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Doctor Bell Anthology Tinnitus Terror Tales - cover

Doctor Bell Anthology Tinnitus Terror Tales

Jan L. Mayes

Publisher: Jan L. Mayes

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Bell puts the :T in :Tinnitus terror. 
If only he was a real doctor. 
Inspired by modern clinical trials using noise to damage unprotected human ears. What could be worse? 
Is Doctor Bell really the Best Tinnitus Cure Researcher in the world? He has the trophy to prove it displayed in his office. 
Too bad he got it at the local engraving shop. 
People are desperate to find the cure for ringing in their ears. They trust Bell's tinnitus cure claims. With horrifying consequences. 
Too bad this optimistic, psychopath is only in it for the $$$,$$$,$$$. 
Get ready to meet the Doctor with more blood splattered on his lab coat than you'd expect to see for a tinnitus specialist. 
Bundle of 14 different medical horror satire experiment adventures with Bell and his sidekick Baldy. 
Each experiment a quick read, perfect for short breaks. 
P.S. Not for young or sensitive readers.  
P.P.S. Bell is in no way associated or affiliated with clinicaltrials and clinicaltrials are in no way associated or affiliated with Bell in any way, shape, or form. 
Included in this bundle: 
Study 1: Desensitization Desensitization, including different types of sound therapy, is commonly used to treat tinnitus. 
Study 57: Isolation 
Sensory deprivation tanks have long been used for various therapeutic effects. 
Study 421: Rotary  
Animal models show some tinnitus treatments delivered through the skull directly to the hearing system can be more effective than indirect treatments. 
Study 2001: LB Protocol 
Hirudotherapy has been used medicinally since ancient Roman times. 
Study 2560: Unilateral 
Scientists have studied removing or severing parts of the hearing system to cure tinnitus. 
Study 3218: Severation  
Organ donations have been successfully transplanted for medical treatment since 1954. 
Subject Lottery  
Doctor Bell contemplates how to make the most money from his tinnitus cure subjects. 
Study 3219: Anastomosis  
Anastomosis is a surgical technique used to make new connections between body structures. 
Study 5907: Hair Cell Removal 
Laser therapy is a popular tinnitus treatment in Europe. 
Study 6452: Antidote 
Ear specialists use intra-tympanic drug delivery injected through the eardrum for various hearing disorders. 
Study 8049: Organs 
Ear molds created with 3D printing are being used to grow new outer ears for humans. 
Marquis de Sade Home 
After being declared unfit to stand trial, Bell bides his time in a mental health facility planning the future direction of his experimental studies and plotting his escape. 
Alexander Analytics 
Robotics and artificial intelligence have exciting potential in scientific and medical research. 
Robody Corp  
Does Bell finally cure tinnitus in the end? 
Anthology Factoids 
Background facts about Doctor Bell's infamous studies. 
Mature content not appropriate for young or sensitive readers. Written by Eric Hoffer Award winning author and audiologist living with tinnitus for over 30 years.

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