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River Cottage Easy - cover

River Cottage Easy

Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall

Publisher: Bloomsbury UK

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First published as Hugh's Three Good Things in 2012. 
How often have you wished there was a magic formula to make cooking easier? Well, there is. Put just three good things together on a plate and, somehow, the whole is always greater and more delicious than the sum of its parts. Looking back over nearly two decades of professional cookery, Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall has worked out the winning combinations. Salty, sweet, crunchy. Sharp, rich, crumbly. Hot, bland, crisp. Think scones with jam and cream, fish and chips with mushy peas, or porridge with golden syrup and cream.  
Hugh has used this simple formula to create more than 175 inspiring recipes, both well-loved classics and brand new ideas, based on trios like squash, ricotta and ham; aubergine, tomatoes and chickpeas; clams, tomatoes and garlic; chicken, tomatoes and tarragon; pork, potatoes and apples; pasta, courgettes and mozzarella; strawberries, cream and shortbread; and chocolate, ginger and digestives ... The list goes on. 
With sumptuous photography from Simon Wheeler, this book will unlock a whole new world of fantastic food. Easy cooking with three delicious ingredients. It really is that simple.

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    This book is a compilation of stories about making ends meet; about people being grateful for all they had, even when they had almost nothing; about the sharing of family jokes and laughter; and about family trials and triumphs. This book is about people savoring the life they have been given.
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    Poultry such as;
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    Turkey meatballs
    Chicken wings
    Instant Pot desserts such as;
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    Pumpkin pie pudding
    Chocolate cake
    Seafood recipes such as;
    Tasty tuna and noodles
    Shrimp delight
    Shrimp risotto
    All of these to ensure a balanced diet. All these in one book.
    These recipes are enjoyed by my family and friends and I would love you to be part of this great experience too.
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