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Yummy Ice Cream Recipes - Second part - cover

Yummy Ice Cream Recipes - Second part

James Earle

Publisher: K-Publishing

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Surely you remember how in childhood on warm summer days they were looking for a cart with this refreshing milk delicacy on the street and asking parents to buy you a glass without fail!
Fruit, creamy, chocolate ... Such delicious and such a favorite! And how much would you give now to return the same taste, reminiscent of a merry and carefree childhood?
This book gives you a unique chance to enjoy your favorite ice cream of childhood again without a time machine or a complicated expensive technique.
This is the second part of this great collection.

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    The fact that you are a vegan does not limit your breakfast recipes list.
    I really appreciate your healthy breakfast lifestyle.
    That is why I am here to help you prepare many healthy and very delicious breakfasts.
    All of us know the importance of healthy breakfast which helps us to start our day and continue it with a lot of energy you need during all your day. Breakfast also recover the glucose levels which are so needed for the brain. Like any other organ brain also need energy to work well.
    That is why it is better to get up earlier and have an excellent breakfast before hurrying to work or university.
    Following these recipes will help the vegans to have a delicious vegan breakfast without spending much time on preparation.
    And at the end always remember that breakfast is a great occasion to gather around the table with your lovely family!
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    From favorite cookbook author Julia Turshen comes this practical and inspiring handbook for political activism—with recipes. As the millions who marched in January 2017 demonstrated, activism is the new normal. When people search for ways to resist injustice and express support for civil rights, environmental protections, and more, they begin by gathering around the table to talk and plan. These dishes foster community and provide sustenance for the mind and soul, including a dozen  of the healthy, affordable recipes Turshen is known for, plus over 15 more  recipes from a diverse range of celebrated chefs. With stimulating lists, extensive resources, and essays from activists in the worlds of food, politics, and social causes, Feed the Resistance is a must have handbook for anyone hoping to make a difference.
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    People decide to become vegetarians for many different reasons: for animal rights, for the environment and so on.
    If you are a vegetarian, it is always important to remember the value of the well-balanced diet. You often need to add some other foods to your diet preventing from identical food.
    In the middle of a hard-working day, you need to get energy from your main-dish. It must be prepared with such food which has many important vitamins and nutrients, but at the same time, they must not include additional calories.
    Our vegetarian main-dish recipes provide tasty options without meat.
    These recipes are mainly prepared from fruits and vegetables which provide energy for your muscles and brain. They are prepared which such kind of healthy ingredients as egg, cheese, carrot, eggplant, potato, spinach and so on.
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  • Delicious Vegan Dessert Recipes - cover

    Delicious Vegan Dessert Recipes

    Of Ellya

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    Serving tea or coffee with a delicious dessert is a nice way to end the dinner. And dessert preparation is also a great chance to experiment new sweet combinations. Dessert can be prepared very easily especially vegan dessert. So you do not need to spend much time on its preparation.
    Many people think that dessert is not really necessary as they try to watch their weights.
    Vegan dessert recipes are specially prepared with fruits and vegetables which include many vitamins, calcium, healthy nutritious and they do not add calories. Just use as many fruits in your dessert as you can for example papaya, apple, fresh berries, banana and so on, and you will not have a weight problem.
    Here I will also give you many dessert recipes with tofu. I use it in many of my recipes as it includes folate, calcium, niacin and other important minerals.
    Just follow our vegan recipes I will help you to serve a yummy dessert after a dinner.
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