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A Hero Wanted - Pleasure Bound #5 - cover

A Hero Wanted - Pleasure Bound #5

Jan Springer

Publisher: Spunky Girl Publishing

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Old-fashioned girl needs a man who loves to walk in the rain. A homebody, white picket fence-type of guy. Sexual requirements-gentle yet untamed lover. He must be sexually adventurous who will train me to be the same. Must be romantic, enjoy toys, interested in mutual light bondage, ménages are welcome. 
That's what curvy, antiques shop owner Jenna MacLean wants when she and her best friend outline a want ad just for fun on their weekly girls’ night out. 
After years of being away from his pretty-plus sized ex-girlfriend, Sully's back in town. When he finds the want ad, he knows he’s the only man who can make all of Jenna’s sizzling-hot fantasies come true. 
She’s never left his heart and he needs her back in his bed-but he's not going to get her back via the traditional romantic route. This time, he'll prove he loves her with help from the notorious Ménage Club, a relationship club designed specifically to get estranged couples back together with the help of a third and sometimes a fourth in the bedroom.  
~ Pleasure Bound Series ~ 
A Hero’s Welcome - Book One 
A Hero Escapes - Book Two 
A Hero Betrayed - Book Three 
A Hero’s Kiss - Book Four 
A Hero Wanted - Book Five  
(Book Five is loosely connected to the series) 
Captive Heroes - Book Six

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    Seven years ago, Tamika’s life was shattered when
    Logan’s parents divorced, and his mother dragged him off to Europe against his
    will. Now he’s back—and even the thought of seeing him again can reduce her to
    a mindless panic.
    She knows she has to face her fears, and tell
    him about the child she miscarried right after he left…but not yet. Not today!
    She just isn’t ready!
    Then, without warning, he appears at the
    carwash…and everything blows up in her face!
    ~~~~~~~ Excerpt ~~~~~~~
    “You won’t
    see Logan today.” Tami whispered the words aloud to give herself courage. “You
    won’t! He won’t be there…and even if he is, you’ll be far away.”
    Nepal was
    looking pretty good, or the Siberian wastelands. The further away, the better!
    Firmly she
    tried to turn her wayward thoughts away from the agonizing past, and toward
    their new business’s grand opening, which was only thirteen days away. Yes, it
    was safer to concentrate on that. In just thirteen short days, she and her
    sorority sisters would be opening the gates of their newly-remodeled carwash,
    and splashing each other with hoses and soapsuds while they pranced around in
    skintight bikinis, washing a long line of cars and vans.
    already planned what to wear that first day…a satiny snow-white G-string that
    would showcase her generous curves and dusky skin to perfection. Her long,
    shiny hair would be pulled back in a graduated series of ponytail loops. She’d
    be wearing gem-sparkled sandals that would catch the bright sunlight and throw
    out fiery prisms every time she moved her feet. She’d have lots of fun dancing
    and waving her ‘Grand Opening’ sign along with Phoebe and Selena…
    What if
    Logan saw them, and stopped to have his car washed?
    In an
    instant, all her hard-won serenity vanished, and she was back in a deep,
    bottomless pit of despair.
    Enough! The
    past was gone! Over! Finished! And no matter how much she might wish to change
    things, there wasn’t a single thing she could do to alter the tragic events
    that had nearly destroyed her.
    If Logan
    hadn’t even cared enough to write her from Europe, or call her when he’d come
    back, then she owed him nothing. And nothing was exactly what he’d get if their
    paths ever did happen to cross again. No happiness, no anger, no emotion of any
    kind. She’d be calm, cool, collected…and if her nerves quivered with desperate
    longing when she watched him walk away again, no one but she would ever know.
    Yes, that
    was how she’d handle it. Like a confident, mature adult.
    But oh, God, please…not
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    “Sweetie—” Ross let his words trail off, not sure how to respond to his daughter’s statement. She enjoys watching me swim? Why would she say something like that? What’s so enjoyable about watching me in the pool? Sighing from the questions running through his mind, Ross debated staying in the pool. Swimming had left him tired, but the cool water provided a much needed distraction. With his daughter’s eyes on him though, the distraction was turning more and more into a sexual diversion. Glancing upwards, Ross found himself eye level with his daughter’s crotch. The sight almost made him moan out loud. Fuck, I can see up her skirt!
    Daddy’s looking at me like that again. What’s he staring at? Curious, Sydney suddenly found her mind racing with a disturbing thought. Could Daddy be looking at my body? Checking me out? Biting her lip, Sydney found herself getting aroused from the idea. If her Daddy really was checking her out, she was determined to give him a good view to make sure. Spreading her legs a little wider, Sydney playfully set her glass between her legs. Carefully eyeing her father, she found him following where her hands came to rest. Oh my God! Daddy is checking me out! Seeing her father about to resume his swim, Sydney fought to quickly keep his interest. “Hey Daddy! Do you really want me to join you in the pool?”
    Clearing his throat, Ross found himself struggling to recall his daughter’s words long enough to answer them. “Sure, sweetie. You know you can always hop in.”
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  • Banish the Darkness - cover

