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Robert Burns Complete Works – World’s Best Collection - 300+ Works - All Poetry Poems Songs Ballads Letters Rarities Plus Biography and Bonuses - cover

Robert Burns Complete Works – World’s Best Collection - 300+ Works - All Poetry Poems Songs Ballads Letters Rarities Plus Biography and Bonuses

Robert Burns, Principal Shairp, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, Allan Cunningham, Charles Kingsley

Publisher: Imagination Books

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Robert Burns Complete Works World's Best Collection

This is the world's best Robert Burns collection, including the most complete set of Burns' works available plus many free bonus materials.

Robert Burns

Robert Burns, also known as the Scotland's Favorite Son, the Bard of Ayrshire and the Ploughman Poet, was a Scottish poet and lyricist, widely regarded as the national poet of Scotland.

He is regarded as a pioneer of the Romantic movement, and after his death he became a great source of inspiration to the founders of both liberalism and socialism

The ‘Must-Have' Complete Collection

In this irresistible collection you get a full set of Burns' work, with more than 300 works - All his poems, All poetry, All his songs, ballads, rarities, epigrams; and a full length biography. Plus a rare collection of his letters and bonus extra material.

There are countless must reads, ranging from the well-known pieces to fantastic and startling new works to discover..

Works Included:

Poetical Works - Over 300 Poems, songs, epigrams and ballads, including among others:

A Red, Red Rose

A Man's A Man for A' That

To a Louse

To a Mouse

The Battle of Sherramuir

Tam o' Shanter

Ae Fond Kiss

Full Collection Of Burns' Letters

Life Of Robert Burns - A fascinating, ful length biography of Scotland's favourite son, detailing his life from childhood.


Your Free Bonuses

Glossary - A glossary of all the terms, phrases and words used in Burns' work

Burns And His School - Literary essay from Charles Kinglsey

Historical Context and Literary Context Notes - Detailed explanations of the Regency Era and Romanticism, written specially for this collection

Robert Burns - the poem about Burns written by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow


Get This Collection Right Now

This is the best Burns collection you can get, so get it now and start enjoying and being inspired by his words like never before.

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