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How to Catch More Salmon - cover

How to Catch More Salmon

Henry J. Giles

Publisher: White Owl

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How to Catch More Salmon is about fishing according to the application of principles and practicalities that will not stop at a first salmon, but go on to catching more salmon, whether or not that is your final destination. It is not unique to fishing that a beginner can coexist with the expert and at times enjoy near-parity in terms of sporting success. But as Charles Ritz wrote in his quirky and brilliant classic, A Fly Fisher's Life, "More than all else, I like watching other fishers, and examining their tackle. In helping beginners, I often learn as much as they do." Whether your passion for fishing takes you globe trotting (like Ritz) or not, this book invites you along for the experience, while sharing sporting insight at all levels, including luminaries of today's on and offline media. It is an aim of the book that this melting pot will draw real results from the techniques and conclusions that emerge, in terms of fish caught and opportunities taken. Think and catch more fish is a central theme, but to enjoy the sport via more nuanced and philosophical aspects is key. Get it, teach it and share it, in the UK and Ireland but also on the rivers of Norway, Canada and Russia. Enhance the common good and turn the dream of a fishing lifetime into new reality with the rest of us.

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  • Misconduct - cover


    Torie Grace

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    This book is a standalone, complete story. No Cliffhangers. HFN. Multiple POV.
    The Dark Ice Collection contains books that are about Professional Hockey players that have very dark sides.
    Alana had loved hockey all her life. When she attended a game she didn’t expect anything out of the ordinary to happen. So, she was shocked when after a game she was asked out by a player. In fact, she had been so shocked she had said No. Little did she realize that that one little word would change her life forever.
    Ronan was a star. He was feared on the ice and adored by his fans. He had women falling at his feet. No one ever told him no— Until Alana.
    She was about to learn that no one turned him down and got away with it. Ronan always got what he wanted. And now he wanted her.
    This book is subtitled as Book One under this collection. However, each book is standalone and not related to each other in their storylines. They are published under the ‘Dark Ice Collection’ title so that readers can quickly identify my books that share the genres of Dark erotic romance and Professional Hockey.
    This book is in the Dark ‘romance’ genre. It contains taboo subject matter that some readers may find disturbing.
    Due to the content, this book is intended for adults 18 years and older.
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  • Yiquan 360 - cover

    Yiquan 360

    Ling Seto

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    A celebration of Yiquan for enthusiasts seeking a deeper and richer appreciation of the magnificence of the Internal Arts 
    A departure from the standard "how-to" manual, Yiquan 360 provides the often missing theory and associated practice that will allow students of the Internal Arts to unlock their full potential as practitioners. It will demystify and fill knowledge gaps that exist outside of what is commonly taught and available in Internal Arts literature. 
    Yiquan 360 was written to fulfill a promise made by Ling Seto to the late Francis H.T. Chan, a school mate and sparring partner of Bruce Lee, who served as a combat instructor to British troops stationed in Hong Kong. This book contains insights and teachings from almost fifteen years of training, observation and direction under Mr. Chan that are supported by Ling Seto's own experience and discoveries from five decades of martial arts study. 
    As one of the rare texts to comprehensively describe and clarify the theory and practice  behind the types of Internal Power and the techniques used by Yiquan to produce them, this book also reveals the founder's ultimate aim for Yiquan, and provides insight into other martial arts that utilise Internal Power, answering questions including the following: 
     The rationale behind the slow pace of TaijiYiquan's equivalent to Bagua's circle walkingThe role of Xingyi in influencing YiquanThe relation of the Internal Arts to Shaolin Qigong 
    For current practitioners, this book is an invaluable resource that provides a bird's eye view of Yiquan, explaining all aspects of the art and the proper training progressions required to advance. For other internal arts students, this volume provides key insights into the methodology to produce Internal Power in their own practice. Through the understanding of Yiquan training procedures and their purpose, students can rediscover methods in their respective arts that will enhance their training and skills.
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  • Method of Chinese Qigong in Wisdom and Energy - The method is at the beginning level of Qigong for popularization of Inner Practice - cover

    Method of Chinese Qigong in...

