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A Touch of Menage Boxed Set - cover

A Touch of Menage Boxed Set

Jan Springer

Publisher: Spunky Girl Publishing

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Value-packed Boxed Set ******SIX MENAGE EROTIC ROMANCES *****BONUS Ménage Romance BOOK "Cowboys for Christmas" 
Jennifer Jane is getting THREE Cowboys for Christmas ~ What more could a girl want? Then step into The Key Club's Ménage Nights where naughty fantasies come true and two men are hotter than one. 
Also includes FIVE bestselling stories; Ménage, Marley's Ménage, A Merry Ménage Christmas, Sophie's Ménage and Jewel's Ménage

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    New Neighbor New Experience -...

    Conner Hayden

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    When new neighbors move in next door, a college girl expects to make a friend when she sees they have a daughter around her own age. The two of them get on well, but it quickly becomes obvious the girl might want to be more than just friends. Intrigued by the thought, she decides to open herself up to the experience and is seduced into her first lesbian sex in the girl's bedroom.
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  • Delight - McKenzie Brothers #3 - cover

    Delight - McKenzie Brothers #3

    Lexi Buchanan

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    Kenza nightclub owner, Ruben McKenzie can have any woman he wants, but the only woman he wants is Rosie—his sweet innocent employee, who happens to be eleven years his junior. Watching her parade her hot little body around his club, serving drinks completely unaware of the attention she attracts is driving him to distraction. But when he sees a regular getting close to her, all bets are off. 
    Rosie has had more than enough life experience, but when it comes to matters of the heart—the one place that Ruben wants in—she’s completely innocent. Having no family of her own, it’s a dream to be invited to a McKenzie family gathering. Rosie always wanted to belong to a family like the McKenzie’s, but she’s afraid that if she gives her heart to Ruben and things don’t work she’ll be crushed, beyond repair. 
    Neither one of them may be able to keep their distance for long. The trouble that has been brewing at Kenza finally comes to a head, and when Rosie finds herself caught up in it, how far will Ruben go to protect her? 
    In this third installment of the McKenzie Brothers series you’ll learn more about the two remaining brothers, Lucien and Ramon. New players, Hunter and Julian, will be introduced. They’re getting their own series in 2015, but Hunter’s story will start in Gia, a novella coming out first in the Bad Boys of Romance Anthology, which is releasing in July 2014. 
    None of my books have cliffhangers and they can be read as standalone, but to get the full background on the rest of the family then I do suggesting reading Seduce, The Wedding and Rapture first.
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  • Personal Shopper - A collection of five erotic stories - cover

    Personal Shopper - A collection...

    Cathryn Cooper, Izzy French,...

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    A collection of five erotic stories with mixed and varied themes.
    Personal Shopper by Izzy French
    Picture the scene; a man in a lingerie shop on a mission to buy some sexy underwear for his wife or girlfriend. Of course, he doesn't have much idea of her size. So far, so normal, but what if you were the shop assistant and you were asked to be a stand in? 
    Christina is immediately attracted to the man looking in the window of the shop and she hopes that he will come in and brighten up an otherwise dull afternoon. Today is her lucky day – the shop is about to close and she can send her assistant home and see to the customer personally.
    Fortunately she's in just the right mood to be the demure and submissive shop assistant, since she soon finds out that the client wants more than for her to model for him – and, as the saying goes, the customer is always right.
    Lot Twenty-One by Andrea Carver
    What would you do to raise money for your favourite charity? Go on a sponsored walk? Hold a raffle? Volunteer your services at a shop or call-in centre once a week? Once a month?
    A charity auction is always popular, but the lots will need to be spectacular. There are plenty of wealthy businessmen who are willing to put forward high bids, but only for something that really excites them. Would you be willing to put your virginity – a very special sort of virginity - up for sale?
    It sounds like a sacrifice, but if you can raise some money for a good cause while fulfilling a secret fantasy, so much the better. Lot Twenty-One is a charitable girl, but she knows that she's going to get something that she wants out of this as well, thanks to the lucky bidder, whose generosity will be amply rewarded.
    Public Exposure by Cathryn Cooper
    Would you risk public exposure? For a few brave people, the tipping point between concealment and discovery is where the fun starts.
    Mallory and Valentine are both looking for the ultimate thrill and are willing to risk everything to achieve it. A local shopping centre becomes a location ripe for exploitation by the daring pair as they battle for supremacy. Who is the dominant force and who is the one being punished?
    And the chance of being found out adds a further spark of electricity to this illicit act.
    Sparring Partners by Everica May
    There can be few more intimate experiences than the one that you have with a sparring partner. As you lock muscles and wits in the gym it would be strange if you didn't occasionally feel a frisson of tension. The kind of tension that might turn the encounter into something less violent, more passionate.
    Two partners, one male, one female take advantage of having the dojang to themselves; everyone else has gone home. Outside it is dark. The temptation to feel that they are the only two people left in the world is strong. Anything could happen.
    As they trade blows, their bodies shining with sweat, their relationship undergoes a transformation. From now on these sparring partners will see each other in a very different light.
    Possession by Penélope Friday
    Sometimes it's more important to hide your instincts than to show your hand. This is the problem that faces Ana when she encounters Rafael. She finds it hard not to look his way, to maintain her composure, yet she must keep up her extraordinary acting display if she is to avoid being lured into his net.
    Everyone is attracted to Rafael – tall, blond, ridiculously handsome, he is adored by men and women alike, but Ana is determined to present a neutral front. This is far from easy, especially since Rafael is equally certain that he can destroy the edifice that she has so painstakingly crafted to keep him out.
    The players are in their places – let battle commence.
    These stories have also been published in Ultimate Submission ISBN 9781908086006
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  • Lights! Camera! Come! - Nasty Intimancies #2 - cover

    Lights! Camera! Come! - Nasty...

    Lisa Williamson

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    He told her in a note to be ready for a wild night. 
    	An Adult Erotic short story
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  • Licentious - cover


    Jen Cousineau

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    I lost my life when I turned eighteen. Well, not technically. Technically, I'm still alive. My heart beats, and blood continues to pump through my veins. But my dreams destroyed my family, which ultimately, destroyed who I was.  
    Happiness. What is happiness? Helping others? Making sure I have a smile on my face, especially in the moments when all I want is to die? Then yes. I am happy.  
    I wanted to be a doctor. Instead, I had to fill my brother's role in the family business. And now? Now, I am a heartless, cold-blooded killer. Not every story has a happily ever-after. Mine vanished the day my brother was murdered. That day, who I was, died with him.  
    When Josephine and Aléssandro's paths collide, their fates try to intervene and save each other. But can they be saved? Will the secrets they keep and the betrayals they are faced with destroy what they share? Or does love truly conquer all?  
    ***WARNING*** This book is rated for mature audiences only, due to sexual content, including violence, sexual violence, and strong language. It also contains how one person can help a human being overcome the struggles from such traumatic events
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  • Locked In - A Sexy Interracial BWWM Romance Short Story from Steam Books - cover

    Locked In - A Sexy Interracial...

    Sandra E Sinclair, Steam Books

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    When Jailah sees her ex-boyfriend, Rudy, in the bookstore where she works, she suspects that he’s up to no good. Unfortunately, while she is trying to get the truth out of him, they both end up getting locked up in the bookstore, giving them no choice but to reflect on the past and confront their feelings for each other, which might just lead them to picking up where they left off…WARNING: This 4,870-word short story is a steamy read that features explicit scenes of passionate lovemaking between a beautiful young black woman and a handsome white man and may be too much for some readers to handle!
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