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Captive Heroes - Pleasure Bound #6 - cover

Captive Heroes - Pleasure Bound #6

Jan Springer

Publisher: Jan Springer

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During a secret NASA mission to locate their brothers on the faraway planet of Paradise, the Hero sisters become separated after they crash land...and find unexpected romance with the tormented alien male warriors of the species in this ultra-long scifi book. 
Taylor and Kayla 
While searching for her brothers, Kayla Hero is bound and imprisoned by the Breeders— along with a male captive whose tantalizing scars pique her interest. Forced to escape with him, she’s irresistibly aroused when she suddenly becomes his captive. 
Wild lust flares in Kayla’s eyes— a sensual side effect of the Fever Swamp water she’s accidentally ingested. Taylor knows he will enjoy administering the cure — lots of sizzling hot lovemaking! 
Blackie and Kinley 
Injured and lost in a dense jungle, Kinley Hero is intimidated by the scarred man who hunts her, especially due to the power of erotic submission he holds over her. 
Capturing his beautiful female prey, Blackie can’t wait to train her as a pleasure slave for the Death Valley Boys. When her captor slips a collar around her neck, Kinley must struggle with lust as a natural submissive. 
Please note: This is Book Six in the Pleasure Bound series. Although this scifi erotic romance can be read alone, it is best to read in series order. See below: 
Pleasure Bound Series 
A Hero’s Welcome – Book One – Dr. Annie welcomes injured astronaut Joe Hero into her bed every chance she gets.  
A Hero Escapes – Book Two – Queen Jacey’s forbidden fantasies become reality and she can’t get enough of well-hung Ben Hero’s sizzling lovemaking.  
A Hero Betrayed – Book Three – Fugitive-on-the-run Virgin must save Buck Hero who has been infected by a deadly virus. The cure? A twenty-four hour making love marathon! But then she must betray him…  
A Hero’s Kiss – Book Four – US Astronaut Piper Hero is rescued by a dangerous stranger and can't . Why can't seem to keep her hands off his luscious whip-scarred body.  
A Hero Wanted – Book Five – A Hero is wanted for plus-sized Jenna who is finally able to explore her intimate side…where menages are welcome. 
Captive Heroes – Book Six – While searching for her brothers, Kayla Hero is bound and imprisoned by the Breeders— along with a male captive whose tantalizing scars pique her interest. 
Injured and lost in a dense jungle, Kinley Hero is intimidated by the scarred man who hunts her, especially due to the power of erotic submission he holds over her.

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    Yesterday, in full view of every one of Dr. Greg’s nurses and assistants, my wife had stripped out of her clothes, revealing that she was wearing the white lace thong she had worn on our wedding day. She did not explain what significance those panties had for our relationship to anyone else, but I knew.
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    The taut psychological thriller The Lost Button keeps the reader transfixed. The novel encompasses an entire era from the mid-70s of the previous century till the modern day with its geography stretching over the European region including Kiev, the Ukraine’s periphery, Russia and Montenegro, and at last the United States. It explores evergreen concepts of love, devotion, and betrayal and emphasizes the idea that whenever and wherever one lives, a tiny detail like a lost button has the power to set off a chain of events that would lead to either one’s greatest happiness or one’s greatest tragedy. It is about not looking back, but always valuing what you have – today and forever.
    The Lost Button received first place in the “Coronation of the Word” competition in 2005 and subsequently was made into a feature film.
    This title has been realised by a team of the following dedicated professionals: 
    Translated by Michael M. Naydan and Olha Tytarenko,
    Cover Art by Janice Lucier,
    Maxim Hodak - Максим Ходак (Publisher), 
    Max Mendor - Макс Мендор (Director), 
    Yana Kovalskaya and Camilla Stein.
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    At college, she teased him. Now he’s making a comeback. But what Claudia doesn’t yet know about the new, confident Sammy, with his deep eyes and toned flesh and hand-on-body flirtation, is that his interest in con artists isn’t just for fun. He can get what he wants whenever he wants it, using his body, his words, and that smoldering gaze. Money, sex, power. It’s his for the taking. 
    There’s nothing hotter than a grifter who never fails. 
    So why is he so determined to make Claudia wait and burn, when all she can imagine is how he’d feel inside her? And how can she not fall for his delicious tricks and torture? 
    She seems to be walking straight into a gilded trap, yet she’s been hurt before and can’t let that happen again. Is it possible she can trust Sammy? And if the answer is yes, will she be brave enough to stay? 
    This is the first of two books in the series.
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    Little does she know that her boss, dashing CEO Mr. Landon, has planned a party ... just for the two of them. 
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