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Steadfast Democrats - How Social Forces Shape Black Political Behavior - cover

Steadfast Democrats - How Social Forces Shape Black Political Behavior

Ismail K. White, Chryl N. Laird

Publisher: Princeton University Press

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A groundbreaking look at how group expectations unify black Americans in their support of the Democratic partyBlack Americans are by far the most unified racial group in American electoral politics, with 80 to 90 percent identifying as Democrats—a surprising figure given that nearly a third now also identify as ideologically conservative, up from less than 10 percent in the 1970s. Why has ideological change failed to push more black Americans into the Republican Party? Steadfast Democrats answers this question with a pathbreaking new theory that foregrounds the specificity of the black American experience and illuminates social pressure as the key element of black Americans’ unwavering support for the Democratic Party.Ismail White and Chryl Laird argue that the roots of black political unity were established through the adversities of slavery and segregation, when black Americans forged uniquely strong social bonds for survival and resistance. White and Laird explain how these tight communities have continued to produce and enforce political norms—including Democratic Party identification in the post–Civil Rights era. The social experience of race for black Americans is thus fundamental to their political choices. Black voters are uniquely influenced by the social expectations of other black Americans to prioritize the group’s ongoing struggle for freedom and equality. When navigating the choice of supporting a political party, this social expectation translates into affiliation with the Democratic Party. Through fresh analysis of survey data and original experiments, White and Laird explore where and how black political norms are enforced, what this means for the future of black politics, and how this framework can be used to understand the electoral behavior of other communities.An innovative explanation for why black Americans continue in political lockstep, Steadfast Democrats sheds light on the motivations consolidating an influential portion of the American electoral population.

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  • Imagined Enemies - China Prepares for Uncertain War - cover

    Imagined Enemies - China...

    John Wilson Lewis, Litai Xue

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    The fourth and final volume in a pioneering series on the Chinese military, Imagined Enemies  offers an unprecedented look at its history, operational structure, modernization, and strategy. Beginnning with an examination of culturee adn thought in Part I, the authors explore the transition away transition away from Mao Zedong's revolutionary doctrine, the conflict with Moscow, and Beijing's preoccupation with Taiwanese separatism and preparations for war to thwart it.  Part II focuses on operational and policy decisions in the National Command Authority and, subsequently, in the People's Liberation Army. Part III provides a detailed study of the Second Artillery, China's strategic rocket forces. The book concludes with the transformation of military strategy and shows how it is being tested in military exercises, with Taiwan and the United States as  "imagined enemies."
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  • Christianity and the Social Crisis - cover

    Christianity and the Social Crisis

    Walter Rauschenbusch

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    Western civilization is passing through a social revolution unparalleled in
    history for scope and power. Its coming was inevitable. The religious,
    political, and intellectual revolutions of the past five centuries, which
    together created the modern world, necessarily had to culminate in an economic
    and social revolution such as is now upon us.
    By universal
    consent, this social crisis is the overshadowing problem of our generation. The
    industrial and commercial life of the advanced nations are in the throes of it.
    In politics all issues and methods are undergoing upheaval and re-alignment as
    the social movement advances. In the world of thought all the young and serious
    minds are absorbed in the solution of the social problems. Even literature and
    art point like compass-needles to this magnetic pole of all our thought.
    The social
    revolution has been slow in reaching our country. We have been exempt, not
    because we had solved the problems, but because we had not yet confronted them.
    We have now arrived, and all the characteristic conditions of American life
    will henceforth combine to make the social struggle here more intense than
    anywhere else. The vastness and the free sweep of our concentrated wealth on
    the one side, the independence, intelligence, moral vigor, and political power
    of the common people on the other side, promise a long-drawn grapple of
    contesting forces which may well make the heart of every American patriot sink
    within him.
    It is realized by
    friend and foe that religion can play, and must play, a momentous part in this
    irrepressible conflict.
    The Church, the
    organized expression of the religious life of the past, is one of the most
    potent institutions and forces in Western civilization. Its favor and moral
    influence are wooed by all parties. It cannot help throwing its immense weight
    on one side or the other. If it tries not to act, it thereby acts; and in any
    case its choice will be decisive for its own future.
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  • On Western Terrorism - From Hiroshima to Drone Warfare - cover

    On Western Terrorism - From...

