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Neon in Daylight - A Novel - cover

Neon in Daylight - A Novel

Hermione Hoby

Publisher: Catapult

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An joyful, self-aware and moving literary debut that questions and plays with the trope of the “coming-of-age-in-New-York” novel; Hoby explores the expectations we impose on the places we move to, the loneliness and freedom of a strange new city, and the people we surround ourselves with at the brink of adulthood

Hoby has the eye of a satirist but the heart of a romantic, exploring youth and heartbreak without sentimentality or spite

 In Neon in Daylight, New York is a city refracted through its citizens; for Kate, it is at once filled with potential and an impossible place from which to escape herself; for Bill, it is a disappointing cliche and a nostalgic memory trap; for Inez, it's a childhood playground that she's long outgrown

This is a debut novel set in New York City that manages to be both smart and accessible

For fans of Sweetbitter by Stephanie Danler and Fates and Furies by Lauren Groff

Ann Patchett compares it to The Great Gatsby, and calls Hermione "a marvel"

 Hoby is a well-connected and beloved writer and journalist; she regularly writes about culture, gender, literature, in The New York Times, The New Yorker and The Guardian (she wrote the much-shared pieces on “the cult of Joan Didion” and the label “bad-ass women”), and her network of national media contacts is wide, enthusiastic, and reliable

Active on social media and in the American literary community, Hoby is an ideal self-promoting author

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    ~~~~~ PG Excerpt ~~~~~
    Dominic welcomed everyone to his restaurant and the men nodded their appreciation. As he continued to speak in a language that was completely unfamiliar to me, I couldn't help but feel slighted and invisible even though I was standing right beside him.
    His presence was dominating and utterly deafening. The men were sipping their cocktails whilst stealing surreptitious glances at me from the corner of their eyes.
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    I was shaken out of my lethargy at his words. The seats and tables set out were exact and it was quickly apparently that there was nowhere for me to sit.
    Before I could ask Dominic about it servants flowed into the hall, each carrying a tray of food on one hand and a towel in the other. I watched in awe as they set the table in complete synchrony.
    Dominic gestured for the men to start digging in and took a seat himself whilst I stood beside him. Irritation started to rear its head as I was abandoned completely in favor of what seemed like mashed potatoes and steak. I gulped and my stomach growled.
    "Sorry," I murmured, wrapping my arm around my stomach to stop it from emitting more embarrassing noises.
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    I quickly smoothed out the dress to make sure my private areas were covered, but I was on all fours on the table and the top of the dress was so wide that it was almost impossible.
    "Don't break anything," he instructed.
    It wasn't hard to navigate around the ornaments on the table as there was ample space for me to crawl around. My cheeks flamed red nevertheless from how utterly exposed I must look as I moved on all fours on the table.
    "Come," one of the men at the other end of the table said suddenly, breaking into my confusion. He had held out a spoonful of mashed potatoes and it hovered in the air invitingly. I glanced at Dominic, who merely nodded.
    Tentatively, I started moving towards the man, fully aware that all eyes were on me as I crawled to the other end of the table.
    I opened my mouth and moved to chomp on the inviting spoonful of mashed potatoes. The man pulled away in the last moment and my mouth closed around empty air.
    "How about a kiss before a bite?" he said, winking suggestively.
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    A New York Times bestselling series.  
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    "Fast-paced, modern-day novel that combines the best elements of both the mystery and thriller genres."
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    An Accident of Birth... 
    Every ten years the Imperium Provosts travel the provinces of the Great Suene Empire and take every second born child as the property of the Emperor. His Due for their continued protection. 
    Kalena, taken from her family and friends finds herself alone and scared in the imperial Stronghold of Darkon. And when she cries out to the darkness for help, Kalena is shocked when it answers her back. 
    Note: This omibus does not contain Book 1.1 The Cavern of Sethi.
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