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Creativity and Copyright - Legal Essentials for Screenwriters and Creative Artists - cover

Creativity and Copyright - Legal Essentials for Screenwriters and Creative Artists

Howard Suber, John L. Geiger

Publisher: University of California Press

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Inspired by Strunk & White's The Elements of Style, this elegant, short reference is the perfect guide for screenwriters and creative artists looking to succeed as industry professionals. Readers will quickly understand the laws that govern creativity, idea-making, and selling, and learn how to protect themselves and their works from the legal quagmires they may encounter. Written by an unrivaled pair of experts, John L. Geiger and Howard Suber, who use real-life case studies to cover topics such as clearance, contracts, collaboration, and infringement, Creativity and Copyright is poised to become an indispensable resource for beginners and experts alike.   

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  • The Story of Hebrew - cover

    The Story of Hebrew

    Lewis Glinert

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    A unique history of the Hebrew language from biblical times to the modern Jewish state 
    This book explores the extraordinary hold that Hebrew has had on Jews and Christians, who have invested it with a symbolic power far beyond that of any other language in history. Preserved by the Jews across two millennia, Hebrew endured long after it ceased to be a mother tongue, resulting in one of the most intense textual cultures ever known. It was a bridge to Greek and Arab science. It unlocked the biblical sources for Jerome and the Reformation. Kabbalists and humanists sought philosophical truth in it, and Colonial Americans used it to shape their own Israelite political identity. Today, it is the first language of millions of Israelis. 
    The Story of Hebrew takes readers from the opening verses of Genesis—which seemingly describe the creation of Hebrew itself—to the reincarnation of Hebrew as the everyday language of the Jewish state. Lewis Glinert explains the uses and meanings of Hebrew in ancient Israel and its role as a medium for wisdom and prayer. He describes the early rabbis' preservation of Hebrew following the Babylonian exile, the challenges posed by Arabic, and the prolific use of Hebrew in Diaspora art, spirituality, and science. Glinert looks at the conflicted relationship Christians had with Hebrew from the Renaissance to the Counter-Reformation, the language's fatal rivalry with Yiddish, the dreamers and schemers that made modern Hebrew a reality, and how a lost pre-Holocaust textual ethos is being renewed today by Orthodox Jews. 
    A major work of scholarship, The Story of Hebrew is an unforgettable account of what one language has meant to those possessing it.
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  • Just One Page - A New and Easy Approach to English - cover

    Just One Page - A New and Easy...

    Lydia Lake, Jim Lake

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    JUST ONE PAGE !!! !!! !!!
    The key idea of this handbook is to introduce an innovative, practical and visual presentation of the English Language Tense system on one page only. This unique and distinctive grammar presentation on a vector line demonstrates all the major tense systems on the basis of a step-by-step approach, depending on the study level. Starting from the Elementary level, continued by the Pre-Intermediate level and finally, the Intermediate level – JUST ONE PAGE is divided into three levels and for each specific section, practical tips, instructions and guidelines are provided. No necessity to sit and read for several hours hundreds of pages of academic grammar theory. 
    The JUST ONE PAGE grammar system presents the most significant features of each tense, thus, 22 tenses in English Language grammar are depicted on a single page. It enables a learner to obtain the key knowledge quickly, based on understanding a tense practical application using “signal words” (which are called “time adverbs” in grammar books), rather than pure academic theory memorising and, finally, learn correct application of the Tense system in language practice. This systematic approach has proved to be effective and attractive for over 25 years and has helped numerous students to learn English grammar quickly, effectively and easily.
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  • Interactive Fiction - cover

    Interactive Fiction

    M.L. Ronn

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    Have you ever read a Choose Your Own Adventure and wondered how the author did it? 
    In this short book, author M.L. Ronn demystifies the writing process behind interactive novels. 
    You’ll learn: 
    * How to design, write, and edit an interactive novel 
    * How to create deep characters readers will love 
    * How to create decisions that matter 
    * How to keep readers engaged so they won’t stop reading 
    He pulls back the curtain on his own fiction, showing you never-before-revealed techniques that he used to create his groundbreaking interactive novels.  
    If you’ve ever wanted to write a Choose Your Own Adventure-styled book of your own, this is the how-to book you’ve been waiting for. By the time you’re done, you’ll understand how to write engaging interactive fiction.
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  • 500 Writing Prompts - cover

