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127 Things to Do While Quarantined - Fun and productive uses of your time when you're bored scared confused and stir-crazy - cover

127 Things to Do While Quarantined - Fun and productive uses of your time when you're bored scared confused and stir-crazy

Jacqueline Shaulis

Publisher: Embrace Awesome International

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Are bored out of your gourd?
Have you binge watched all your favorite shows?
Are you driving yourself crazy with nothing to do?

Here are 127 unexpectedly useful things you can do while avoiding the latest disaster (or people in general).
They cover a wide variety of tasks, interests, expressions, and time commitments (from minutes to days) - start with one or two and see how easy it is to make the most of this downtime. Each one offers a positive use of time that can boost the morale, knowledge, and joy of yourself and others. 

Whether you are on lockdown or self-isolating, shut in or sheltering in place, this simple guide will keep you stimulated, motivated, and most importantly, not agitated.
Available since: 04/20/2020.

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    “A thoroughly captivating behind-the-scenes history of classic American animation . . . A must-read for all fans of the medium.” —Matt Groening 
    In 1911, famed cartoonist Winsor McCay debuted one of the first animated cartoons, based on his sophisticated newspaper strip “Little Nemo in Slumberland,” itself inspired by Freud’s recent research on dreams. McCay is largely forgotten today, but he unleashed an art form, and the creative energy of artists from Otto Messmer and Max Fleischer to Walt Disney and Warner Bros.’ Chuck Jones. Their origin stories, rivalries, and sheer genius, as Reid Mitenbuler skillfully relates, were as colorful and subversive as their creations—from Felix the Cat to Bugs Bunny to feature films such as Fantasia—which became an integral part and reflection of American culture over the next five decades. 
    Pre-television, animated cartoons were aimed squarely at adults; comic preludes to movies, they were often “little hand grenades of social and political satire.” Early Betty Boop cartoons included nudity; Popeye stories contained sly references to the injustices of unchecked capitalism. During WWII, animation also played a significant role in propaganda. The Golden Age of animation ended with the advent of television, when cartoons were sanitized to appeal to children and help advertisers sell sugary breakfast cereals. 
    Wild Minds is an ode to our colorful past and to the creative energy that later inspired The Simpsons, South Park, and BoJack Horseman. 
    “A quintessentially American story of daring ambition, personal reinvention and the eternal tug-of-war of between art and business . . . a gem for anyone wanting to understand animation’s origin story.” —NPR
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    In 1781, after six years of fighting, the future of the American colonies was far from resolved. The British were still dominant on land and sea, and except for a few bright spots like Trenton and Saratoga, the Americans had been unable to match the skills of the strongest army of the time. Against this backdrop, the brilliantly executed Yorktown campaign, in the autumn of 1781, would effectively decide the war. With America’s resounding victory, the American Colonies would formally gain their independence two years later. 
    Learn how General Washington outfoxed the British with deception and maneuver, while the French Navy cleared the way for the final checkmate of General Cornwallis at Yorktown. 
    The Battle Digest summary includes all the key aspects of the campaign and battle, including maps, images, and lessons learned.
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    This is a book that calls time on the endless tide of violence against women and the failures of our criminal justice system to respond. 
    From barrister Harriet Johnson, Enough lays bare the appalling status quo of abuse against women in our society, offering an irrefutable case for why change is needed in policing and justice. Most vitally, it also gives a manifesto for how to get there. 
    With expertise, clear-sightedness and appropriate fury, this book helps us see where women are suffering – from homicide to domestic abuse to street harassment. It exposes the ways the criminal justice system lets women down – from officers failing to properly investigate to a lack of consequences when police behaviour is unacceptable, to backlogged courts and the realities of convincing a jury. 
    Addressing misogyny is to everyone’s benefit and the answers aren’t simple. Enough is the call to arms we can – and must – all get behind.
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    Includes 2022 update discussing December 2021 shooting at Oxford School In Michigan Stop the Killing empowers readers and offers insight into the role each of plays in combating the American crisis of mass shootings. Packed with sensible advice and training materials, the book takes readers through the latest research and best practices, making it a must read for every security-minded citizen and professional. The book, written by Katherine Schweit, the former head of the FBI's active shooter program, provides an insider's view of what we've learned, and failed to learn, about protecting our businesses, houses of worship, libraries, and schools. The book demystifies the language around active shooters, mass killings, threat assessment, and more. Never gathered before in one place, readers have access to the latest evidence-based research on shooting prevention efforts and shooting aftermaths. Learn how to spot potential shooters, the role of threat assessment teams, and how to intercept a person on a pathway to violence. Assess your building's security weaknesses and find vulnerabilities in people, programs, and policies. Packed with practical advice for training every age, from preschoolers to those in business, the book includes the author's teaching outline on Run Hide Fight® Develop individualized emergency operations plans for your library, business, or school. Tap free government resources to protect your employees, students, and buildings. As a bonus, learn sobering advice gathered from those who have survived and responded to shootings at Columbine High School, Virginia Tech, the Aurora theater shooting, and more. Their common plea, realize tragedy can happen anywhere, anytime, so be ready.. Listeners will reduce their fear and gain confidence, learning how they can help stop the killing. Go here for a PDF with charts, endnotes and more:
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  • The Naval War of 1812 - cover

    The Naval War of 1812

    Theodore Roosevelt

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    Published when Theodore Roosevelt was only twenty-three years old, The Naval War of 1812 was immediately hailed as a literary and scholarly triumph, and it is still considered the definitive book on the subject. It caused considerable controversy for its bold refutation of earlier accounts of the war, but its brilliant analysis and balanced tone left critics floundering, changed the course of U.S. military history by renewing interest in our obsolete forces, and set the young author and political hopeful on a path to greatness. Roosevelt's inimitable style and robust narrative make The Naval War of 1812 enthralling, illuminating, and utterly essential to every armchair historian.
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  • Narcissistic Mothers - A Daughter's Guide to Heal from Rejecting Distant or Self-Involved Mothers and Recover From CPTSD - cover

    Narcissistic Mothers - A...

    Kate Davison

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    If you feel overwhelmed by living with a narcissistic mother or cannot get rid of the trauma, then keep reading.. 
    Helping a person with narcissism to heal is a challenging endeavor. You need to come up with a strategy to internalize and practice what you learn in this audiobook.  
    While you are working within this relationship, make sure you take care of yourself. This is important and requires respect for the model to work. Consult frequently.  
    Inside you will find an in-depth analysis of the disorder to enhance your understanding about it. As a result, you may change your perception about it and eventually view the victims differently. 
     Similarly, a clear understanding puts off the myths and misconceptions associated with Narcissistic Personality Disorder and gain grounds to support you in case of bullying or misinformation. 
    Anyone can go through this and no one should be discriminated for such an experience. 
     Approaching the situation without judgment or blame is useful and acknowledging that recovery is likely to be a long and continuous method. Only then will we be able to recognize our children,  
    especially daughters, for who they are and help them achieve their complete, distinctive potential. 
    Inside you will find: 
    · The roles that fathers should play to protect their daughters from narcissistic mothers. 
    · Effects that you might experience in case your narcissistic mother is harsh on you and if nothing is done to stop it. 
    · How the disorder affects your relationship with your mother both in the short and long term 
    · Various ways that have proven to treat the disorder and how to go about them 
    The solution is not forgiving or forgetting. You should understand your situation and work on your self-development in order to take back control of your life. 
    It's never too late, let's start now!
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