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A Touch of Menage Boxed Set - cover

A Touch of Menage Boxed Set

Jan Springer

Publisher: Spunky Girl Publishing

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Value-packed Boxed Set ******SIX MENAGE EROTIC ROMANCES *****BONUS Ménage Romance BOOK "Cowboys for Christmas" 
Jennifer Jane is getting THREE Cowboys for Christmas ~ What more could a girl want? Then step into The Key Club's Ménage Nights where naughty fantasies come true and two men are hotter than one. 
Also includes FIVE bestselling stories; Ménage, Marley's Ménage, A Merry Ménage Christmas, Sophie's Ménage and Jewel's Ménage

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  • Substitute Gangbang - cover

    Substitute Gangbang

    R. Richard

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    Jim and Alice get good job offers from West coast firms. They then find that Jim’s job, is dependent on Alice working as a nude, gangbang waitress. Jim and Alice don’t have enough money to run. So they have to live through Alice’s nude adventures. However, Jim schemes and manages to let Alice avoid the worst of the damage.
    Tim tells me, “The company is in some difficulty financially. We have to have the Consolidated Unlimited contract. George set things up and the Consolidated Unlimited guys expect you and Alice. We checked and there's no way that Alice works out. Thus, it'll be you and Monica.”
    I ask, “Who is Monica?”
    Tim smirks and says, “George's daughter.”
    I'm shocked and I stammer, “You know, I have to work for George.”
    Tim smirks again and says, “If you get the Consolidated Unlimited contract, you'll work for Sam, although you'll pretty much run your own operation. If you don't get the Consolidated Unlimited contract ...”
    (Okay, it's win or walk. At least Alice doesn't have to work in the nude.)
    “Exactly what am I to do?”
    Tim smirks, “You and Monica go to the Saturday football game party. Monica works as a waitress while you guys watch the game. You watch the football game, along with the Consolidated Unlimited guys. You do watch football?”
    “I'm no expert, but I know enough to cheer the good moves and be one of the guys.”
    Tim says, “So far, so good. Monica serves drinks and snacks in the nude.”
    “Are you sure that Monica is okay with that?”
    Tim says, “No nude Monica, no job for George.”
    “Yeah, that's the kind of thing that George told me when it was Alice who was gonna have to work in the nude.”
    Tim says, “Nude is just the start. There will be touchy-feely, Monica will suck cock and then there will be a gangbang. If it's your turn to get your cock sucked, just relax and enjoy it. The whole event ends with a gangbang. When it's your turn, you fuck for the company. Got that?”
    I got that. (I'm gonna have trouble with Alice, but at least it's not Alice who's gonna be the star of the gangbang.)
    “Where's the party and can I get there by bus?”
    Tim hands me a slip of paper and says, “This is the address and directions. My secretary will set you up with a company car, as I understand your car isn't working.”
    “My car is totaled, in the wreck that injured Alice. My insurance company is working, unfortunately very slowly, on getting me another car. Right now, I have to take the bus everywhere.”
    Tim says, “You pick up a company car and drive by the address tonight and figure out how to get there. Saturday morning, you pick up Monica here and then drive to the address.”
    “Will do.”
    I pick up a company car and drive by the address and then by the hospital. I finally get to see Alice and she looks terrible. I ask how she feels and she says, “I'm okay, but don't look at my face.” I tell my wife, “I talked with the nurse and she says that you'll recover completely, it's just severe bruising. I have to go, because they only allowed me 60 seconds and then you get a sleepy shot.”
    Alice says, “I love you.”
    “I love you and get well soon.” I'm then shown out by the nurse.
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  • My Niece's High School Graduation - cover

