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Melt: A Sexy Summer Short Story - cover

Melt: A Sexy Summer Short Story

J. Lea Lopez

Publisher: J. Lea Lopez

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Short in length, but high in heat! 
Chicago native Naomi has made a home with her boyfriend Erik in lush, tropical Hawaii, but she misses certain things about winter now and then. To give her a taste of home, Erik hatches a plan to bring winter to the beach, but it doesn't last long because when their bodies meet, the temperature is always scorching.

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    Masked strangers can be a ball! 
    Three tales of holiday masquerade balls where women get rocked rough by strangers. Features Harvest Ball, Yule Ball, and New Year’s Ball. 
    A trio of erotic shorts featuring risk of discovery, DP with surprise anal, and rough, unprotected sex with strangers.
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  • Red Queen - cover

    Red Queen

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    No man rules the Red Queen.
    In her Court, a black market organization that specializes in magical artifacts and antiquities, Eden Farrow rules with an iron fist and a steel-boned red corset.
    Some of her employees want her to transition into more traditional criminal commerce, but Eden—also known as the Red Queen for her ruthlessness and the Queen of Hearts for her uncanny ability to steal the hearts of men after one night in bed with her—refuses to budge. She prefers a cleaner, nobler kind of illegal activity.
    She’s also a vampire with a taste for the gothic and theatrical, and she’s used to getting her way.
    All that changes when another vampire and his werewolf companion invade her territory. She brings Antony and Luca in, preparing to torture them mercilessly before forcing them to submit to her bite.
    But they aren’t like other men.
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  • Knocking Up My Mother & Her Sister Part 2 - MILF Gangbang Aunt Nephew Erotica Mother Son RAPE Multiple Partner Ménage à trois Breeding Erotica Incest Erotica Taboo Erotica Impregnation Forced Sex Stories XXX Fucking - cover

    Knocking Up My Mother & Her...

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    Two problems: My Aunt was fertile and mom was on her way over!
    In Part 2, these turn out to be blessings in disguise! Not only did mom show up at my door, but my girlfriend, too.
    Making my aunt answer the door completely naked and dripping with my cum was one of the ballsiest moves I’ve ever made.
    But knocking the three of them up was my ultimate goal. One I pursued with great pleasure!
    I pulled Aunt Willow away from the door and yanked mom inside. 18-year-old Calinda gritted her teeth, but still came inside anyways. Being daddy’s best girl meant a lot to her, so naturally she marched her tight little pussy into the house.
    “Good,” I said, closing the door behind her. “All of you sluts can go right upstairs. Aunt Willow, show them your room. We’re all gonna have some fun in a minute.”
    My cock was dripping and full of life again. I looked at Mom’s wide, child-bearing hips as they swayed up the steps. Three good looking asses went up those stairs and all of them were going to have my seed smeared all over them.
    I had ideas… bad dirty ideas. What had come over me? Suddenly I had all this… confidence to fuck a whole stadium of women. Maybe Aunt Willow’s pussy was magical or something.
    The three women gathered up into Aunt Willow’s room. Like good little sheep.
    “Aunt Willow, did he force you?” Mom asked. Typical. Just like mothers to believe the worst in their sons.
    I stood at the door and smiled.
    “Go ahead, tell her the truth, Aunt Willow.”
    Aunt Willow blushed and shook her head.
    “No, he was hard… and he… the way he grabbed me… I liked it.”
    “So you fucked your own Nephew?” Calinda gasped. “That’s gross!”
    “Yes,” Willow said without hesitation.
    “Mom, if you don’t want dad to know about what you’ve been doing, then you might wanna get naked too. Calinda, mom, strip and get on your knees.” I said, my heart racing in my chest.
    I felt the cum boiling in my balls again, getting prepared to be released all over their faces and pussies.
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  • One Catgirl Slightly Used - cover

    One Catgirl Slightly Used


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    “The inexplicable thong-clad catgirl leaped gracefully onto my bed as I turned on the lamp, landing in a pose that made me feel distinctly predatory. The soft yellow light put a lambent flare on the toned but sumptuous curve of her left buttock, while all inside the tightly-defined kite-shape her thighs tapered up to was the glistening evidence of her arousal.” 
    What would you do if a girl with the ears, tail, eyes and feet of a cat, but the body of a smokin’ hot, super-busty babe showed up on your doorstep and demanded you to milk her, using only variations on the word “miaow”? 
    Just like in school, there’s no right or wrong answers to a question like that; all I can do is tell you mine… 
    What to expect: this is an erotic fantasy story about (oddly enough) a sexy catgirl. It includes elements of lactation, lifestyle submission and anal sex. Enjoy!
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    Tonya“I don’t know what Hayden Powers wants from me? I can’t give him what he wants, but I have what he needs. Until I get the truth from him we can’t go forward. Until I tell him the truth, we can never be together. We are both hiding the truth among a bunch of lies.” When Tonya learns the truth about Hayden Powers, she holds the power in her hands to get everything she wants except him. Will she stop acting stubborn long enough to recognize the power in herself, or will she let another woman wrestle her power from her, and capture Hayden’s heart?
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  • The Virgin's Summer - Part Four - Buying the Virgin - cover

    The Virgin's Summer - Part Four...

    Simone Leigh

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    Charlotte has confessed to killing a man. 
    What will happen to her now? And how will her Master and her Lover react? 
    A continuing tale of BDSM, and Ménage between a young woman and her two Masters 
    Explicit Adult Content: for Mature Readers Only
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