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Homer's Epics - The Odyssey and The Iliad - cover

Homer's Epics - The Odyssey and The Iliad

Homer Homer

Translator Samuel Butler

Publisher: Open Road Media

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These two timeless epics by the ancient Greek poet—each translated by a world-renowned author—have captured the Western imagination for millennia.  The Iliad: Alexander Pope “works miracles” in this beautiful verse translation of Homer’s epic poem set near the end of the Trojan War. It centers on a quarrel between the invading Greek king Agamemnon and his greatest asset in battle, the warrior Achilles. From this conflict, Homer weaves a tale of warring nations, vengeful gods, and the terrible consequences of prideful rage (The New York Times).  The Odyssey: The Trojan War is over and Odysseus, the king of Ithaca, embarks to return home. But he is cursed by the god Poseidon to wander the perilous earth for ten years before reaching his destination. Homer’s epic adventure of survival by wit and battling mythical creatures is presented here in a stirring prose translation by Samuel Butler.
Available since: 11/03/2020.
Print length: 1361 pages.

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    Euripides' classic tragedy in a full cast audio production. After Troy fell to the Greeks, Andromache, the wife of the slain Trojan king Hector, was taken as prize and given to Achilles' son Neoptolemus as his concubine. He treated her kindly, and in the fullness of time she bore him a son. But Neoptolemus went on to take as his wife Hermione, the daughter of Menelaus, but she could bear him no children. Enraged with jealousy, Hermione plots the death of Andromache, and the play opens with Andromache taking sanctuary at the temple of Thetis, the goddess who is also Achilles' mother - Achilles, the man who killed her husband.
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    Father John Banister Tabb was an American poet, Roman Catholic priest, and professor of English. Father Tabb (as he was commonly known) was widely published in popular and prestigious magazines of the day, including Harper's Monthly, The Atlantic Monthly, and The Cosmopolitan. His books of poetry include Poems (1894), Lyrics (1897), Later Lyrics (1902), and, posthumously, Later Poems (1910). He also wrote one prose work, Bone Rules (1897), an English grammar; only one of his sermons has survived, a sermon on the Assumption (August 15, 1894). (Summary from Wikipedia)
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    The Land of the Free, the Home of the Brave.  This illustrious phrase encapsulates the aspirations of America and its people.   
    In this volume we feature 50 American poets beginning with the Colonist Anne Bradstreet in the 17th century, when American poetry was entirely rooted in its parental British forms.  From here our classic poets take us through Centuries of history, through Independence and expansion Westward, across the cities and vast landscapes of their words.  Along the journey we also meet the Imagists, the poets from the Harlem Renaissance by way of the Transcendentalists and the Fireside Poets.   
    The giants of the poetic way loom large; Walt Whitman. Emily Dickinson, Edgar Allan Poe, Paul Laurence Dunbar and Edna St Vincent Millay.  Our rambling poetic stroll gives voice to the nation’s hopes, its dreams, its failings, its musings.   
    We cannot hope to define America but we do provide the many changing moods and flavours of the times as we discover the essence of its soul. 
    1 - Fifty Shades of America - An Introduction 
    2 - A Nation's Strength by Ralph Waldo Emerson 
    3 - America by Herman Melville 
    4 - The New Colossus by Emma Lazarus 
    5 - America the Beautiful by Katharine Lee Bates 
    6 - Brothers. American Drama by James Weldon Johnson 
    7 - We Wear the Mask by Paul Laurence Dunbar 
    8 - The Negro Speaks of Rivers by Langston Hughes 
    9 - Abraham Lincoln by James Russell Lowell 
    10 - Paul Revere's Ride (The Landlord's Tale) by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow 
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    16 - Harlem by Langston Hughes 
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    18 - An Indian Summer Day On the Prairie by Vachel Lindsay 
    19 - Pray To What Earth Does This Sweet Cold Belong by Henry David Thoreau 
    20 - Hymn To The North Star by William Cullen Bryant 
    21 - An Hymn To the Evening by Phillis Wheatley 
    22 - Trees by Joyce Kilmer 
    23 - from Song of Myself by Walt Whitman 
    24 - Sonnet 12 by Alan Seeger 
    25 - The Ancient Arteries of America by Daniel Sheehan 
    26 - A Crowded Trolley Car by Elinor Wylie 
    27 - The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost 
    28 - Yes, I Have a Thousand Tongues by Stephen Crane 
    29 - Thirteen Ways of Looking At a Blackbird by Wallace Stevens 
    30 - The Raven by Edgar Allan Poe 
    31 - Wild Nights, Wild Nights by Emily Dickinson 
    32 - Comment by Dorothy Parker 
    33 - To My Dear and Loving Husband by Anne Bradstreet 
    34 - The Boy She Used To Know by Damon Runyon 
    35 - Portrait D'une Femme by Ezra Pound 
    36 - Sonnet 18 - I, Being Born a Woman by Edna St Vincent Millay 
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    45 - Chaplinesque by Hart Crane 
    46 - The Ballad of the Harp-Weaver by Edna St Vincent Millay 
    47 - Whispers of Immortality by T S Eliot 
    48 - A Grave by Edith Wharton 
    49 - Bury Me In a Free Land by Frances E W Harper 
    50 - To the Memory of the Americans Who Fell at Eutaw by Philip Freneau 
    51 - Star Spangled Banner by Francis Scott Kay
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  • Real and Phantom Pains - An Anthology of New Russian Drama - cover

