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The Night Club - cover

The Night Club

Herbert George Jenkins

Publisher: Herbert George Jenkins

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The idea originated with Bindle, who is never so happy as when listening to or telling a story. Sooner or later he will so guide conversation as to challenge from someone a reminiscence, or failing that, he will himself assume the burden of responsibility, and tell of how he engineered one of his "little jokes," as he calls them.
"I likes to 'ear 'im tellin' the tale," Bindle remarked one evening, as we sat in Dick Little's flat. Dick had just finished an extravagant and highly-coloured account of an Oxford "rag." "Fancy young gentlemen be'avin' like that," Bindle continued, "instead o' learnin' to be parsons. P'raps that's why they looks such gentle Jims when they gets into a stiff collar," and Bindle buried a wink in his tankard.
Available since: 07/25/2016.

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    Mikołaj Golachowski – PhD in Animal Ecology and Zoology, traveller, translator and polar explorer. When he’s not busy in the midst of Antarctic snow and ice, he lives in Warsaw and writes about animals and protecting the environment. Author of educational and popular science books. 
    Maria Mroux Bulikowska – illustrator working with children’s and adult books and magazines. Author of two books on Warsaw dialect. 
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    03 THE HIPPO 
    07 THE WOMBAT 
    08 THE DOG 
    09 THE CAT 
    11 THE WEAVER 
    12 THE MAYFLY 
    13 THE DUCK 
    15 THE ORCA 
    16 THE LIZARD 
    18 THE WASP 
    19 THE SPIDER 
    21 THE FROG 
    22 THE ROE 
    23 THE LYNX 
    25 THE EARWIG 
    27 THE SNAKE 
    28 THE SKUNK 
    29 THE BABOON 
    Mikołaj Golachowski - Butts, tails and rumps 
    translated by Jarek Westermark 
    narrated by Sean Palmer 
    illustrations by Maria Mroux Bulikowska 
    Wydawnictwo Babaryba
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    Inside you’ll find facts like:The world’s largest living organism is a mushroom that covers over 2,200 acres in Oregon.A single mature oak tree can drop up to 200,000 leaves in the fall.As a defense mechanism, some sea cucumbers expel their internal organs along with a toxic substance to deter predators. They can regenerate the lost organs within a few weeks.The tongue of a blue whale can weigh as much as an elephant.Vultures have stomach acid so strong that it can dissolve metal and kill harmful bacteria found in their carrion meals. 
    Buckle up and prepare for a wild ride through the most fascinating, outlandish, and utterly mind-blowing corners of the natural world. You'll never look at nature the same way again! 
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