    Noam Chomsky, Andre Vltchek

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    Noam Chomsky discusses Western power and propaganda with filmmaker and investigative journalist Andre Vltchek. 
    This book is the perfect introduction to Chomsky's political thinking, and makes a refreshing read for anyone who is uneasy about the West's wider role in the world. 
    Beginning with the New York newsstand where Chomsky started his political education as a teenager, the discussion broadens out to encompass colonialism and imperial control, propaganda and the media, the 'Arab Spring' and drone warfare. The authors offer a powerful critique of the legacy of colonialism, touching upon many countries including Syria, Nicaragua, Cuba, China, Chile and Turkey. 
    Contains a new foreword by Noam Chomsky.
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  • A Secret Well Kept - The Untold Story of Sir Vernon Kell Founder of MI5 - cover

    A Secret Well Kept - The Untold...

    Constance Kell

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    The United Kingdom's domestic counter-intelligence and security agency, most commonly known as MI5, was founded in 1909 by Sir Vernon Kell KBE. Kell ('K' within the agency) not only founded MI5 but was also its Director for 31 years, the longest tenure of any head of a British government department during the twentieth century. Kell was also fluent in six foreign languages, making him arguably the most gifted linguist ever to head a Western intelligence agency. 
    A Secret Well Kept was written by Kell's wife, Constance, in the 1950s, and the manuscript has been a treasured family possession ever since. Constance's story is endlessly fascinating: she tells of their life in China during the Boxer Rebellion, the formation of MI5 in 1909, the key characters, events and spy cases of Kell's career, and his important work achieved for the country during two world wars. 
    A modern-day preface from Kell's great-granddaughter, introduction by Stewart Binns and notes from Dr Chris Northcott add historical context to this delightful and unparalleled insight into the personal life of an extremely powerful and important man.
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  • Struggle and Suffrage in Chelmsford - Women's Lives and the Fight for Equality - cover

    Struggle and Suffrage in...

    Stephen Wynn

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    Struggle and Suffrage in Chelmsford is a comprehensive account of what life was like for women in Chelmsford from 1850-1950. It takes the reader on an in-depth and interesting journey, starting from when a woman, as far as both the law of the land and certain elements of society had decided, was worthless with little or no rights. For many it was no more than an existence, one which society had determined was their lot in life. With the birth of women’s suffrage movements gaining recognition on a national level during the latter years of the nineteenth century, the story looks at how this affected the lives of women throughout Chelmsford. The story continues in to the twentieth century, where it looks at the years of the First World War, which was without question a major turning point in women’s suffrage. The book looks at what women achieved throughout the years of the war, in the jobs that they undertook and the voluntary work they carried out. It was a time that provided women with a freedom and a power, the likes of which they had never known before. Attitudes towards divorce and how they changed over time are also discussed - from being a religious stigma around the time of the First World War, to being a life choice in the much more promiscuous times of the Second World War, by which time latex male contraceptives had been available for about 20 years. An informative and fascinating read, Struggle and Suffrage in Chelmsford provides a compelling and moving account of the lives of the town’s women throughout these turbulent years.
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  • European Monarchies from 1814 to 1906 - A Century of Restorations - cover

    European Monarchies from 1814 to...

    Volker Sellin

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    Der Sturz Napoleons jährt sich 2014 zum zweihundertsten Mal; und ebenso die Restauration der französischen Monarchie unter den Bourbonen. Was bedeutet aber überhaupt "Restauration"? Volker Sellin löst den Begriff aus der Fixierung auf das Epochenjahr 1814 und interpretiert Restauration übergreifend als eine Politik der Konsolidierung der von der Revolution bedrohten Monarchien durch den Erlass von Verfassungen. Europäisch vergleichend von Spanien bis Russland entwirft er auf dieser Grundlage eine überraschende Geschichte des 19. Jahrhunderts.
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