    Real and Phantom Pains - An...

    John Freedman

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    An anthology of ten plays embodying the Russian literary movement that began in the late twentieth century. The plays selected for this anthology reflect the issues and styles typical of the new wave of dramatic writing in Russia. New drama flourished (almost) exclusively in small spaces, often in dingy basements that employed and accommodated small numbers of people. The big theaters largely turned a blind eye to what was happening on small stages and in backrooms in playhouses, libraries, and community centers in a few chosen hot spots around Russia: primarily Moscow, Yekaterinburg and Togliatti. In many cases, they took actively hostile stances toward it. This would change, however. And by the beginning of the century’s second decade, new drama was threatening to become a mainstream phenomenon. Not every theater staged plays associated with new drama, but almost every one began staging plays influenced by the themes, methods, and language of the new drama movement. Featuring work from Yury Klavdiev, Olga Mukhina, Pavel Pryazhko, Vasily Sigarev, Maksym Kurochkin, Mikhail Durnenkov, Vyacheslav Durnenkov, Yaroslava Pulinovich, Yelena Gremina, and Maxim Osipov.“Few people know more about what is happening on the Moscow scene than John Freedman (including few Russians). As Moscow Times theater critic throughout the post-Soviet period John could well have seen more theatrical productions in Russia than anyone else. I can’t imagine anyone who would do a better job.” —Blair A. Ruble, Director, Program on Global Sustainability & Resilience, Woodrow Wilson Center“While other existing volumes focus on 18th, 19th, and early 20th century Russian drama, Freedman’s edition would present the unique and important contributions of the new generation of Russian writers portraying the realities and experiences of a post-Soviet generation. John has carefully selected a representative cohort of ten of the most visible, productive, and influential of these writers for the volume.” —Thomas J. Garza, University Distinguished Teaching Associate Professor, University of Texas at Austin
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  • Song from the Suds - cover

    Song from the Suds

    Louisa May Alcott

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    Librivox volunteers bring you 16 readings of A Song from the Suds, by Louisa May Alcott, author of novels like Little Women. This was the fortnightly poem for June 7-21, 2015.
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  • Poets of the 19th Century The - Volume 1 - History revealed in verse - cover

    Poets of the 19th Century The -...

    Charlotte Bronte, Robert...

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    This is a Century for the history books.  The Chinese curse of living in interesting times could not be more suited. 
    A small island continued its expansion across the globe bringing both good and evil in its march. Empires clashed. Revolution shook many. The Industrial Age was upon us. 
    Poets spoke up against slavery bringing social and political pressure upon an abominable horror. It was also the Age of the Romantics; Shelley, Keats, Byron lyrically rapture.  Tennyson, Arnold, Browning rode a century of sweeping change of dynamism and great verse.
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