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A Touch of Menage Boxed Set - cover

A Touch of Menage Boxed Set

Jan Springer

Publisher: Spunky Girl Publishing

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Value-packed Boxed Set ******SIX MENAGE EROTIC ROMANCES *****BONUS Ménage Romance BOOK "Cowboys for Christmas" 
Jennifer Jane is getting THREE Cowboys for Christmas ~ What more could a girl want? Then step into The Key Club's Ménage Nights where naughty fantasies come true and two men are hotter than one. 
Also includes FIVE bestselling stories; Ménage, Marley's Ménage, A Merry Ménage Christmas, Sophie's Ménage and Jewel's Ménage

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  • Breastfeeding Her Pilots (Lactation Fantasies) - cover

    Breastfeeding Her Pilots...

    Amber Adams

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    Caught out of town on an unexpected layover, Kay went out to dinner with the pilots of the plane. When her milk leaked through her pads, it deeply embarrassed, but her friend’s interest turned her on.
    	She took a chance and followed them back to their room. Their attention aroused her so much that she wanted them. Could she use her milk to seduce them into making love to her together?
    	Warning: This erotic short story contains explicit sex between consenting adults. The plot involves adult breastfeeding (lactation) between a woman and two men. All sexually active characters are over the age of eighteen.
    	A smooth smile slipped across Mark's lips as he turned to Kay, “How about you? You ever consider having a threesome?”
    	She immediately envisioned her body pinned between Mark and Leo, one in her pussy and the other deep in her ass. She hid a shiver of lust and pressed her legs together. She really needed to find a one-night stand and royally screw someone.
    	“Sure,” she said, repressing the flutter in her belly. “I just haven’t found the right guys, yet.”
    	Leo laughed. “He meant with another woman.”
    	“That might work for you two, but girls aren’t my thing. That’s why it’s so elusive, Tarzan. Have you ever thought about having sex with a woman and another man?”
    	Leo shook his head. “I can’t say I have. One too many dicks. And I don’t swing that way.”
    	“No one ever said you had to have sex with the other guy. A woman could use more than one man, because you boys tire out too quickly. Or just lay there and expect us to ‘take care of it.’” A shiver ran down her neck. “Ugh, that reminded me of Jack. Believe me that’s not fun. At all!”
    	Her ex-husband was also a pilot, another reason to look at the breed with suspicion. She’d caught him in bed with a fellow flight attendant when she came home early one day. She’d filed for divorce the next day and found out she was pregnant the next week. Timing was apparently everything.
    	She took a deep drink of her wine, nodding in approval. “Good stuff. I’m getting tipsy tonight.”
    	Mark shook his head and waited for the waiter to serve their food. “Jack’s an ass. Real men see that the lady has some satisfaction. If momma ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy. So, if you did find the right guys, would you do a threesome?”
    	Kay purposely ignored his question, took a bite of her chicken, and moaned. “This is good.”
    	She looked up and they both had odd expressions on their faces. “What? Did I get something on my chin?”
    	“Not on your chin,” Mark said.
    	She looked down and saw a damp spot spreading around her nipple. She’d apparently leaked a little through a pad. She really should’ve pumped while she was getting ready for dinner. She also didn’t bring any extra pads with her. An oversight she’d pay for.
    	“Crap. This is embarrassing,” she said with a sigh. “I hate it when it happens.”
    	“You need to go back to the hotel?” Leo asked.
    	“I’m not about to make you guys leave before you eat. Let me make a quick run to the ladies’ room and see what I can do.”
    	She went to the ladies room, although it almost didn’t matter now. Her blouse was wet on one side. The guys wouldn’t be able to help themselves.
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  • Easy Prey - Devoured By a Black Man - cover

    Easy Prey - Devoured By a Black Man

    Stacy Green

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    It is extremely hard to remain faithful especially when temptation is right in front of you. This is what caused one man to yield to temptation. He had always been faithful to his wife but just one touch from the perfect female made him lose his cool. She too was fighting her own set of demons. She was in love with a man who was still committed to another...
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  • Erotic Romance Collection - cover

    Erotic Romance Collection

    Maddie James

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    Eight erotic short stories and novellas from Maddie James.  
    Teacher's Pets—Catholic schoolteacher Caty B. lays down the rules after school with her two best boyfriends, James and Marco. 
    Naughty Rose—A tempting lunch hour from work could create a sexual liaison of an otherworldly kind—and show that love, and sex, can cross boundaries of life and death. 
    Tom, Dick and Harry—A taboo rendezvous with three sexy cowboys manifests itself at the end of a long night of tending bar. 
    Sari—A trip to a vintage vibrator museum in San Francisco leaves Sari trembling for her best friend, Mandy. 
    The Seduction of Lyric—Vanessa's sweet seduction of Lyric leads to Lyric's sweet surrender. 
    Topping Master No—A young spy-in-training screws up a mission when her trainer becomes her Master. 
    The Boardroom Dom—Accountant Lola Jefferson likes things a certain way. Crisp. Precise. Exact. And if she doesn't perform up to her standards, she's the first to admit that she deserves to be punished. 
    The Teacher—Taboo historical erotica. An arranged marriage of a younger girl and an older gentleman in the 1868 west results in lessons learned for both husband and wife. 
    Warning: These stories contain varying levels of consensual hot sex, including public sexual activity, multiple partners, BDSM, same sex, and gritty, sticky and satisfying sexual encounters.
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  • Social Expectations - One Temptation No Rules Forbidden Romance Novella - cover

    Social Expectations - One...

    Alexa Lynch

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    Amelia is the perfect woman. 
    Matthew would love her forever, if he could. 
    Fate has decided otherwise. 
    His mother's approval, 
    And a literal wall stands in the way 
    Of the couple expressing their love. 
    For Matthew and Amelia, love runs too close to home. Her protector, Ed, a man she considers a father is married to Matthew's mom. They're not related, but they might as well be. Acting on the impulse of love is forbidden. 
    Temptation increases and desires spin out of control when she's encouraged to move into a garage apartment with him. Sharing the same space makes it hard for Matthew to comply with social expectations. Amelia lives by her own rules and unapologetically tempts him. It's not easy to stay a man and resist the woman you love. 
    They explore sinful touches, one game at a time, until their smoldering desires burn too hot to contain. Mathew claims his forbidden friend as his lover. Finally, fulfilling deep unprotected sexual urges, leaves them both breathless and forever in each other's embrace. 
    Ignore social expectations in this tempting, no rules, forbidden read. This is a stand alone novella. No cheating. No cliffhangers. Plenty of insta-lust, steamy sex, and a guaranteed happily ever after to feel guilty about.
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  • And He Makes Three - Nasty Intimancies #5 - cover

    And He Makes Three - Nasty...

    Lisa Williamson

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    Tony and Jim are best friends and best friends who share everything.  Tony just did not expect to be sharing Katherine.
    	a Nasty Intimancies short story
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  • VampDom - cover


    Natalie Dae

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    Being turned by a sexy vampire wouldn’t be so bad—would it?
    I should have known I wasn’t fully human. I’d always had empathy with vampires, finding their presence thrilling—so much so that I became a Domme at a club called Pleasures. Vamps frequented the place, and one in particular held my attention and gave me the sexual kicks I needed. Although I was a Domme, he was a Master, and I had no trouble switching for him.
    The question was, would I switch my whole life for him?
    My past was a blur, a blank canvas that my memory wanted to fill with clues and images that would reveal the whole picture. I was ready to see the final result—but was I ready to have my world turned upside down in the process? Was I ready to not only have my head turned by the beautiful Felix, but my existence too?
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