It was Jeff’s
    Brianna’s head was in
    profile. “Hi, Connor. I hope you’re not too worried about me,” she said.
    “Have they hurt you? Do you
    know where you are?” I had so many questions.
    Brianna just smiled.
    “Nobody’s hurt me, but they’ve been rough. Did you know I like it that way?”
    “Your wife doesn’t know where
    we are. Isn’t that right?” Jeff said.
    “I have no idea, but I’ve
    never been submissive like this before. Connor, I like being servile to a bunch
    of men.” Jeff tried to pull her leash but Brianna resisted. “Connor, I didn’t
    mean to hurt you. We were just having fun, doing sexy things that we’d never do
    at home, and it got out of hand. I’m sorry.” This time Jeff tugged hard on the
    leash. Her towel dropped and Brianna staggered after him.
    The view followed them into
    the next room where my wife was led between the knees of a huge black man.
    “You taste really good. Where
    have you been?” She was trying to get him into her mouth without using her
    “Inside you,” he said.
    “I taste really good, don’t
    I?” Brianna was now licking the hardening shaft. It was fascinating to watch
    her tongue stroke him while cleaning him of her own juices. When he was ready,
    Jeff directed her to keep the head  in
    her mouth while she used her hands.
    The picture shifted to Jeff’s
    face. “Do you want to watch your wife swallow? I can turn off now, it doesn’t
    matter to me. Just say the word.” 
    My emotions were in turmoil.
    I didn’t want to watch my wife fouled. I couldn’t deny the wanton nature of the
    scene, either. A part of me wanted to see her soiled, humiliated, and stained.
    “I want to watch,” I said. 
    “Oh, too bad. You waited too
    long. Well, maybe later,” he said, and the screen went black.
    I became aware of Jane
    panting next to me. I hadn’t been aware she was watching.
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    A recluse vampire hotelier meets his match with a sexy reporter.
    Reporter Ashlyn Douglas always gets what she wants. Her target—an interview with the elusive Rayven brother Cyrus, and to get the goods on the notoriously erotic-themed hotel that only a chosen few are able to visit. Ashlyn won’t admit to anyone the instant connection she feels towards Cyrus during her research on him and his twin brother, Coye. She has no intention of starting an affair. She plans to stick to the business at hand and get the truth behind the history of Rayven clan. But is Ashlyn ready for what Cyrus requests of her in return?
    Cyrus Rayven isn’t a man of many words. His need for communication with the outside world left him the moment his mate, Jordana, died years ago. Though he has his choice of lovers, no woman has moved him since. That is until Ashley’s shapely curves and wicked tongue make everything within his cold vampire heart run scalding hot. He’ll grant the exclusive interview she seeks, but not before she spends five nights in his bed. Will Cyrus accept the newfound love between them?
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    Historical Short Stories of Older-man and Younger-woman.
    1.    His Father's Approval
    2.    Replacing Mama
    3.    What Pa Did While I Sleep
    4.    Wedding Night with My Father-In-Law
    5.    Taking Care of My Father’s Urgent Need
    6.    My Drunken Father Does Me
    7.    Lonely Days with My Father-In-Law
    8.    My Uncle Teaches Me before the Wedding
    9.    My Angry Father Checks My Cherry
    10.    A Ride with My Suitor's Father
    11.    Teaching My New Father
    12.    What Uncle Did Under My Skirt
    13.    The Headmaster’s Bedding Lesson
    14.    My Father Teaches Me to Please
    15.    Basic Instinct: Papa and I in the Jungle
    16.    Teasing the Butler
    17.    Addicted to Doctor’s Magic Seed
    18.    By Aunt’s Order: Uncle Deflowers Me
    19.    Consoling My Niece
    20.    My Father-In-Law’s Baby
    Historical Short Stories of Older-man and Younger-woman.
    #1: His Father's Approval
    1812 England.
    Lady Bella is ready to marry his suitor and childhood sweet heart.
    But his father is in the way of their happiness.
    So, Lady Bella sets to convince his father, Lord Ravenhard, of their sincere affection…
    #2: Replacing Mama
    1779 England.
    With her mama recent passing, Miss Amelia decides to help her poor Papa, easing his ache and take care of his need…
    #3: What Pa Did While I Sleep
    1819 Dorset, England.
    Meggie’s mother becomes a nobleman’s mistress, leaving her and her poor pa behind in their small cottage.
    Meggie is a good girl and her pa is lonely…
    What an obedient daughter does to cheer up her pa?
    #4: Wedding Night with My Father-In-Law
    1811 London, England.
    Miss Olivia is finally a bride…
    But her new young husband doesn’t know what to do…
    So, they summon his father to show them how…
    #5: Taking Care of My Father’s Urgent Need
    1795 England.
    Miss Ruby is on the way to London with her father…
    And her father has an urgent need but they are sort of money…
    Only one way a dutiful daughter can do for her poor father…
    #6: My Drunken Father Does Me
    1827 London, England.
    Is it possible for a man mistaking his daughter as wife in his drunk?
    Miss Alice’s mother just passed away two months before, and her father can’t get out of his grief.
    When he mistakes her as her departed mother, as a loving daughter she lets her father does her…
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  • Senior Slut-Wives 4 - Senior Slut-Wives #4 - cover

