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A Small Fiction - An Illustrated Collection of Little Stories - cover

A Small Fiction - An Illustrated Collection of Little Stories

James Mark Miller

Publisher: Andrews McMeel Publishing, LLC

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From the popular Twitter account @ASmallFiction, “simultaneously succinct and powerful. You’ll be thinking about these stories long after you read them.” (Matthew Inman,#1 New York Times bestselling author of How To Tell if Your Cat is Plotting to Kill You) 
For fans of the popular Twitter account @ASmallFiction comes a little book with a lot of big stories and images; some funny, some scary, but always thought-provoking! From the humorous to the bleak, the dystopian to the dog-filled, there’s a story for every occasion, and an occasion for every story. With stories told in 140 characters or less, A Small Fiction delivers brilliant yet brief tales destined to stick with readers long after they turn the page. Through the genre lenses of science fiction, fantasy, contemporary fiction, folklore, and humor, each of these illustrated micro-fictions is a peephole that reveals a bigger world. 
“James had created a beautiful world that's about to end. It's also haunted and populated by depressed robots and even more depressed people. It made me laugh, think and cry, and I think those are just about the nicest things a book can do. Also there are aliens, if you're into that sort of thing.” —Iain Thomas, author of I Wrote This For You
Available since: 10/06/2020.
Print length: 226 pages.

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    A National Book Critics Circle Award winner and New York Times Notable Book: “intelligent, versatile . . . profound” stories of migration in America (The Washington Post Book World).   Illuminating a new world of people in migration that has transformed the essence of America, these collected stories are a dazzling display of the vision of this critically-acclaimed contemporary writer.   An aristocratic Filipina negotiates a new life for herself with an Atlanta investment banker. A Vietnam vet returns to Florida, a place now more foreign than the Asia of his war experience. An Indian widow tries to explain her culture’s traditions of grieving to her well-intentioned friends. And in the title story, an Iraqi Jew whose travels have ended in Queens suddenly finds himself an unwitting guerrilla in a South American jungle.   Passionate, comic, violent, and tender, these stories draw us into a cultural fusion in the midst of its birth pangs, expressing a “consummated romance with the American language” (The New York Times Book Review).
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  • Ambrose Bierce - A Short Story Collection - Volume 2 - A Horseman in the Sky & Other Stories - cover