    My Niece's High School Graduation

    R.m. Dexter

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    In this incestuous erotic tale of barely legal sex, a well-hung uncle explores forbidden boundaries with his hot but naïve niece. When this curious school girl starts asking questions on graduation night, she finds her uncle has the sexual answers she craves most. Together the two of them learn everything there is to know, while combining their taboo fantasies in a night of lust filled sex.
    Vaseline-Baby Fresh Scent. For jerking off, this stuff was like American Express to me. “DON’T LEAVE HOME WITHOUT IT!” I was sitting in front of my computer reading some adult stories on the web, and just as I opened the jar in front of me to start polishing up my knob, the phone rang.
    “Hey Jeff, I need you to do me a favor this weekend.” My older brother David was on the line.
    “What’s up?”
    “My wife’s aunt died yesterday and we’ve got to fly out for the funeral. We’ll be gone till Sunday night and I’d like you to watch Cory for us.” I knew she’d been sick for a while now. Cory was their teenage daughter. They lived just across town from me, thus the call.
    “You’re not taking her with you?” I was surprised since as their only child they overprotected this kid and rarely let her out of their sight.
    “We normally would but it’s actually her graduation tomorrow night and she’s really been looking forward to it. She hardly knew this aunt anyway so we think she should stay. She’s been looking forward to this for weeks now.”
    “She can’t stay on her own?”
    “Maria and I still think she’s too young to stay by herself.” That’s my overprotective big brother for you. The kid would probably be fine on her own. “C’mon Jeff, I need you to do this for us.”
    “Okay, okay. What do I need to do?”
    “Great! Thanks. Pick her up from school at 3:00, then bring her home here first. Her ceremony starts at 7:00, then there’s a dance afterwards in the school gym. If you could go to the ceremony and take some pictures that would be great. Just pick her up after the dance.”
    I could tell by the tone of my brother’s voice that my agreeing to watch his daughter had taken a load off his mind. They had always sheltered her and were so overprotective of her that she was distinctly lacking in ‘street smarts’. She was a great kid, but definitely naïve in the ways of the world.
    “That sounds pretty easy,” I answered. “Anything else?”
    “No, that should be about it. I’ll leave the camera and some money so you guys can get some dinner. Feel free to use our room and I know you’ll use the pool.” My brother and his wife owned their own company and had done very well for themselves. They had a nice big house with a beautifully landscaped secluded yard and a nice big pool.
    “Okay. Sorry about the aunt. So what time will you be back Sunday?”
    “Probably about 6:30. If it’s going to be later, I’ll call you. Thanks bro’. I owe you one.”
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  • Miss Lets Her Students Get Naked In Class At College - cover

    Miss Lets Her Students Get Naked...

    Kirstie Taylor

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    Miss Price is the best teacher ever. Every Friday she lets her students do what they love doing best: taking their clothes off. College days are brilliant when you have a dirty teacher like Miss Price. All characters and terms including 'boy' 'lad' and 'girl' refer to people age 18 and over. This book contains explicit sexual material and is for adults only.
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  • Erotic novel: take me hard! - cover

    Erotic novel: take me hard!

    Lynda McMasters

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    For this MILF, the only way she likes it is hard 
    The harder the better! 
    And they way to get the shafting she loves, the hard, rough, from behind sex, in every hole, is to make strangers want her 
    Make them angry. Make them full of desire. Suck them, lick them, and slap them. 
    She loves to be tied up. Spanked. Restricted. And so much more! 
    She is a woman of extremes 
    Just like you! 
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  • Sexing Up the Superhero! (Superhero Sex Comic Book Erotica Public Sex) - cover

    Sexing Up the Superhero!...

    Claire Westwood

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    For Aiden Amherst, every day is horrible. Sure, superheroes patrol his world, including the ravishingly beautiful Ultra Girl, but they’re (literally!) sky-high above his reach as a normal, non-superpowered schlub.
    	But when Ultra Girl slams into him in the midst of a battle, Aiden is astonished to find himself completely uninjured! As he helps the buxom beauty to her feet, he feels a deep stirring - both in the heart of his muscles, and inside his jeans, between his legs…
    	As Aiden struggles to master his newly discovered powers and to keep onto his ravishing female companion’s attraction, he finds himself in a totally new world. But will this newest superhero bring down the baddies and bed the babe?
    	Warning! This sexy tale contains explicit content of busty, beautiful superheroes stripping off each other’s spandex, and is intended for adult audiences alone!
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  • The Russos 2 - The Russos #2 - cover

    The Russos 2 - The Russos #2

    D.J. Manly

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    In the exciting continuation of The Russos: Episode 2, Tony Newton arrives in L.A. and meets his estranged family. Mac has a heart-to-heart talk with Johnny, who is still in a coma. Sophia Russo reflects on her past in Italy, and the impact it has had on her boys. Will Drake Russo be released from jail? You won't want to miss it!!! 
    This book was previously published.
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