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Gossamer: A Poetry Collection - cover

Gossamer: A Poetry Collection

Jan L. Mayes

Publisher: Jan L. Mayes

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These Poems Don't Rhyme. 
This bundle of 16 poems explore a lifetime of emotions from love to heartbreak, and happiness to pain. 
A rollercoaster of intensity from the heights of Moonstruck to the depths of Dungeoned Deep. 
Plus no poetry collection would be complete without a pirate poem and ode to chocolate cake. 
Included in this bundle: 
The connection of soul mates. 
Lost & Found 
Chronic pain and coping. 
Meditation on a sleeping infant. 
The significance of a stranger's smile. 
Go 'Gen 
The curiosity and energy of little children. 
Living through life's ups and downs. 
April Fool 
Fool's gold of love. 
Another Day 
The joy of becoming a parent. 
Dream Machines 
Longing for the end to ringing in the ears. 
No Promises 
The end of a broken romance. 
Blessed Babe 
A baby's enjoyable days. 
Saintly Love 
The pain of unrequited love. 
Dungeoned Deep 
The darkness of depression. 
Gaia's Garden 
Care and protection of Earth. 
A micro-story with ghost written poem about pirates. 
Ode to Chocolate Cake 
No explanation required.

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    The full collection features new translations of five contemporary plays written by some of the region's most exciting writers. Each play is accompanied by an illuminating interview with its author conducted by the theatre director, Sebastian Doggart, who has also selected and translated the plays and provided an introductory history of Latin American drama. 
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    Rappaccini's Daughter by Octavio PazA play by the Mexican Nobel laureate. 
    Night of the Assassins by José TrianaA controversial Cuban play in which three siblings plot the murder of their parents. 
    Orchids in the Moonlight by Carlos FuentesA dream play about two Mexican women exiled in Hollywood's maze of mirrors. 
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