    Senior Slut-Wives 4 - Senior...

    Sally Hollister

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    Senior Slut-Wives is a series of erotic short stories about older women and their naughty behaviour. 
    	(4) Eric and Emily, daughter, Karen, deserts her husband, Pete, for another man and disappears, leaving him devastated. His in-laws take him under their wing and Emily's cooking lessons soon develop into a wild old-and-young affair, all with the injured and impotent Eric's approval.
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  • The Secret Circus of Pain and Degradation - cover

    The Secret Circus of Pain and...


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    When a circus sets up camp outside their small town, Amy and Paula are immediately drawn to its exotic allure. However, this is not your typical spectacle of acrobatics, wild animals and zany circus clowns. The two young women are surprised to find trapeze artists wearing nothing but thongs and tattoos, and an equestrian act with human females as ponies, complete with bridles, harness and tails fixed to rumps that bear the marks from a trainer's whip. Even the clowns have contrived to lose most of their clothing. Had this circus camped inside the town limits, it would have been shut down as an offense to the public morals in their small-minded community. But for the naivePaula and Amy, the unusual circus is a titillating adventure and they hunger to see more. After the main show, Amy and Paula are given a handbill for a special late-night performance that sounds too enticing to ignore: "Explicit and revealing enactments of the most depraved and terrifying human appetites. Witness the truly debauched excesses of famous emperors, kings and queens through history. Also presenting the unexpurgated reenactment of Scenes from the Inquisition." Though the shocking performances are beyond the girls' wildest imaginings, they tap into secret sexual fantasies they both share. Bondage, whips and riding crops abound, and, as advertized , the reenactments portray the most depraved scenes of female ravagement for gawking eyes to relish. Little do the two realize that the mesmerizing ringmaster has a talent for hypnotism, and before the night is over, they will find themselves performing degrading acts under the man's skillful manipulation.  After a long and bewildering night, Amy and Paula awaken in the morning with vague recollections of being dumped in a wagon. Kidnapped and bound, the two jostle about in a circus cart as they are carried off to a new life and the grueling training that life requires.
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    The BWWM Interracial Box Set is for individuals 18 and over.  
    A Nanny for the Billionaire: Zach Sommers is looking for a nanny who can fill two requirements, one is to take care of his young daughter, and the other, to satisfy his needs. When he spies a beautiful black woman who gets his nature boiling, he isn’t expecting his reaction to her, which is a mixture of displeasure and lust. 
     After college Erica needs a job to pay the rent and have food on the table. Finally after securing a job, in walks a handsome arrogant man who gets her fired because he doesn’t like her attitude. Desperate for employment, Erica agrees to work as a nanny but with unexpected benefits and consequences. 
    The Billionaire and the Show Girl: 
    Shortly after arriving in Las Vegas, Kim said goodbye to her dream of becoming a showgirl, and she became a cocktail waitress at a posh hotel casino. It was going great considering she didn’t know that you’re not supposed to garnish a martini with a cherry. 
    She was too busy gazing at the beautiful male figure wearing an expensive suit and a pair of deep blue eyes. 
    Stay With Me Part 1: I fell in love with her when I was seventeen and she was twenty something. Now I’m twenty-four and I’m claiming her. She just doesn’t know it yet. She doesn’t know I exist but she will, and I won’t let any man come between what I desire, not even a friend. 
    Stay With Me Part 2 
    “I fell in love with her when I was eighteen. Now I’m a man and I’m claiming Chrissy. She just doesn’t know it yet. She doesn’t know I exist but she will, and I won’t let any man come between what I desire, not even a friend.” 
    Swept Away Part 1 
    Rachel Morgan a singing sensation as a child, is now a famous singer, and she thinks her life is complete because she’s engaged and ready to marry her fiancé in Hawaii. When she’s booked on a cheap flight on a private jet by her assistant, she meets the handsome pilot who is down on his luck, and he has contempt for anyone with money.
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