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The Pathfinder - cover

The Pathfinder

James Fenimore Cooper

Publisher: Aeterna Classics

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Vigorous, self-reliant, amazingly resourceful, and moral, Natty Bumppo is the prototype of the Western hero. A faultless arbiter of wilderness justice, he hates middle-class hypocrisy. But he finds his love divided between the woman he has pledged to protect on a treacherous journey and the untouched forest that sustains him in his beliefs. A fast-paced narrative full of adventure and majestic descriptions of early frontier life, Indian raiders, and defenseless outposts, The Pathfinder set the standard for epic action literature.

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    Sorry Charlie - Poconos Pack #3

    Dana Marie Bell

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    For her, there’s only one fish in the sea. 
    Poconos Pack Book 3 
    Charlie Lowe is going crazy. Why does her mate run from her? Is it the fact that she’s a Lion to his Wolf? Her insane love affair with Sephora? Or could it be her family connections that are driving her mate away? 
    Ted Pedrozo loves his fiery Lioness with his whole being, but mating the sister of the Leo is a big, hairy deal. He’s terrified that the Leo will find him wanting, or worse—Charlie will. So what’s a dork in wolf’s clothing supposed to do when the perfect woman is his mate? Simple. He steers clear of her until she makes it impossible for him to do so. 
    When Sebastian Lowe, leader of the shifter world, comes to congratulate his sister on her mating, Ted is surprised by how well he gets along with the laid-back Leo. The Leo’s chief bodyguard, on the other hand, thinks Ted is less than worthy of the Leo’s sister and decides to test him. 
    Can Ted prove to both Sebastian and himself that Charlie will never be sorry she chose him?
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    This bundle contains all four hot stories from the Pleasing the Master series:
    1. Bound for Punishment
    The Master is known for his intense, 24/7 BDSM practice.  When a shy girl with plenty of repressed, dark fantasies enlists his services for the week and immediately gets cuffed and put in a chastity belt, she knows she's in for a lot of pleasurable pain, all over her body and in every hole.
    2. Discipline Me
    The Master's punishment is harsh, but timid Diane knows she deserves it. Bound, whipped, and disciplined, Diane still has to deal with the ultimate punishment from the Master: total denial.
    3.  Coming Together
    Diane has been through hell at the hands of the Master, the man she hired to dominate and punish her for an entire week.  The unrelenting tease and denial has finally gotten to her, and she doesn't think she can take it anymore.  But an unexpected, tender encounter with the Master threatens to change their dynamic entirely.
    4. Cuffed and Clamped For His Pleasure
    Diane has to face the truth: she's developing some really inconvenient feelings for the man she paid to torment her.  It all feels like too much to handle when she finds herself shackled, clamped in all her most sensitive places, stuffed in every hole, and totally vulnerable at the hands of The Master.
    ~~~~~ Excerpt ~~~~~
    “I just need a glass of water, please.”
    The man on the other side of the table just looked at me.  His dark hair framed a handsome but oddly unremarkable face.  If I saw him on the street, I would probably think he was cute, but not cute enough for much of a second thought.  A few dark, curly hairs snaked up from his collar, ending below the short-cropped beard on his chin.  I wanted to run my fingers over his chest.
    After several moments, I realized why he was still sitting there, ignoring my request.  “I mean, I need a glass of water please, Master.”
    He nodded, stood, and wordlessly left the room.
    I blushed, embarrassed that I had already forgotten one of the rules on his contract.  I should have read it more carefully.  This was a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and I did not want to mess it up.
    The sound of running water from a room nearby was barely audible even though the door to his office remained wide open.  The sound-proofing in his house was probably a major priority.  If his house weren't at the top of a winding driveway through the woods in the middle of nowhere, I would wonder if his neighbors ever complained about his clients screaming, moaning, or otherwise making noises that neighbors generally don't want to hear.  The remoteness of his location was probably by design.
    Another rush of nerves surged through me at the thought that I wasn't reading other people's accounts online and living vicariously anymore.  I was actually here.  I really paid this man, the most famous in his controversial line of work, to tie me up and do possibly unspeakable things to me for a whole week.  Soon, I would be the client whose screams and moans of agony and pleasure would bounce off the soundproofed walls.
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  • Virgil Wander - cover

