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My Step-Father's New Family - cover

My Step-Father's New Family

Helen Havens

Publisher: Helen Havens

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This book contains Very Naughty Erotica themes of Step-Daddy BDSM, Bondage, Menage, Domination and Submission as well as the use of BDSM devices.

It has been a few weeks since I've seen Brian, Carol, or Michael. Brian was my Step-Father and since he and Mom got divorced my life hasn’t been the same. 

What Mom didn’t know was that I had a thing for Brian. But that wasn’t why they got divorced. Brian was into some pretty kinky stuff. 

She couldn’t handle it, but at 19 I was all grown up now and I could. I’m just hoping that Brian will allow me to become part of his new BDSM family

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    "Just tell me what the
    deal is," I said. "I know something about how this works. You have to
    tell me the rules. Mom's spell, or whatever, summoned you. Then you took over
    "And you sacrificed
    yourself for him," the demon said. "By the terms of our previous
    contract I could possess him again. You did, after all, have satisfying sex not
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    But then what would I have? One more soul added to my ledger? That would be
    like throwing Helen of Troy into a harem. Better to raise you up. Better to
    guide your glorious potential."
    A wave of nausea washed over
    me. It was followed, with no small disorientation, by a foam of fizzling
    arousal. I rocked against the sink, wracked by the sick realization of my own
    dark desire. "To guide it to w-what?" I stammered.
    "You already know that, strumpet. What have you been
    doing the past three years but practicing for the role? Seducing men, letting them
    use you, using them, allowing them to consummate their dirtiest fantasies while
    you pine for a satisfaction they cannot provide. I am completing your destiny,
    Tanya. Like a tailor to a beautiful suit, I am refashioning you into something
    truly magnificent."
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    	This work depicts graphic lesbian sex and naughty, naughty words. Not intended for minors or those who get miffed at a lack of men.
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    They’ve just met, but they’re on a mission. 
    Tasha Fields and Davis Hogan have something in common: In the world of kink, their fetish is shared. Moving away seems to be the only answer to their furry dilemma, and Harper’s Cove seems to be the place. Davis’s yen for pony play renders him a submissive, and Tasha, an experienced Dominant to furries, decides on a Dom/sub relationship to explore Davis’s needs. They search for a group of ponies, puppies, and other furries for play and companionship, but it all goes awry right away when they unwittingly walk into a BDSM group that seems more focused on slavery than play, and they have a decision to make. Davis is no slave, regardless of his erotic dreams of being draped in leather tack, and Tasha’s only desire is to find a way to draw the beautiful, insecure, wounded man out and into a life open to fun and love. In the process, romance blossoms between two people who never intended to get involved as any more than play partners. 
    But, as usual, she just can’t help herself. 
    And as their relationship evolves, the neighborhood’s nosy, drunken gossip, Gloria, begins her usual sneak attack, snooping and prowling to see if she can figure out what Harper’s Cove’s newest neighbors are up to. She’s sure it’s no good, and the suspense is killing her. She’ll go to any lengths to get to the bottom of their private love lives, even a straightforward confrontation. 
    The result is sweet, hot erotica full of humor and snark. Harper’s Cove is a sexy, funny place to live, and who knows? If you’ve always wanted to be a puppy, come see if Harper’s Cove might be a great place for you to explore the animal in you. 
    WARNING: Strong, graphic, kinky sexual scenes, including furry play where no actual animals are involved. Not intended for readers under the age of 18.
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    Tim  sneaks into the ex's place and watches her with her new guy. But is she unaware that he's spying? When she tosses a glance his way, Tim realizes that she’s going to take advantage of his predicament. 
    An erotic short featuring cuckolding by a naughty ex, deep-throating a bigger man, voyeurism, and a salty face shot.
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    Isabel has never felt sure of herself and now that she is interviewing to be Chase Barnsley’s personal assistant, she is even less confident.  She is sure one of the other gorgeous candidates will catch his eye.  But when she is called in for her private interview, she is surprised to discover that Chase appreciates her assets and has a special invitation for her.  Will Isabel respond to the billionaire’s advances in The Billionaire Loves Curves?  Warning: This short story contains explicit sexual content and is for adults only.
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