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Discovering the Causes of Happiness - cover

Discovering the Causes of Happiness

Jampa Thaye

Publisher: Dechen Foundation

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A short guide to Buddhism for beginners, covering essential topics such as Buddha nature, the Three Jewels, the Guru or Lama and how to do meditation practice. It has clear and easy to follow instructions for beginners to practice meditation at home.

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  • Rock-Solid Kids - Giving Children a Biblical Foundation for Life - cover

    Rock-Solid Kids - Giving...

    Larry Fowler

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    Children's ministry is being pushed and pulled by education models, statistical analysis, growth techniques, cultural change, and technological advancements. But with the weight of all these influences, little attention is given to what ought to be the most important influence in molding the shape of children's ministry: the Word of God. Whether your children's ministry is in your home or in your church, the purpose of this book is to enable you to build a children's ministry that is rock-solid, modeled on scriptural teachings. Each chapter of this book starts with a Scripture passage--a "rock" for your foundation. The Scripture passage specifically refers to children or ministering to them. Each chapter contains a thorough discussion of implications and applications.
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  • CHERISH ME COWBOY Enhanced Edition - Texas Matchmakers #7 - cover

    CHERISH ME COWBOY Enhanced...

    Debra Clopton

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    From award-winning author Debra Clopton comes the Texas Matchmakers series—about three older women who set off a nationally advertised "Wives Wanted Campaign" to bring women to their small town of Mule Hollow to marry the lonesome cowboys. A far fetched idea that's working—look out fellas, the women are coming one car at a time! 
    Old McDonald had a farm…the childhood song is on his mind because widower Nate Talbert has new neighbors--but there is nothing old about the beautiful McDonald who just moved her rambunctious son and farm load of animals in next door. 
    Looking for a fresh start widow Pollyanna McDonald moves to the tiny town with the national “wives wanted” ad campaign. If women are coming they’ll need a place to stay. Opening a B&B gives Pollyanna a chance to bring her young son up on a farm like her late husband had hoped to do before he died. Unable to open her heart again Pollyanna’s not looking for romance-only she never expected the cowboy next door… 
    Suddenly both their worlds are turned upside down and their hearts are on the line. 
    It’ll take a posse of matchmakers, a singing cockatiel, a little boy and his puppy to get these two to give love a second chance… 
    Note: This book was previously published as Next Door Daddy. This edition includes some fun extras. 
    Books in the TEXAS MATCHMAKERS series: 
    Book 1: Dream With Me, Cowboy 
    Book 2: Be My Love, Cowboy 
    Book 3: This Heart's Your, Cowboy 
    Book 4: Hold Me, Cowboy 
    Book 5: Be Mine, Cowboy 
    Book 6: Marry Me, Cowboy 
    Book 7: Cherish Me, Cowboy 
    Book 8: Surprise Me, Cowboy 
    Book 9: Serenade Me, Cowboy 
    Book 10: Return To Me, Cowboy 
    Book 11: Love Me, Cowboy 
    Book 12: Ride With Me, Cowboy 
    Book 13: Dance With Me, Cowboy
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  • SWEET TALK ME COWBOY Enhanced Edition - Turner Creek Ranch #4 - cover

    SWEET TALK ME COWBOY Enhanced...

    Debra Clopton

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    Can love find a way? 
    Single mother Lynn Perry and her two small twin sons are finally out of the Mule Hollow women’s shelter and will be having their first Christmas in their new home. It’s a dream come true and absolutely nothing could possibly make it any better…and then the matchmakers send hunky cowboy preacher Chance Turner over to help hang lights. Suddenly she’s thinking of mistletoe and kisses. But trusting another man is something she’s never willing to do again, not now that she finally has life for her and her son’s planned out perfectly. 
    Former bull rider and cowboy pastor Chance Turner isn’t planning on sticking around and after a crisis of faith he’s never planning on preaching again. But suddenly this small family is tugging at his heartstrings and before he leaves he can’t help but try and help their Christmas the best it’s ever been. 
    Can mischievous five year old twins, a host of matchmakers and a runaway bird help this couple find love before it’s too late? It may take a Christmas miracle to make all their dreams come true. 
    Welcome to the Turner Creek Ranch where the legacy of love lives strong. 
    Books in the TURNER CREEK RANCH series: 
    Treasure Me, Cowboy (Book 1) 
    Rescue Me, Cowboy (Book 2) 
    Complete Me, Cowboy (Book 3) 
    Sweet Talk Me, Cowboy (Book 4) 
    Kiss Me, Cowboy (Book 5)
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  • Lonestar Sanctuary - cover

    Lonestar Sanctuary

    Colleen Coble

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    In the quiet safety of the Bluebird Ranch, old promises resurface and unexpected love brings new hope. 
    Though tragedy has wrecked her life, Allie Siders holds on to the hope that her five-year-old daughter, Betsy, will speak again. But with a stalker out for revenge, all Allie can think about now is their safety. She must sever all ties and abandon life as she knows it. She heads to the peaceful Bluebird Ranch, nestled deep in Texas hill country, and to the only person who can help them. 
    The ranch is a sanctuary for abused horses, and also for troubled youths: the perfect place for Betsy to grow and recover. Ranch owner Elijah DeAngelo eagerly welcomes the duo. But Rick Bailey—the ranch foreman and DeAngelo's right hand man—hasn't decided to let his guard down . . . yet. 
    Promises made long ago soon force Rick and Allie to work together to escape danger. Will they discover love along the way?
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  • Dear John - cover

    Dear John

    Kim Vogel Sawyer

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    After losing her parents in a fatal accident, Marin must step at once into their shoes:  her mother's to take care of her brother, John; her father's to run the advertising agency he founded. Her brother has Downs syndrome and has stayed at home most of his life, and Marin refuses to place him in an institution, despite the urgings of family and friends to do so.  Phillip Wilder helps bring disabled and non-disabled people together by placing clients in jobs throughout the city. But when he receives a call from Marin Brooks, who hopes to use his service only as a day-care facility for her brother, he balks. What holds her back from letting her brother get a job?  Will God help these two, who seem perfect for each other, reconcile their differences?
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  • Smitten - cover


    Kristin Billerbeck, Colleen...

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    Welcome to Smitten, Vermont. 
    With the help of four friends, itÆs about to become the most romantic town in America. 
    The proposed closing of the lumber mill comes as unwelcome news for the citizens of Smitten. How will the town survive without its main employer? A close-knit group of women think theyÆve got just the plan to save Smitten. TheyÆll capitalize on its name and turn it into a tourist destination for loversùcomplete with sweet shops, a high-end spa, romantic music on the square, and cabins outfitted with fireplaces and hot tubs. 
    But is this manly town ready for an influx of romantically-minded guests? 
    Country music sensation Sawyer Smitten, the townÆs hometown hero, wants to help by holding his own wedding there on ValentineÆs Day. And little MiaÆs lavender wreaths hang all over town as a reminder that faith can work miracles. Along the way, four women spearheading the townÆs transformationùenergetic Natalie, sophisticated Julia, graceful Shelby, and athletic Reeseùget in the spirit by reviving their own love lives. 
    Join best-selling inspirational romance authors (and real-life BFFs) Colleen Coble, Kristin Billerbeck, Diann Hunt, and Denise Hunter for an inspiring stay at the (soon-to-be) most romantic town on the eastern seaboard. 
    One visit . . . and youÆll be smitten too.
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