    500 Writing Prompts

    Sara Evans

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    Writer’s block: every author knows the feeling. When inspiration dries up, even the simplest of ideas feels distant, and coming up with anything new seems downright impossible, sometimes your brain just needs a little kick to get going again. That’s where 500 Writing Prompts comes in. 
    This expansive list of topics will get your writing juices flowing in a thought-provoking, entertaining, and fun way. When your brain is caught in a jam, these prompts will allow you to finally pick up that pen and write—the first step to overcoming writer’s block and finding success! 
    Some prompts included: 
    -  Write a story from the perspective of a hamster trying to figure out the world beyond his cage. 
    -  Modernize a popular fairy tale. 
    -  Which animal would you say is your “spirit animal”? Why? 
    -  Write a short story about a time-traveling person who makes a tiny change in their childhood that completely changed their present. 
    -  What book best defines your personal struggles? Explain the parallels. 
    -  What major childhood event do you think strengthened your character most? Why? 
    -  After you meet a goal you have set for yourself, what do you do next? 
    -  If you hear your smoke alarm going off and you see smoke and you only have time to grab one thing, what do you grab? Why? 
    -  Do you think learning can be a hobby? Why or why not? 
    -  Tutorials are popular on YouTube. What is something you could do a tutorial video for? What would you call the video and what makes you an expert? 
    -  How might you consider people watching a hobby? How do you think people watching can benefit you? 
    -  Write a script for a commercial selling shampoo that erases the last 12 hours of your memory. 
    -  Describe what it was like learning how to ride a bike. 
    -  Write a story about a comedic magician who discovers real magic. 
    -  What would you do with a drone? 
    *Book includes one to two prompts per page.
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  • The Story Equation: How to Plot and Write a Brilliant Story from One Powerful Question - Brilliant Writer Series - cover

    The Story Equation: How to Plot...

    Susan May Warren

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    Discover The Story Equation! 
    One question can unlock your entire story! Are you struggling to build a riveting plot? Layered characters? Fortify that saggy middle? Create that powerful ending? 
    Build your entire book by asking one powerful question, and then plugging it into an “equation” that makes your plot and characters come to life. You’ll learn how to build the external and internal journey of your characters, create a theme, build story and scene tension, create the character change journey and even pitch and market your story.  
    Learn:The amazing trick to creating unforgettable, compelling characters that epic movies use!How to create riveting tension to keep the story driving from chapter to chapterThe easy solution to plotting the middle of your novelThe one element every story needs to keep a reader up all nightHow to craft an ending that makes your reader say to their friends, “Oh, you have to read this book!” 
    Using the powerful technique that has created over fifty RITA, Christy and Carol award-winning, best-selling novels, Susan May Warren will show novelists how to utilize The Story Equation to create the best story they’ve ever written. 
    “The Story Equation is pure genius.” — Randy Ingermanson, author of Writing Fiction for Dummies 
    "In simple yet powerful terms, Susan May Warren lays down the essential crafting elements that make for a gripping tale. This is the stuff we all need to first learn and then constantly keep in mind as we dive into the process of laying the story we see in our minds down on the page. A great benefit to all writers of fiction." Ted Dekker, New York Times best-selling author 
    "There have been only two must-have craft books on my shelf for years. Now there is a third. If you write fiction, Susan May Warren's The Story Equation is a book you need to buy. And devour. I could talk in detail about the book's insight, its power to transform your writing, its brilliance, but suffice it to say I predict this will become a classic in the library of how to write bestselling stories." James L. Rubart, Bestselling author of The Long Journey to Jake Palmer. 
    “Susan May Warren loves to help novelists outrageously succeed. She does this in a practical way through her insightful book, The Story Equation. I felt like I’d been taken by the hand and mentored by a masterful storyteller!” Mary DeMuth, author of six novels including, The Muir House (Zondervan). 
    "Susan May Warren is a terrific teacher and enabler of fiction writers. I wholeheartedly agree with the approach of starting from the character journey and wrapping the plot around it. I think the SEQ can really help lots of authors." Jeff Gerke, national writing instructor and Writer's Digest author of The Irresistible Novel 
    "Every novelist who wants to up their game should own a copy of The Story Equation. Susan May Warren has distilled down years of teaching to an understandable, transferable technique — the SEQ — that helps them develop stories that will captivate their readers. I’ve seen Susie teach this method and watched the “before” and “after” affect in writers’ lives — including my own." Beth K. Vogt, 2016 Christy Award-winning author of Crazy Little Thing Called Love
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  • Early Life Leadership 101 Conversation Starters and Writing Prompts - cover

    Early Life Leadership 101...

    Christina DeMara

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    Early Life Leadership: 101 Conversation Starters and Writing Prompts is designed to help adults plant leadership seeds in the children they love or work with. We all can look back at our lives and still remember the people who loved us and taught us valuable life lessons. This resource offers 101 thought-provoking, open-ended questions you can use to start life-changing conversations or as inspiring writing prompts. 
    Early Life Leadership Family of Books and Resources: 
    Early Life Leadership Kids Journal 
    Early Life Leadership, 101 Strategies to Grow Great Leaders 
    Early Life Leadership: 101 Conversation Starters and Writing Prompts 
    Early Life Leadership Workbook: 101 Strategies to Grow Great Leaders 
    Early Life Leadership Workbook for Girls: 101 Strategies to Grow Great Leaders 
    Early Life Leadership in the Classroom: Resources, Strategies & Tidbits to Grow Great Leaders
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