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Not Guilty - cover

Not Guilty

Jabari Asim

Publisher: Amistad

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Patrick Dorismond, Abner Louima, and Amadou Diallo -- hear what a jury of prominent African Americans has to say about the black man's struggle for justice in America 
Prompted by the killing of Amadou Diallo and the acquittal of the four New York City police officers who mistook him for an armed criminal, this collection of essays by prominent black male writers offers twelve unique and startling perspectives on what it's like for a black man living in an inherently racist society. 
Coming from a broad spectrum of economic and social backgrounds, the poets, journalists, lawyers, writers, and academics that make up this jury write forcefully and eloquently about growing up and raising sons, identifying with others and yearning to be set apart, attempting reasonable discourse, and succumbing to unspeakable anger. Together these essays deconstruct the monolithic myths that shroud our nation's black men and offer small rays of hope that on the streets, at school and work, and in the courtroom justice will be served.

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    ArchiMate®, an Open Group Standard, is an open and independent modeling language for Enterprise Architecture that is supported by different tool vendors and consulting firms. ArchiMate provides instruments to enable enterprise architects to describe, analyze, and visualize the relationships among business domains in an unambiguous way. This Pocket Guide is based on ArchiMate® 2.1. It gives a concise introduction to ArchiMate. What’s more, it’s authoritative with material derived from the official ArchiMate documentation.Topics covered include:- A high-level introduction to ArchiMate and its relationship to Enterprise Architecture;- The Business Layer, which includes the modeling concepts relevant in the business domain;- The Application Layer, which includes modeling concepts relevant for software applications;- The Technology Layer, which includes modeling concepts relevant for system software applications and infrastructure;- The relationships that the ArchiMate language includes to model the links between elements, and also the relationships to model the cross-layer dependencies;- The Motivation Extension;- The Implementation and Migration Extension;- The ArchiMate framework for defining and classifying ArchiMate viewpoints, including a summary of all the viewpoints in the ArchiMate 2.1 Standard;- The ArchiSurance Case Study, a fictitious example developed to illustrate use of the Modeling language in the context of the TOGAF Framework.Also available: ArchiMate® 3.0 Specification, ISBN 9789401800471
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    12 Traits Of The Best Doctor 
    The Physician Self Help Book How to:   Improve The Medicine You Offer, 
     Reduce Your Stress, 
     Better Your Life, 
     Improve Your Success, 
     Give Better Patient Care 
    You went into medicine to help people, to be kind, to give solace, and to alleviate suffering. You were going to use your amazing brain and great caring heart to help people at their lowest point in their existence. 
    But then medical school ground you down, residency happened, then employment occurred -- and you've now been molded and torqued into something and someone you hardly recognize. 
    You personally might need, or maybe your office manager says you need 12 Traits Of The Best Doctor because now you find yourself seeing forty plus patients a day, before noon each day life pile-drives you to your knees, you almost always miss lunch, you love stressed beyond your capabilities, caught up in the sheer nightmare of the complexities of the insurance model of making money, dealing with potentially devastating HIPAA issues, and wondering how your life got so twisted by the harsh economics of medicine. 
    Let me untwist you. 
    Who am I? 
    My name is Dan Purser, I'm an MD who wrote a well received textbook on preventive medicine a few years back, and from that has spread twelve #1 bestselling books on Amazon. Also, while waiting for my books to rise to #1, I started and continue to operate seven successful companies (we do nutritional and supplement product development and manufacturing), plus I've had the incredible opportunity to speak to fans all over the planet (and am lucky enough now to get paid more for an eight hour day of speaking than most docs earn in a month), plus many other crazy successes. It might help to check out my website to learn more about me -- 
    But save your mind, and your heart, and possibly your future, or maybe one of your children who are going into health care, or your spouse who’s a physician, or the doctor you work for when you purchase and (let them) read this paradigm shifting little book -- 12 Traits Of The Best Doctor. 
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    The Migraine Cure will guide you on how to go about the treatment of migraine so that you are not left alone when you experience severe headaches on a frequent basis. 
