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Eternity Is For Real Life After Death Is For Real:What Really Happens After You Die and Why? - Win the War Room Prayer Battle - cover

Eternity Is For Real Life After Death Is For Real:What Really Happens After You Die and Why? - Win the War Room Prayer Battle

James Revie

Publisher: James Revie

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Your Future Revealed!  
The truth about the Afterlife is now revealed.    
Is there life after death? Where will the Afterlife be? What will it be like? Is there really such a place as Heaven and Hell? Can we know for sure?  
Every Person 
Every person, whether they are religious or non-religious, Christian or non-Christian, Atheist or whatever you want to put in there as a name - WILL experience the Afterlife. 
However, what THAT Afterlife will be will be determined by very specific facts. This book explains in detail what those facts are. This will take away any guessing whatsoever.  
So many people are wanting to know what happens after they die. They want to know exactly what happens to them in the Afterlife. 
Then this book is a "must-read" for anyone wanting to know the truth.  
Life After Death explained! 
If you want to know the truth and the facts about life after death then this is the book for you. You will discover, as so many others have, that this is a must read book. No filler, no fluff - just the facts you need to know.  
For years, death and life after death have been misunderstood. Many fear death and the life after death because it is the "unknown." Many in the quest for the truth have turned to other books about near death experiences. While still others turn to science. 
Unfortunately, both of these can bring confusion and varied end results that just simply leave the reader confused and still wondering about life after death.  
What will happen? What will it look like? Is there a Hell and is there a Heaven?  
This book explains all of this in easy to understand terms.  
Life After Death is now explained 
Life after death is now explained in easy to understand words. When the reader has completed reading this book there will be no doubt left as to the Afterlife.  
Grab Your Copy Now! 
Grab your copy now while it is still available.  This book contains the facts that you wish you knew years ago!  
You Owe It To Yourself To Know The Facts. You Have a Right to Know!

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