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Solo - A Memoir of Hope - cover

Solo - A Memoir of Hope

Hope Solo

Publisher: Harper

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"My family doesn't do happy endings. We do sad endings or frustrating endings or no endings at all. We are hardwired to expect the next interruption or disappearance or broken promise." 
Hope Solo is the face of the modern female athlete. She is fearless, outspoken, and the best in the world at what she does: protecting the goal of the U.S. women's soccer team. Her outsized talent has led her to the pinnacle of her sport—the Olympics and the World Cup—and made her into an international celebrity who is just as likely to appear on ABC's Dancing with the Stars as she is on the covers of Sports Illustrated, ESPN The Magazine, and Vogue. But her journey—which began in Richland, Washington, where she was raised by her strong-willed mother on the scorched earth of defunct nuclear testing sites—is similarly haunted by the fallout of her family history. Her father, a philanderer and con man, was convicted of embezzlement when Solo was an infant. She lost touch with him as he drifted out of prison and into homelessness. By the time they reunited, years later, in the parking lot of a grocery store, she was an All-American goalkeeper at the University of Washington and already a budding prospect for the U.S. national team. He was living in the woods. 
Despite harboring serious doubts even about the provenance of her father's last name (and her own), Solo embraces him as fiercely as she pursues her dreams of being a world-class soccer player. When those dreams are threatened by her standing within the national team, as when she was famously benched in the semifinals of the 2007 World Cup after four shutouts and spoke her piece publicly, we see a woman of uncompromising independence and hard-won perseverance navigate the petty backlash against her. For the first time, she tells her version of that controversial episode, and offers with it a full understanding of her hard-scrabble life. 
Moving, sometimes shocking, Solo is a portrait of an athlete finding redemption. This is the Hope Solo whom few have ever glimpsed. 
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    Shocking Statistics: An Average American Reads 1 Book a Year and 50% of those are Romance Novels…
    Look! I do not know who you are but I am sure you are on this page right now because you are someone who wants more. You are someone who do not settle for average. You see, I totally understand the desire to want to learn and yet dread reading a long and thick book at the same time! That is why we created this book…
    More about this book:
    “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then is not an act but a habit” – Aristotle
    What is the #1 delineating factor between the poor and rich, the successful and unsuccessful, the happy and unhappy people? Self-discipline.
    Think about it.
    When you’re not disciplined about your work/job, you’ll stack up work and eventually you’ll be stressed out and burnt out.
    When you’re not disciplined about your finance, you’ll stack up unnecessary expenses and debt and eventually be financially stressed and burnt out.
    You get the idea.
    However, what’s the deal with a “365 Days Self Discipline Quotes” book?
    Do you agree that mindset is 80% and the strategies and mechanics are only 20% when it comes to achieving success? You know what I mean. People are always chasing the 20%, the fanciful stuffs, and thinking that ONE big idea is going to get them disciplined.
    It is however, all the daily reminders, influence and environment that gets people disciplined and committed every single day.
    I do not know what you are trying to achieve.
    Maybe it is your desired body, having that six packs you’ve always wanted.
    Maybe it is a breakthrough in your business, adding one more zero behind the annual income this year.
    It doesn’t matter.
    What I know about you, though, is that you are someone who wants more. And that is pretty damn awesome. You want more money, more health, more happiness, more sex, more pleasure, more knowledge and more freedom… and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.
    Life is about growing and expanding ourselves. We are either growing a little each day or dying a little each day. I give you my deepest respect for wanting to choose the uphill path, the path of growth and self-discipline.
    Act Now by Clicking the “Buy Now With 1-Click” Button at the Top of This Page Right Now!
    P.S. Here’s another shocking statistic: “50% of American adults can’t read a book written at an eighth grade level.”
    P.P.S. I absolutely know that these statistics aren’t you. Act Now by Clicking the “Buy Now With 1-Click” Button at the Top of This Page Right Now!
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  • Jonestown Lullaby - Poems and Pictures - cover

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    At age nineteen, author Teri OShea joined Peoples Temple in California led by Jim Jones. A member for seven years, she escaped Peoples Temple three weeks before the massacre in Jonestown, Guyana. The raw and powerful poems in Jonestown Lullaby explore her experience in Jonestown and the aftermath of her survival. A personal confidant to Jim Jones for seven years, OShea writes about the harrowing nightmare of Jonestown with an intensity and passion seldom captured in poetic form.
    Teri was the last person to escape Peoples Temple before the massacre in Jonestown; now, she turns to writing to help find her way back to a more peaceful life. Jonestown Lullaby records her voyage, with vivid, stark images of the bewildering world that was Jonestown and the pathological madness of Jim Jones. Teri includes photographs of some of the Peoples Temple members who lived and lost their lives there; revealing an aspect of Jonestown rarely seen. This is her tribute to those who died so tragically.
    I Write
    I write from the poor side of silence
    Of an unholy priesthood that
    Captured my soul for a time
    These poems
    Neither confession nor biography
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