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    Ambrose Gwinnett Bierce was born on 24th June 1842 at Horse Cave Creek in Meigs County, Ohio. His parents were poor but they introduced him to literature at an early age, instilling in him a deep appreciation of books, the written word and the elegance of language.  
    Growing up in Koscuisko County, Indiana poverty and religion were defining features of his childhood, and he would later describe his parents as “unwashed savages” and fanatically religious, showing him little affection but always quick to punish. He came to resent religion, and his introduction to literature appears to be their only positive effect. 
    At age 15 Bierce left home to become a printer’s devil, mixing ink and fetching type at The Northern Indian, a small Ohio paper. Falsely accused of theft he returned to his farm and spent time sending out work in the hopes of being published. 
    His Uncle Lucius advised he be sent to the Kentucky Military Institute. A year later he was commissioned as an Officer.  As the Civil War started Bierce enlisted in the 9th Indiana Infantry Regiment.  
    In April 1862 Bierce fought at the Battle of Shiloh, an experience which, though terrifying, became the source of several short stories. Two years later he sustained a serious head wound and was off duty for several months. He was discharged in early 1865.  
    A later expedition to inspect military outposts across the Great Plains took him all the way to San Francisco. He remained there to become involved with publishing and editing and to marry, Mary Ellen on Christmas Day 1871.  They had a child, Day, the following year.  
    In 1872 the family moved to England for 3 years where he wrote for Fun magazine. His son, Leigh, was born, and first book, ‘The Fiend’s Delight’, was published. 
    They returned to San Francisco and to work for a number of papers where he gained admiration for his crime reporting. In 1887 he began a column at the William Randolph Hearst’s San Francisco Examiner.  
    Bierce’s marriage fell apart when he discovered compromising letters to his wife from a secret admirer. The following year, 1889 his son Day committed suicide, depressed by romantic rejection. 
    In 1891 Bierce wrote and published the collection of 26 short stories which included ‘An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge’.  Success and further works including poetry followed.  
    Bierce with Hearst’s resources helped uncover a financial plot by a railroad to turn 130 million dollars of loans into a handout. Confronted by the railroad and asked to name his price Bierce answered “my price is $130 million dollars. If, when you are ready to pay, I happen to be out of town, you may hand it over to my friend, the Treasurer of the United States”.  
    He now began his first foray as a fabulist, publishing ‘Fantastic Fables’ in 1899.  But tragedy again struck two years later when his second son Leigh died of pneumonia relating to his alcoholism. 
    He continued to write short stories and poetry and also published ‘The Devil’s Dictionary’.  
    At the age of 71, in 1913 Bierce departed from Washington, D.C., for a tour of the battlefields where he had fought during the civil war. At the city of Chihuahua he wrote his last known communication, a letter to a friend. It’s closing words were “as to me, I leave here tomorrow for an unknown destination,” Ambrose Bierce then vanished without trace. p>1 - Ambrose Bierce - An Introduction 
    2 - A Horseman in the Sky by Ambrose Bierce 
    3 - The Middle Toe of the Right Foot by Ambrose Bierce 
    4 - John Mortonson's Funeral by Ambrose Bierce 
    5 - Revenge by Ambrose Bierce 
    6 - The Boarded Window by Ambrose Bierce 
    7 - One Summer Night by Ambrose Bierce 
    8 - The Story of a Conscience by Ambrose Bierce
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    “A unique science fiction novel about a sports event that is popular in a dystopian future… Strongly recommended for teenagers and adults as well.” – Amazon Reviewer 
    “I really enjoyed the story and am now waiting for MORE. A highly recommended read." – Vision Quest 
    Experience the thrill of Batey Ascending like never before with our immersive audiobook. Narrated by talented voice actors and enhanced with sound effects and music, this cinematographic-like production guarantees one full hour of pure, high-quality entertainment you can't miss. 
    But don't just take our word for it. Listeners have raved about Batey Ascending, calling it a "unique science fiction novel about a sports event that is popular in a dystopian future" and a "highly recommended read." 
    Join Nico, a plucky young sports player with a dream of making it big in the futuristic game of Batey, as he battles against teams of cyborgs and genetically modified opponents in a high-stakes tournament. Will his ragtag team of ordinary boys be able to come out on top against all odds? Find out in this imaginative and engaging speculative fiction story that's packed with action, drama, and suspense. 
    Perfect for kids and teens who love reading about sports, sci-fi, and adventure, Batey Ascending offers thought-provoking perspectives and fun themes that are sure to keep them engaged. Don't miss out on this audio adventure.Get your copy now and join the excitement!
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    Richard Barham Middleton (1882-1911) was an English poet and author who is remembered mostly for his supernatural tales and ghost stories, in particular The Ghost Ship, The Coffin Merchant and On the Brighton Road.The Last Adventure is the bizarre tale of a young rake who regularly suffers from amnesia while out having adventures. He wakes up with no memory of how he got into his current predicament, nor of what went before it. In this story, he discovers himself in the company of an attractive woman and gradually becomes aware that something very terrible has happened...something that shocks him to the very core....
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    From acclaimed, Russian writer, Alexander Tsypkin, translated by Paul Lazarus, SAMMYNOLIE recounts the story of a player getting played. From a collection of short stories titled, Sammynolie and Other Stories.
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    On The Hunt by Alexandra Ivy: Mika Tanner has loved Bailey Morrell, a beautiful Healer, since childhood. But his duty as a Sentinel, a supernatural guardian of an ancient race, clashed with her rebellious spirit. Now a dangerous new anarchist group threatens life as they know it... Scorpius Rising by Rebecca Zanetti: With a deadly disease spreading like wildfire across the country, microbiologist Nora Medina needs to focus all her energy on stopping the pandemic. She's forced to work with Deacan McDougall, her way-too-hot-ex, against unexpected enemies with the seconds ticking by, she knows the explosion is coming... Phantom Embrace by Dianne Duvall: Immortal Yuri Sokolov was born with the ability to see spirits, yet he's never seen one as lovely as Cat Seddon, the woman who haunts his home and his dreams. But amid their star-crossed love, a new danger may have Yuri facing a different kind of eternity.Stake Out by Hannah Jayne: Vampire fashion designer Nina LaShay has a lot on her plate-just two days until fashion week and the model who was flirting with her photographer boyfriend is now a corpse in her studio. But when dead turns into undead and dangerous, Nina must find out who's responsible...before the beautiful baby vamp takes too many bites out of the Big Apple.
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