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Bullet - Bullet #1 - cover

Bullet - Bullet #1

Jade C. Jamison

Publisher: Jade C. Jamison

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An Epic Rock Star Novel 
What if you discover the man you want is toxic? 
She tasted a little bit of heaven with him, and now they've gone through hell and back, but can their relationship take anymore? 
Valerie Quinn is a naive college freshman when she meets on-the-rise rock star Ethan Richards.  He's an idealistic, handsome, reckless young man, but he's captured her heart.  She doesn't give up on him and eventually his walls crumble down.  by the time Valerie has given herself to him completely, she discovers he's damaged and may be beyond help.  Can she save Ethan and their relationship before he implodes, or will he self-destruct and take her with him?

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    This is a paranormal pregnancy erotica bundle containing FOUR steaming hot shorts. 
    Paranormal Urban Fantasy Erotica Bundle... Smoking hot! 
    This erotica bundle contains four different stories with young women and older men. The young women are African American witches who fall in love with dashing white men and end up pregnant... Read the story descriptions for each one below:  
    Baby for the Coven  
    Monique is the only woman of child bearing age in a coven of black witches desperate to continue their line. Her mother and grandmother insist that she undergo a paranormal pregnancy to continue the line and give her specific criteria of who should become the father of her child.  
    Monique meets a sexy white man John who seems to fit all the specifications. After a long night of passion, Monique finds herself pregnant. But there's something odd about John, and Monique can't seem to get him out of her head...  
    Could he be more than a one night stand?  
    Her Magic Pregnancy  
    BWWM Urban fantasy erotica... with a twist!  
    Adami comes from a long line of African American witches and she's known about her powers her entire life. She chooses to live in secrecy in the suburbs, attempting to lead a normal life.  
    Life can't stay normal for long and Adami is beginning to feel urges inside of her and she feels the awakening of desires she didn't even know she had. Adami is desperate, not only for love, but for a child. It's time for the witch to get bred, but there seems to be no chance of that at all.  
    Black Witch Impregnation  
    Tasha has moved to the suburbs to live a normal life after a massive die off of her kind. Yes, she's a black witch living in the modern era, keeping her identity a secret from everyone around her in the 'burbs.  
    But witches are in crisis and to continue the race, she must undergo a paranormal pregnancy and produce an heir.  
    First, Tasha needs to find the perfect candidate for breeding. Along comes her sexy neighbor Jake, a Caucasian outdoorsman with everything she could want in a baby daddy. This young man falls head over heels for Tasha and successfully seeds her.  
    Tasha is bred...  
    Pregnancy is difficult for Tasha and she has to face her coven to figure out why her life has become so damned hard since a baby started growing inside her.  
    When she finds out the shocking truth about what's growing in her womb, she knows she has to see Jake again... something just isn't right.  
    The Virgin Witch  
    BWWM Urban Fantasy Erotica with billionaires!  
    Sapphire was a twenty year old African American virgin who had worked throughout her high school years to get enough money to go to college. Her mother was a witch on the run from her coven who just wanted her daughter to have a normal life. But life without witchcraft can take a toll on witches and Sapphire was now broke and forced to fend for herself.  
    She's desperate for cash, and sex sells... First time sex with a billionaire?  
    Billionaires with tastes for black women want one thing... to risk impregnating them. So that's what Sapphire signed up for, uncertain of what she was getting herself into.  
    Pregnant with a witch and with no one to turn to, Sapphire realizes that she must return to the coven. But what about the older billionaire who fathered her child? 
    Reader discretion advised. For readers 18+ only.
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    Liz was happy to have new neighbors but she never thought that Emily would use her like that. Emily discovered Liz’s dark secret and she used it to her advantage to make some money and get intense pleasure from the older woman. Even if Emily never returned the favor, Liz found deep pleasure in satisfying her new neighbor. 
    For Mature Audiences Only (18+)
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    A stunning collection of erotic stories with mixed themes including menage, fem dom, lesbian and voyeur.
    Healthy Addictions by Olivia LondonHer sister warned her about her friend Leonora, who prefers to be called Lee, but it’s too late because Meg has already fallen – hook, line and sinker – for the gal who puts sex as her number one thing to do. At the tender age of 26 Lee is a cougar before her time and Meg is more than willing to be her prey. Besides, some addictions are far too good to give up.Sexual Communication by Landon DixonChester had been warned about making noise before by the shrew who managed the rundown rooming house. Only problem was, the place had paper-thin walls and cardboard floors, doors and ceilings. Hardly conducive to the loud, raunchy sex he and Agnes engaged in. And while the rest of the country was imbibing richly in the Jazz Age, for Chester, an aspiring newspaperman, the crummy rooming house off 32nd Street was all he could afford. Tone it down, or bunk next to the curb. Perhaps his next-door neighbour could help him out with his aural problems?Excavations by K D GraceWhile volunteering on an archaeological dig, Gina and Mike discover new and exciting ways to help their workaholic professor relieve stress – and he introduces them to one or two methods of his own, which are far from academic.7.13 by Sommer MarsdenElsie’s leaving town to start a new life. Taking the 7.13 train out of her small town. But before she goes, she wants to deal with a could-have-been, should-have-been, almost-was. Handsome, sexy, best friend Jason who should have been her lover ages ago – that single kiss has haunted her so – and will be now. Virgin or no virgin, Elsie plans to give Jason a proper goodbye, before she’s off to chase new dreams and leave old ones behind.Friday Nights by Eva HoreWhen this librarian begins staying out late on Friday nights her inquisitive flatmate decides to follow her. Spying on her antics at a deserted warehouse, she gets more than she bargained for, especially when she calls for John, her boyfriend to come and witness for himself what she can’t believe she’s seeing.Table Stakes by Elizabeth ColdwellCasey’s latest assignment is to interview women with unusual stories about their kitchen table. It’s a routine task – until she visits erotic author Sienna Joy, and discovers the kinky secret that makes the woman’s table stand out from the crowd ...
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    When they find a lamp on the beaches of an island, a couple never guessed that they'd found a real genie, and when they're granted their wishes, there's only one catch - their third wish is picked by the genie herself, and she wishes for them to experience sex as the opposite gender, drawing them into a new world of sexual possibilities.
    	This story contains over 9000 words of fiction, including gender changing, feminization, transformation, oral and anal sex, and more. For adults only.
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    Handsome, rich, and stubborn beyond words, Liam Hunt has never been denied anything in his entire life. So when he sets his eyes on innocent college student Kate Snow, she doesn't stand a chance. 
    Innocent and helpless, Kate finds herself in the clutches of the most powerful man in town... and loving every second of it. The dominating billionaire breaches her every desire and she is entangled in the brutal strength of his passion. When he brings other men to the relationship, she is helpless to do anything but surrender as they show her pleasure beyond her wildest dreams... 
    Racy Romance is a standalone short steamy story filled with dominating alpha males and a single submissive young woman.
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  • Tiger In Lamb's Clothing: Andrine - cover

    Tiger In Lamb's Clothing: Andrine

    Pipe Q

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    That Mouth!!! Andrine is known for having a deadly mouth. Her mouth can bring me to their knees or send them to the hospital. This woman has a special talent and she knows it. She uses her talented mouth to help friends in a bind, to help herself, and to give an old man a treat that takes him... Well you have to read to find out more
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