    There are many chemical agents that are useful in the treatment of migraine but some side effects are also associated with them. The side effects from these chemicals often deter migraineurs from pursuing long term treatment as prolonged use of these chemicals can be harmful. However, there are many non-chemical options available in the fight against migraines. 
    If your quest for getting relief from migraine still continues, then this guide may providing you the information you are looking for.  
    The important thing to understand is that Migraine can be triggered by various reasons so it is important to find out the exact reason if you want to get long term relief from migraine. 
    Migraineurs often make the mistake of undergoing any treatment plan without fully understanding the cause of the migraine headaches. The severity and frequency of headaches will also depend on the actual cause of migraine. 
    These headaches may last from anywhere between a few hours to 2-3 days. It has been found that over 10% of the population suffers from this ailment. The enlargement of blood vessels has been associated with the main cause of migraine. 
    This book is not just about telling you the basics of migraine but gets right down to what you need to do in order to break free from the frequent headaches that affect your daily life. In addition to tried and tested methods, you will understand which tried and tested methods are suitable for your condition. 
    It provides complete guidance on how to proceed without taking any health risks at any point of time.  
    Here Is A Preview Of What You'll Learn...  
    -> Best Home Remedies to prevent and cure migraines 
    -> Various Traditional Chinese Medicine and ancient Chinese techniques like acupuncture 
    -> Natural herbs to combat migraine without any side effects 
    -> Medical treatment options with minimum side effects 
    -> Lifestyle changes to boost your migraine treatmentand The 10 Minutes migraine cure 
    All these treatment options are detailed clearly in this eBook which highlights the safest treatment methods. Living your life under the cloud of migraine is not enjoyable in any bit. 
    Get your life back on track!!
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    The new best thing Amway. There has never been a Amway Guide like this. It contains 123 answers, much more than you can imagine; comprehensive answers and extensive details and references, with insights that have never before been offered in print. Get the information you need--fast! This all-embracing guide offers a thorough view of key knowledge and detailed insight. This Guide introduces what you want to know about Amway. A quick look inside of some of the subjects covered: Amway Global - Income of Quixtar IBOs, Paris tramway Line 3 - Timeline, Dubai Marina - Al Sufouh Tramway, Cochin State Forest Tramway - Tram routes, Blackpool tram - Blackpool tramway in popular culture, Amway Australia - Local operations, Aerial tramway - Double deckers, Amway - Dateline NBC, Amway - Los Angeles Sol, Amway - Welcome to Life (Poland), Amway Australia - History, Amway Global - San Jose Earthquakes, Paris tramway Line 3 - T3a, Alticor - Amway Hotel Corporation, Louise Samways, Amway Global - FTC investigations, Amway - Brands, Camp Nou - Tramway, Aerial tramway - History, Amway - Amway UK, In re Amway Corp. - Results, Amway Global - Products, Cable car - Aerial tramway, Amway - Health and beauty, Geneva Public Transport - Tramway Cornavin - Onex - Bernex (TCOB), Nizhni Novgorod - Aerial tramway, Aerial tramway - In mining, In re Amway Corp. - Later actions, Al Sufouh Tramway - Trams, Amway - Quixtar, Transport in Hong Kong - Tramways, London Passenger Transport Board - Tramways, In re Amway Corp. - Complaint, Aulnay-sous-Bois - SNCF Railway station, tramway, Amway - Political causes, Amway - International expansion, Aerial lift - Aerial tramway, Amway - Pyramid scheme accusations, Paris tramway Line 3 - T3b, Bogotá - Tramway, Horsecar - Plantation animal tramways, Aerial tramway - Terminology, and much more...
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  • Mr Mercedes: A Novel by Stephen King | Conversation Starters - cover

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    Mr. Mercedes: A Novel by Stephen King | Conversation Starters
    A Brief Look Inside:
    than the surface of its pages. The characters and their world come alive,
    and the characters and its world still live on.
    Conversation Starters is peppered with questions designed to
    bring us beneath the surface of the page
    and invite us into the world that lives on.
    These questions can be used to..
    Create Hours of Conversation:
    • Foster a deeper understanding of the book
    • Promote an atmosphere of discussion for groups
    • Assist in the study of the book, either individually or corporately
    • Explore unseen realms of the book as never seen beforeMr. Mercedes: A Novel by Stephen King | Conversation Starters
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