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Discovering the Causes of Happiness - cover

Discovering the Causes of Happiness

Jampa Thaye

Publisher: Dechen Foundation

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A short guide to Buddhism for beginners, covering essential topics such as Buddha nature, the Three Jewels, the Guru or Lama and how to do meditation practice. It has clear and easy to follow instructions for beginners to practice meditation at home.

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    A Direct Path to Living the Life of Your Dreams
    What does tantra have to do with your relationships, work, money, creativity, sex, food and drink, being alone, meditation and yoga, aging and healing, politics, freedom, and enlightenment? Everything!
    Tantra is usually thought of as sex with some kind of mysticism thrown in. Marc Allen goes back to the original meaning of tantra and shows how it can be applied to every moment of your life, excluding nothing. Tantra for the West is filled with ancient and modern principles and practices that help you use all your experiences as part of your mental, emotional, and spiritual growth. 
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    Based on the best-selling Book-in-a-Box kits, The Tarot Book provides the perfect introduction to tarot reading.The book introduces each card, and demonstrates how their meaning in a spread can be interpreted to answer your question.
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    In this quick and easy to read ebook discover what you may not know about:
    - Acupressure potent points
    - Acupressure techniques
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    The ultimate book of erotic love, the Kamasutra is, above all, about inventive sensuality. It is both a celebration of, and a guide to, the good sexual life. In this small, intimate book, a leading authority on ancient Indian art and classical erotica unpacks the Kamasutra in four thematic sections: 
    • Nayaka and Nayika—the love escapades of the sensual man and the sensual woman; 
    • Maithuna—imagination and the sexual act; 
    • Ananda—sex as the route to ultimate bliss; 
    • Ganika—the courtesan as the guide to ananda. 
    Containing seventy full-page erotic paintings and photographs, this is a delightful little book of pure, uninhibited pleasure.
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