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Red Carpet Rendezvous - Caprice - A Glamorous Erotic Series - cover

Red Carpet Rendezvous - Caprice - A Glamorous Erotic Series

Jaden Tanner

Translator Anna Matussek

Publisher: Bastei Entertainment

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Caprice and Maren are best friends, roommates and Germany's hottest tabloid journalists in more ways than one. In this episode, French redhead Caprice and blonde German country girl Maren are sent to London and L.A. respectively to uncover the truth about rumors surrounding the casting of male leads for the new erotic movie Dreams of Passion. 

-- Caprice is an erotic series that follows best friends Maren and Caprice - two journalists at Germany's biggest tabloid magazine FLASH. Reporting on events around the world, they jet-set to meet celebrities, aristocracy, and members of high society. Maren and Caprice research their stories with hard-hitting dedication and even physically involved ... 

-- Each episode is unique: sometimes gentle and other times a little rough. Different writers ensure each story's individual flair. Since each author maintains her own writing style, Caprice is a completely new erotic experience from one glamorous event to the next.

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