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Steamy Days Sensual Nights - Caprice - A Glamorous Erotic Series - cover

Steamy Days Sensual Nights - Caprice - A Glamorous Erotic Series

Inka Loreen Minden

Translator Anna Matussek

Publisher: Bastei Entertainment

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Voluptuous, copper-locked journalist Caprice LaCroix is on her latest mission to uncover the rapper Mac Teek's scandalous affair in glamorous Saint Tropez, France. With her boy toy photographer and sometimes-sex-partner John in tow, she decides to get back at her biggest journalistic competitor, Philipp Bergmann. Of course, Caprice's revenge includes a yacht, which happens to include a sexy brothel, bondage, and just a little bit of blackmail. Getting back at at Bergmann never hurt so good. But will Caprice be ready to ride the waves of passion that arise when she opens the Pandora's box of her love/hate relationship with her raven-haired rival? 

-- Caprice is an erotic series that follows best friends Maren and Caprice - two journalists at Germany's biggest tabloid magazine FLASH. Reporting on events around the world, they jet-set to meet celebrities, aristocracy, and members of high society. Maren and Caprice research their stories with hard-hitting dedication and even physically involved ... 

-- Each episode is unique: sometimes gentle and other times a little rough. Different writers ensure each story's individual flair. Since each author maintains her own writing style, Caprice is a completely new erotic experience from one glamorous event to the next.

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    People often wondered what nation the great financier, Francis Markrute, originally sprang from. He was now a naturalized Englishman and he looked English enough. He was slight and fair, and had an immaculately groomed appearance generally-which even the best of valets cannot always produce. He wore his clothes with that quiet, unconscious air which is particularly English. He had no perceptible accent-only a deliberate way of speaking.
    Elinor Glyn began her writing in 1900, starting with a book based on letters to her mother, 'The Visits of Elizabeth'. And thereafter she more or less wrote one book each year to keep the wolf from the door, as her husband was debt-ridden from 1908, and also to keep up her standard of living. After several years of illness her husband died in 1915.
    Early in her writing career she was recognised as one of the pioneers of what could be called erotic fiction, although not by modern-day standards, and she coined the use of the world 'It' to mean at the time sex-appeal and she helped to make Clara Bow a star by the use of the sobriquet for her of 'The It Girl'. 
    On the strength of her reputation and success she moved to Hollywood in 1920 and in 1921 was featured as one of the famous personalities in a Ralph Barton cartoon drawn especially for 'Vanity Fair' magazine. 
    A number of her books were made into films, most notably 'Beyond the Rocks' (1906), which starred Rudolph Valentino and Gloria Swanson, and she was a scriptwriter for the silent movie industry, working for both MGM and Paramount Pictures in the mid-1920s. In addition she also had a brief career as one of the earliest female directors.
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    TWISTS AND CURVES by Sandra SinclairYolanda Gray  is no stranger to challenges, having climbed her way up from being a  newspaper reporter to being a talk show host, but she’s about to meet  her toughest one yet – billionaire Roy Carmichael. Roy wants Yolanda in  his bed and he will do anything to have her, testing the limits of her  patience. Luckily, Yolanda has charming country singer Shane McFiggins  by her side and together, they just might win against Roy, as well as  each others' hearts.
    - This bundle also includes the erotic romance short story:DRAFTED FOR PASSION by Sandra SinclairAs  a literary agent, Christine’s first assignment is to convince writer  Liam Russell to turn in two new books, and as soon as she sees him, with  his disheveled appearance and his lifeless eyes, she realizes just how  hard it is going to be. Christine is no quitter, however, and soon, she  gets Liam to write again. What’s more, she unknowingly gets Liam to open  his heart again.
    WARNING: This bundle adds up to  27,388 steamy words that feature explicit scenes of passionate  lovemaking and may be too much for some readers to handle!
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