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The Rise of Russia - The Turning Point for Russian Foreign Policy - Russia's Military Interventions in Ukraine and Syria Interference With the US Presidential Elections Engagement With Latin America & Interests in Sub-Saharan Africa - cover

The Rise of Russia - The Turning Point for Russian Foreign Policy - Russia's Military Interventions in Ukraine and Syria Interference With the US Presidential Elections Engagement With Latin America & Interests in Sub-Saharan Africa

Investigation Federal Bureau of, Security Department of Homeland, Institute Strategic Studies, Keir Giles, R. Evan Ellis

Publisher: Madison & Adams Press

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This book gives a detailed and precise analysis of the rise of Russian foreign policy in this decade. Russia's military interventions in Ukraine from 2014, and Syria from 2015, caused widespread surprise among Western policy communities including the United States. However, these interventions represented the culmination of two well-established trends that had been clearly identified by Russia-watchers over preceding years. These were first, a mounting perception of direct threat against Russia from the West, and second, Russia's own greatly increased capability for military or other action to respond to this perceived threat. In addition to the examination of Russia's use of military force in Ukraine and Syria, this book gives a complete insight into Russian diplomacy by analyzing the interference into the U.S. presidential elections, engagement with Latin America and interests in Sub-Saharan Africa. 
The Rise of Russia's Strength
Threat Perception 
Before Libya 
The Arab Spring 
Information Warfare 
Exclusion of Russia 
The Near Abroad 
Russia Is Back 
Outlook and Implications 
Summary of Policy Recommendations 
The Muscovite Mindset 
Russian Interference Into the U.S. Presidential Elections
Technical Details  
Injection Flaws  
Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) Vulnerabilities  
Server Vulnerabilities  
Recommended Mitigations  
Detailed Mitigation Strategies 
Russian Engagement With Latin America Country-by-Country 
Impacts on the Region and on the United States 
Recommendations for U.S. Leadership 
Russian Interests in Sub-Saharan Africa 
Russia's Presence Today — Political Priorities 
Economic Aims 
Resource Interests — Minerals 
Resource Interests - Energy 
Arms Trade 
Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa 
Implications for U.S. Policy 
Available since: 08/26/2017.

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