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When Your Heart Finds Its Home - The Journey Continues - cover

When Your Heart Finds Its Home - The Journey Continues

Ilene Modica, Gary Modica

Publisher: Publishdrive

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The pandemic hindered but didn’t deter this couple from fulfilling their dream. This book is the encapsulation of that dream and a guide for those searching for something more. Whatever you may feel is missing in your life, a bit of soul searching—and travel—may help you find it.
This was their experience, and they knew it the moment they left Italy after their first trip to the “Old Country.”  They made a commitment then to return, not as visitors, but as Italian citizens.
This travel memoir can stand alone, but is the continuation of Our Italian Journey, which concluded with Gary and Ilene’s return to Arizona after a year of traveling through Italy searching for their “perfect Italian town.” Did they find it?
Home is wherever we feel settled and at peace, and if we’re lucky, home can bring forth a new life, full of possibilities. These possibilities came to fruition for Gary and Ilene in their perfect Italian town. A home is a feeling – not a place. They invite you to join them on the final chapter of this quest.
Available since: 10/25/2022.
Print length: 272 pages.

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    She’d asked me to rub her feet. I did until she’d fallen asleep. Then I worked my way slowly up her dress, ever careful that she didn’t awaken.
    There was no one around but us and the janitor.
    Did I dare? How far could I go?
    Damn it! We'd missed our flight home. Mom and I had been vacationing in Mexico and we'd just missed our flight. We were informed by the airport staff that we'd need to wait until morning for the next one.
    But we'd already checked out of our hotel room and there was no where to go.
    "Guess we're going to have to stay here," mom said, shaking her head.
    Mom was a very pretty lady. She'd had me when she was quite young and so she was still in the prime of her life. Every morning without fail she practiced her yoga routine. She also jogged and did a bit of weight lifting. All that amounted to a very hot, 45-year-old MILF of a mother.
    For as long as I could remember, I'd been attracted to her. She was always wearing some kind of sun dress. She loved those. Right now she was wearing a very pretty red one with some kind of floral pattern.
    I wasn't surprised when she yawned and said she was going to get some shut-eye. But I was surprised when she kicked off her shoes and laid down next to me, propping her feet up on my lap.
    "Feel free to rub them," she giggled, wiggling her bare feet. Of course, she really didn't expect me to.
    But God damn if her heel didn't dig right into my crotch.
    "Sure," I said and began lightly running my hands all over her feet. She didn't know it, but I had a foot fetish. And her feet were absolutely gorgeous.
    She laughed. "You don't have to, Dirk. But you're a good boy."
    I watched her close her eyes as I continued rubbing my mom's sexy feet. My cock grew harder and harder and I had to reposition her feet. After several minutes of this, I was sweating and my cock was about to explode.
    That's when I noticed that she was already breathing shallowly. Mom was already asleep!
    My mind whirled as I thought of all the naughty possibilities. I glanced around the room and saw that other than a janitor in the corner, we were all alone.
    Did I dare?
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