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Behind the Mask - cover

Behind the Mask

Jacqueline Paige

Publisher: First Realm Publishing

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In a fit of temper, Gracelyn's only sister curses her so she's forgotten the moment anyone turns away from her. Only one thing, at an exact moment, can break the curse.  After years of failed attempts, she is forced to accept living her life completely alone.   Her world becomes calm and predictable ... 
until one Halloween night ...  
one costume party ...  
and one masquerading man change everything.

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    What is the attraction of modern-day sexy shifters? They’re usually ultra-masculine. They’re powerful, possessive, and have strong appetites they don’t always repress. And what’s more romantic than a main character who bonds for life? Are there gay shifters? Hell yes! Some of them, like Dallas and Jax in Eye of Wolf are out and proud. Joshua in Virgin Gay Werewolf is young and still at the stage of coming out—both as gay and a werewolf. Then there’s the main character of Sins of Father Wolf—a newly ordained priest who may be starting to accept his sexual orientation—but not his tie to the Moon. Then there's the real mega sexy shifter--the Incubus who can take the shape you most desire. And a shifter I've never really seen in books before--the Were-Stag. 
    So—here’s an anthology of sexy shifters. These hot and steamy stories are intended for adults only. They feature explicit and graphic sex of all sorts--with an emphasis on Rough. All characters are 18 years are older. Most available in their separate titles and series, but they’ve all been brought together for this collection: 
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    *Buck & Billy 
    *Kiss of the Incubus 
    *Wolf’s Nipple 
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    I sat down on the bed next to him and kicked up my charm to Nova level. I knew from experience it could melt the panties off girls. "Let's make a deal," I said in a conspiratorial tone. "Tell me your secret and I'll give you a kiss."
    "Josh, I've known you were gay since we met during Orientation. I can feel your eyes on me all the time. I even started sleeping in just my boxers because I could watch you tent your pants. No biggie. So--I know you've wanted to kiss me. Here's your chance. Trade you a kiss for your secret."
    Shit, if he had offered me a blow job, I'd out every Supe in the state. I had already identified a Werepanther who was in the front row of Pugmire's class. You can always tell a Werepanther from the smell. But keeping the Secret was something we were raised with from the time we could talk. After the major massacres in the 1600s, most Supes went underground and had signed treaties to keep the Secret. There were Enforcers who took out chatty Cathy Supes--or at least, that's what we were told. I had never met one. Maybe they were our version of boogie men.
    "No," I said firmly. "And is it that obvious I'm gay?"
    "Well, yeah. It's like your eyes end up velcroed to every guy's crotch or ass. I think it's funny.
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  • Nina's Lust - Book 9 of "Bikini Babes' Carwash" - cover

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    Suzie McLean

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    Nina and Muriel have been best friends for…well, forever! Why hasn’t she ever taken a serious look at Muriel’s older brother, Asher, and realized how incredibly sexy he is? And now that she has finally noticed…and can’t think about anything else…how can she manage to cross the slippery line between friend and lover without destroying the deep bond they’ve always shared?
    ~~~~~~~ Excerpt ~~~~~~
    It struck Nina suddenly, as she lay watching the pre-dawn sky glide slowly from dusky gray to molten gold, that she hadn’t slept well since the night of the barbeque. And as much as she hated to admit it, there could only be one reason why.
    Her family had moved from Montana to Florida nine years ago, just after her twelfth birthday. Muriel had become her very first friend, and they’d been inseparable ever since then. She couldn’t remember a time when Asher hadn’t been hanging around nearby, as older brothers so often did—but she’d always thought of him as, well, just a friend. Muriel’s older brother.
    All that had changed on the night of Jared’s barbeque. Suddenly, for the very first time, she’d become aware of him as a man—a sexy black-skinned giant who’d stirred her blood to a flashpoint boil when he’d protectively laid his massive hand on her shoulder to warn Jory away.
    The shock of it had literally stolen her breath, and the rest of the evening had whipped by in a hazy blur. Every nerve in her body had ached with the need to drag him into some dark corner and attack him!
    But when he didn’t feel the same about her…
    How could she possibly risk losing the deep, comfortable friendship they’d shared over the past near-decade just because she itched to peel him out of his clothes and impale herself on his lusty big cock?
    She knew it was big, too, because she’d seen him in a swimsuit too many times to miss that vital detail. Big, long, and thick, with a delightful curve that she knew would stroke her right to the core, and give her explosive orgasms.
    Was that why she’d bought a new vibrator that matched his provocative shape and dimensions when her old one had finally died?
    Why on earth hadn’t she ever really seen him before, and considered the delightful possibilities of taking him as a lover?
    She’d been too used to looking at him and just seeing Muriel’s mildly-annoying older brother, she admitted with an edgy sigh. And maybe she’d been afraid that it might destroy the special camaraderie she and Muriel had always shared. True sisters-of-the-heart bonding was rare. She’d walk ten miles over burning coals before she’d allow anything to damage that.
    So here she was, caught on the horns of her own personal crisis…and horny as hell because of it. She couldn’t turn back the clock and become not-aware of him again. But if she took matters…and him…into her own clever hands, as Astra had with Jared, she’d probably send him running for the hills. Running and screaming in panic, she concluded with another gusty sigh. And that would ruin things for everyone…
    Epilogue - Ben finally solves the mystery of the stolen money…and must learn to live with the tragic knowledge that one of his closest friends was not what he claimed to be!
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  • Wild Card - cover

    Wild Card

    Megan Slayer

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    Following his heart and passion will be his biggest role of all.
    Kris Hunter wants out. He’s done pornographic films for the last six years. The pay’s been good, but his creativity is nearly dead. His passion is to act and to be a star on the big screen in mainstream films. When he auditions for famed casting director, Zayn Mason, he’s convinced he’s on the right path. He doesn’t want to take the casting couch route to success, but he certainly wants Zayn in his bed. Can he follow his dreams and the man he desires or will forces beyond his control derail his progress?
    Zayn Mason sees the potential in Kris. As a casting director, he looks for the right actor to fill the roles in movies. He’s seen plenty of talent come and go, but no one stirs his soul both creatively and physically like Kris. But Zayn knows the pitfalls of the movie industry. Crossing over from porn isn’t easy and Hollywood isn’t always forgiving. Besides, he’s got demons of his own. Can these men get beyond their pasts and find a future together under the bright lights of the silver screen?
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  • Taken In The Air Raid Shelter - cover

    Taken In The Air Raid Shelter

    Anna Austin

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    When two American officers come to live in her mother's cottage, 18 year old Elizabeth's Lewis' war suddenly becomes rather more interesting.
    Before long, she realizes that she's in love - with both of the two handsome Yanks! But do they feel the same way about her?
    Her question is soon answered when an air raid forces them to share a shelter, and their amorous intentions become all too clear. Before she knows what's happening, innocent Elizabeth finds herself being taken in the air raid shelter!
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  • Groupies Love it Loud - Groupies #1 - cover

    Groupies Love it Loud - Groupies #1

    Hailee Dunn

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    Friends Mandy and Joanna are groupies. They spend their free time having sex with rock stars. Each are attracted to different types of musicians. For Joanna, it's guitarists, while Mandy prefers drummers. Sexy drummers like Dev Roberts, the drummer for The Iron Dogs. She's lusted after and fantasized about him for years. Tonight, with backstage passes to Dev's concert, Joanna will have a chance to live out those fantasies.
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