    Wu Xiaogang, 武霖, 武小鋼

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    * Preface 
    The book is to introduce to you the technique of inner practice at the beginning stage or say at the first level for practicing. In spite that the vocabulary of Inner Practice is known by more and more people today, but most people are poor to practice in the method and poor to understand it, and also have not heard of the methodological knowledge on the mechanism and the law at the level of the academic discipline. In modern Chinese, the official Chinese to name the form of the inner practice is Qigong (Ch'i-gung). But, in accordance with the view of the West science, Qigong or Yoga the form of the inner practice is the matte with the religious idea or covered a mystery veil. The real situation is the inner practicing method in a long history river had not developed to become the matter at the level of the technology.  
    The technique of inner practice in the book is a part of intensive training method of Wisdom Energy Qigong in which is with the three practicing stages of beginning, medium and advanced. One of the features of Wisdom Energy Qigong is an obviously effective inner practicing system founded on the base of classical Qigong that with near fifty hundred years history. Other feature is the method practicing is under the guidance of the methodological theory of Wisdom Energy Science (WES). Because WES is to research the phenomena of the inner practice and is an academic discipline, it was given a name of Qigong Science in 1980' s in China. The main task of Qigong Science is to discover the essence, the mechanism, the laws of the inner practice and the human body life activity in the view of Qigong Science, and study the true relationship between the inner practice and the human body life activity.  
    Because the method of Wisdom Energy Qigong was founded on the classical Qigong method as the basis and the classical Qigong originated in ancient China, for the reason, I spent much of the space to tell you the common knowledge on the classical Qigong and the general situation of Qigong in development in ancient China. The first chapter of the book is this for. So, this book is not just for the people who interested in the method practicing of Qigong; to the West people if has the idea to get an overview of Qigong in ancient and in modern, to read the book is beneficial to. In reading of the second chapter, you will get an overlook of Wisdom Energy Qigong, is the common knowledge for the specific method practicing. 
    In the great movement, so many Qigong methods were in reformation and in popular with the modern futures. The mass Qigong is a new kind of Qigong had not appeared in the history, it with the better efficiency of the mental and physical state transformation, Qi-healing is the side product of the Qigong practice. The method of Wisdom Energy Qigong is the first appeared one in the mass Qigong tide. The whole of the methods of Wisdom Energy Qigong is a system with the newly techniques of Qigong reformed from the typical methods of classical Qigong, the method practicing is under the guidance of the methodological knowledge of WES. 
    In the intensive method of Wisdom Energy Qigong, there are three kinds of outer form of the body for practicing Qi. Among them, the Standard Moving Method with the six sets of specific practicing methods as the six practicing stages is the essential one of the intensive training of Qigong. The first and the second sets of the standard moving method are at the beginning stage with the feature of mass Qigong, they were attracted a few million people for self-healing and fitness during 1979 to 1999 in mainland China.  
    Every of the topic above are the hot topics in Qigong field today, they have the detailed discussion in the text of the book. 
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  • Shin Gi Tai - Karate Training for Body Mind and Spirit - cover

    Shin Gi Tai - Karate Training...

    Michael Clark

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    Prepare to have your beliefs challenged about what karate really is.
    Within these pages, you will discover traditional karate; along the  way, perhaps many of your own beliefs about karate will be confronted. You might have a body capable of mastering karate's physical techniques, but do you have a mind with a level of awareness that is able to grasp the true spirit of karate?
    For adults only. Regardless of how many people you can defeat in combat, the deeper aim of karate has always been to conquer your own ego, and by doing so, you increase the likelihood of avoiding conflict. When you can control your ego, you have a chance to  establish peace in your life: this is the tradition of budo karate.
    Shin Gi Tai has a literal translation: mind–technique–body.  A karate-ka's mind (shin) must be developed ahead of his technique (gi) if he is to discover a sense of balance within his body (tai). While the  mental and physical aspects of karate are daunting and causes many to stop training, if you can just endure the early years, say - the first decade - then there is opportunity for real and lasting benefits.
    Budo is a concept more often discussed than put into practice, and yet, as part of traditional karate training, it has the  capacity to dramatically change lives for the better, but only if you are prepared to move past the obvious and strive to understand the  philosophy and the morality of budo.
    Your life is yours, your karate is yours, accept ownership of both and reap countless rewards.
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  • Hard Breath Mindset Easy Self Protection - cover

    Hard Breath Mindset Easy Self...

    Buzz Campion

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    For centuries breathing exercises or internal breathing has been practised in the Far-East and martial arts schools where its practitioners experienced the power of their own energy by performing simple breathing exercises. Unlike other fitness systems that set fixed regimes, deep breathing exercises allows for your individuality. You can progress at your own pace and create your own daily programme. Like all good exercise systems regular practice is essential. If you practice the exercises as part of your daily routine you will continue to develop your internal power over a whole lifetime. Deep breathing helps build internal stamina and strengthens your immunity it's suitable for all ages and ten minutes is all you need. 
    This book also lays out an easy to understand format, highlights the most important points and concepts to teach you how to properly avoid or defend yourself against an attack in the shortest possible time. Also, the methods of self-protection explained in this book have been selected for the man or women who require quick knowledge of the best and easiest means of protecting himself/herself against an attack. It explains a number of unpleasant forms of defence but justified and necessary if you need to protect yourself against an aggressor. If you find yourself facing a dangerous and potentially life threatening situation, you need tough uncompromising, effective measures that really work under extreme conditions. 
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