    Banish the Darkness

    Holly Blackstone

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    Despite early setbacks, things are progressing between Lily and Stuart. Not only is their relationship made official when she attends a public fundraiser on Stuart’s arm but he finally introduces her to the exclusive and mysterious club ‘The Powerhouse’.  Things initially seem idyllic until events take a violent turn and their future seems under siege. Progress is made when an arrest puts one dangerous character behind bars and they face one of the ghosts of Lily’s past and the cause of much of her self doubt - her mother.
    PUBLISHER’S NOTE: This book contains explicit depictions of BDSM related activities and strong language. (100,000+ words)
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  • Trusting Him to Tie Me Up - cover

    Trusting Him to Tie Me Up

    Malicia Paine

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    I love my boyfriend. He's got everything a girl could want. He's sweet, he's sensitive, he's smart, he's strong, he's super hot, and he loves me. There's just one problem… He wants to tie me up. 
    We've been having trouble sexually for awhile now. At first, I thought he wasn't attracted to me anymore, especially the day I caught him masturbating right after failing to get an erection around me. Then he revealed why. It wasn't the other girls he wanted… it was the bondage. 
    I want to be the girl who can give him everything he needs, but I don't think I can give him that. You see I have a dark trauma around being tied up, and I don't want it tainting our relationship. He seems to really want it, but he doesn't want to force me. But if we don't fix our sex life, I know sooner or later it will be over between us. 
    Trigger Warning: This erotic short story diverges slightly from my usual brand of BDSM to convey a deeper love story about overcoming a sexual trauma while exploring bondage. If you think this might trigger you, please don't read on until you feel ready to do so. In a way, writing this story was cathartic for me, and helped me work through some of my own bad memories. Who knows? Maybe it can be cathartic for you too. Don't worry! The story has a happy ending, much like my life did. And much like, I believe, everyone's life can, with enough love and patience and tenderness and respect. Try to remember that, deep down, most people in this life are essentially good. This is a story about how one can find a healing power in trusting a loved one. 
    Disclaimer: This is an erotic short story. It contains adult themes and is intended for a mature audience. The story contains BDSM themes, including bondage, domination and submission. All characters in this story are over 18 years of age, and all sexual activity depicted herein is safe, enthusiastic and consensual. 
    Book Length: 8,800 Words
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  • My Mother's A Porn Star - cover

    My Mother's A Porn Star

    Laura Lovecraft

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    Bobby has been fantasizing about his mother for years. In fact because of his maternal fantasies, he loves Milf porn and one night while watching it, he gets the surprise of a lifetime. Right there, on the screen, is his mother having sex with a young stud. 
    The movie said it starred Nikki Nice and when Bobby searches her name he comes up with several more movies all featuring his mother with young guys his age. 
    Bobby knows he should tell his father, but when his mother discovers he knows she makes him one hell of an offer. If he doesn't tell his dad that she was a porn star, Nikki Nice will become his porn star, anytime he wants!
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