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Cowboys for Christmas - Cowboys Online #1 - cover

Cowboys for Christmas - Cowboys Online #1

Jan Springer

Publisher: Jan Springer

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Jennifer Jane (JJ) Watson has spent the past ten Christmases in a maximum-security prison. The last thing she expects is to get early parole, along with a job on a remote Canadian cattle ranch serving Christmas holiday dinners to three of the sexiest cowboys she's ever met! 
Rafe, Brady and Dan, thought they were getting a male ex-con to help out around their secluded ranch, but instead they get an attractive and very appealing female. In the snowbound wilds of Northern Ontario, female companionship is rare. It's a good thing the three men like to share. 
They're dominating, sexy as sin, and they fill JJ with the hottest menage fantasies she's ever had. Suddenly she's craving cowboys for Christmas and wishing for something she knows she can never have...a happily ever after. 
Cowboys Online Series - JJ's story continues... 
Cowboys for Christmas Book One 
Cowboys in Her Pocket Book Two 
Loving Her Cowboys Book Three 
Cowboys in Her Heart Book Four 
Always Her Cowboys Book Five 

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    1/. My Bisexual Husband’s Adult Theater MMF Adventure: Hot Wife MFM With MM Ménage 
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    The hot wife and her husband indulge themselves at the glory holes, both of them pleasuring the anonymous strangers that they encounter in the sensually lit private booths. 
    They then strip naked and put on an unbelievably sexy three way performance in the center of the packed theater with a BBC guy - with Brook watching and taking part as her husband's bisexual fantasies come true - all of this in front of a theater full of hot, horny guys who show their appreciation in the only way possible... 
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    Gunny Bobby Thorn has seen the major hottie on base, but officers and enlisted don’t mix. Then he learns she’s on terminal leave, only a few more weeks until she’s officially a civilian. That makes her fair game, and she’s just what he needs to add a little pleasure to his life. Thorn finds himself falling for her. Hard. Between her sharp wit, snarky attitude, and gorgeous looks, he’s addicted and needing more. 
    But April has plans to move on with her life, and Bobby’s not all that great when it comes to maintaining relationships. But with a little mastery in the bedroom and some tactical planning, he’s going to find a way to storm her defenses. When it comes to the heart, this is one Marine playing for keeps.
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  • Abbie In Hamburg - A Double Whopper With Extra Topping - cover

    Abbie In Hamburg - A Double...

    Emmannuelle Blue

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    Abbie's gap-year adventures continue. In this episode, Abbie arrives in Hamburg late at night and short of a bed. Her first act is to ask a taxi driver where she might find an accommodating lover for the night. He accommodates her vigorously himself before driving her to the Reeperbahn, where Abbie finds plenty of action in a Swingers Club. Unrestrained and immoral as ever, Emmannuelle Blue is at her absolute climax with this narrative once again.
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  • Teddy Bear Nightmare - cover

    Teddy Bear Nightmare

    James Lucien

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    A space scavenger gives his teenage daughter an old teddy bear as a nostalgic gift, which he found on a mysteriously abandoned freighter, unknowing of the malicious entity contained within. Teddy Bear Nightmare is a science-fiction horror erotica novella. An incestuous BDSM story of dubious consent and non-consensual sex.
    Unfastened grav-boots clapping the deck to announce my approaching arrival, I strut into the galley, wearing hot-pink thigh-high socks to exhibit my slender legs, cyan short-shorts that allow the bottoms of my firm cheeks to peek out, a white cropped sleeveless blouse to showcase my tight tummy and thin waist, with my baby-pink hair tied in pigtails with cyan bows.
    The stunned look on my dad’s handsome face as his deep-blue eyes rove over my body is a priceless reward. He blinks at me in shock for a long moment, before clearing his throat. “Kayley, princess, what did I tell ya about dressing like that?”
    Sitting down across from him, I huff, “Daddy, it’s my birthday, remember? You said when I turn eighteen I can wear whatever thrash I want.”
    He groans, “Yes. That’ll teach me to make declarations in the heat of the moment.” He sighs with a self-deprecating shake of his head, then grins at me. “Happy birthday.”
    I smile softly. “Thanks, Daddy.”
    He gives me his serious face. “Now fasten those boots.”
    I look away with a guilty grin. “Yes, Daddy.” And with a thought command, my grav-boots tighten around my ankles.
    Rosa leans over the table to place a plate of hot food before me, her ginormous melons swaying haphazardly. “Happy eighteenth birthday, darling.” She speaks with an Old Earth French accent for my dad. He likes the sensual sound of it. It makes me wanna punch her in the throat.
    I roll my strawberry-pink eyes dismissively at her. “Whatever, bot.”
    Dad retrieves a gift-wrapped box from under the table. “I didn’t forget my princess’s birthday.”
    I tear it open and discover a teddy bear, a simple stuffed animal with no electronics, just like the one I had as a child before I placed it in my mom’s coffin to keep her safe out in space. I’m instantly overcome with nostalgia.
    Joyful tears splashing my cheeks, I race around the table and leap onto my dad’s lap into his open arms. “Thank ya, Daddy, thank ya!”
    He kisses my crown, then thumbs away my tears. “You’re welcome, princess. I’m glad it had the desired effect. I wasn’t sure. To be honest, I got ya something else. The teddy I stumbled upon yesterday on that abandoned freighter.”
    My dad’s a scavenger. He tracks down lost ships and commandeers their forgotten cargo. He and my mom used to venture into the wreckage of recent battlefields, which was much more profitable, until one day the damaged stellar drive of a neighboring ship went nova.
    With a coy smile, I look at him out of the corner of my eye. “Sooo, there’s another gift somewhere?”
    He chuckles. “Yes, but after today, you are not to use it until after your daily education assignments are complete.”
    I clap my hands excitedly. “You finally had it repaired?!”
    “Yes.” He flares his eyes, mimicking me. “Finally. Not only repaired but upgraded as well.”
    I embrace him again, squeezing tight. “Thank ya so much!”
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