    Virgil Wander

    Leif Enger

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    The highly anticipated first novel in a decade from Leif Enger, Virgil Wander intertwines his signature blend of magic and miracle with a heart-piercing story of a hard-working community ground down by industrial decline and its stalwart, unlikely hero, Virgil, who helps turn it around. The novel is filled with whimsy, romance, escapism, and optimism sure to draw fans of Enger’s other novels
    A BEA /Publishers Lunch Fall/Winter 2018 Buzz Book
    Beloved born and bred Minnesotan Enger writes about the lesser seen America of the Upper Midwest. Virgil Wander will appeal to readers of TEXASVILLE by Larry McMurtry, BARKSKINS by Annie Proulx, HEROES OF THE FRONTIER by Dave Eggers, The Story of EDGAR SAWTELLE by David Wroblewski, and AMERICAN RUST by Philip Meyer, as well as nonfiction fans of HILLBILLY ELEGY and the podcast S-Town 
    Enger’s first book Peace Like a River sold 120,372 in cloth, 1,103,700.00 in TP, 44,873 in E and continues to sell monthly. It was a New York Times bestseller, winner of the Independent Publisher Book Award, and was a best book of the year for Time Magazine and the Los Angeles Times. It garnered rave reviews from Susan Salter Reynolds in the LA Times and Ron Charles in the CSM, among many others
    His second novel, So Brave, Young, and Handsome, was a national bestseller, No. 8 on Amazon’s Top 100 Editors' Picks and a Midwest Booksellers’ Choice Award Honor Book for Fiction.
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  • Alpha Turned - cover

    Alpha Turned

    KB Alan

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    Not all men are bad…
    Strong, independent, and happy on her own, Hillary has grown from the naïve person she was four years ago after a brutal rape turned her into a werewolf. The normal life she’s made for herself is only upset once a month when the moon calls to her and she has an uncontrollable urge to turn furry and chase small creatures. And she doesn’t need a man for that. Until she finally meets another werewolf, this one a gorgeous, sexy guy who is determined to change her mind about one furry man in particular–him.
    No, some men are very, very good…
    The minute Zach scents Hillary he knows she’s the mate he’s been searching for. Though both the wolf and the man are itching to claim her, first he has to convince her that he’s one of the good guys, and that there are certain benefits to being an alpha werewolf. And there’s no better way of making Hillary see that, than giving her himself—body, mind, and soul.
    Alpha Turned can be read by itself. It is not necessary to read the series to enjoy this book.
    Wolf Appeal Series:
    Book 1 - Alpha Turned
    Book 2 - Challenge Accepted
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  • Got Milk? - Tales of Horny Pregnant Babes and Lovely Lactating Ladies - cover

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    Seven tales of pregnancy and lactation... from the trials and tribulations of submissive Hucow Amanda and slutty pregnant Pam with her craving for illicit sex, to kinky Joanna who likes to show strangers her lactating nipples and pregnant Amy with her secret admirer...... Milking Amanda, Milking Hucow Mandy, Cream, Grease, Insatiable, Pounding Pregnant Pam and Maternity Leave all in one edition!
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  • Maya's Notebook - A Novel - cover

    Maya's Notebook - A Novel

    Isabel Allende

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    Maya’s Notebook is a startling novel of suspense from New York Times bestselling author Isabel Allende. This contemporary coming-of-age story centers upon Maya Vidal, a remarkable teenager abandoned by her parents. Maya grew up in a rambling old house in Berkeley with her grandmother Nini, whose formidable strength helped her build a new life after emigrating from Chile in 1973 with a young son, and her grandfather Popo, a gentle African-American astronomer. When Popo dies, Maya goes off the rails. Along with a circle of girlfriends known as "the vampires," she turns to drugs, alcohol, and petty crime--a downward spiral that eventually leads to Las Vegas and a dangerous underworld, with Maya caught between warring forces: a gang of assassins, the police, the FBI, and Interpol. Her one chance for survival is Nini, who helps her escape to a remote island off the coast of Chile. In the care of her grandmother’s old friend, Manuel Arias, and surrounded by strange new acquaintances, Maya begins to record her story in her notebook, as she tries to make sense of her past and unravel the mysteries of her family and her own life.
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