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A Beginner's Guide to Essential Oils - Recipes and Practices for a Natural Lifestyle and Holistic Health - cover

A Beginner's Guide to Essential Oils - Recipes and Practices for a Natural Lifestyle and Holistic Health

Hayley Hobson

Publisher: Mango

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Hayley's Facebook following exceeds 64,000 and Instagram followers number 43,000. Her email list is 47,000 strong and growing! 

Hayley’s book will distinguish itself from other EO books through the incorporation of real life stories along with lifestyle/wellness principles such as:

•	Using oils to create balance as part of a holistic lifestyle
•	Why we get out of balance in the first place  
•	We will include Hayley’s signature recipes created for specific purposes. 
•	Including a 31-Day plan with daily inspiration, and education.
•	Building a following that will continue a relationship with and purchase subsequent books and/or other formats of this book

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    Toxic stress can occur in any home, rich or poor, regardless of age, education, or walk of life. 
    Research has shown that adaptive, supportive parents are the best
    at insulating their children from all but the biggest catastrophes.
    Exposure to “toxic stress” in childhood can cause depression,
    alcoholism, obesity, violent behaviour, heart disease, and even
    cancer in adulthood. Parents who are less sensitive or attentive
    or who regularly misinterpret their children’s needs can let too
    much stress trickle through, or even cause it in the first place,
    which can carry on to the next generation. 
    What Kind of Parent Am I? uses specially created surveys
    to identify problem areas for parents. With recommended
    resources and advice throughout, Dr. Letourneau informs and
    empowers parents to deal directly with their unique risks and
    challenges, helping them become the best parents they can be.
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    By making the Scriptures come alive with practical applications for daily living, the Andersons have developed a great resource for group discussions, such as Bible study programs, book clubs, Sunday school, and Christian formation classes. A suggested format for group discussion is included in the last chapter of the book. 
    In weaving the Christian wisdom of the ages with the findings of modern research, The Joy Guide seeks to enhance the quality of your daily life and provide you with tools necessary to build a joyful future for you and your family.
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  • Relief from Anxiety and Panic - by changing how you breathe - cover

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    There is a fast and natural way to get lasting relief from anxiety, but you may not have heard of it. Few people realise that the key is to correct the underlying disturbance in their physiology – that is, body function and blood chemistry, by learning to breathe correctly. And that is NOT deep breathing! 
    	You feel more or less anxious most of the day
    	You sometimes feel breathless, spaced out or panicky for no reason
    	You sleep poorly, toss and turn, or snore, and wake up tired
    	You have scary palpitations or tingling in your hands or feet
    These are all common symptoms in people who do not breathe correctly.
    You can calm anxiety, stop panic attacks, and get your life back, by learning to breathe the way calm people do.
    Relief from Anxiety and Panic provides a fascinating insight into how your everyday way of breathing can be responsible for the mental torture and uncomfortable physical symptoms you may live with daily. Drawing on over two decades of research and clinical experience, physiotherapist Tess Graham shows you how to recognise your faulty breathing habits and change them – easily, step-by-step, through breathing retraining as thousands have done.
    You will learn simple strategies to
    	quickly relieve mental and physical symptoms of anxiety
    	abort a panic attack
    	reduce stress
    	increase focus
    	stay calm under pressure, and
    	switch off at night to enjoy restful sleep.
    You will learn how to control your physiology for a lifetime of wellbeing. You will read about lives transformed just by learning to breathe properly. It is not complicated. You usually feel benefits immediately.
    Take back control – change your breathing and change your life!
    From the author of the ground-breaking book, Relief from Snoring and Sleep Apnoea: a step-by-step guide to restful sleep and better health through changing the way you breathe.
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    -Coconut Oil -The Numerous Advantages - Hygiene, Diet and Weight loss- Coconut benefits everyone, even if you're healthy. It helps maintain a strong health barrier against illness and disease and is a book that gives the reader all the basic information that they could ever need on the major benefits that coconut oil has. Even coconut for hair is an exciting new discovery for conditions of the scalp. Using coconut oil for weight loss has also proven itself due to its short and medium-chain fatty acids that aids in systematically melting fat! The great thing is that coconut oil can be ingested and also used externally; this oil that has been used by many for centuries and has prevailed as a major health aid in many cultures. Now you can use coconut oil for skin conditions to get your natural glowing skin back. You'll learn how to use coconut oil health benefits to improve your overall health. This amazing kernel (copra) from fully ripened coconuts is a readily available product that can make a startling difference for your health and appearance. You'll be pleased when you learn about Coconut Oil -The Numerous Advantages.
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  • About Face - cover

    About Face

    Ko Tan

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    "For years, many friends, students, family members, and strangers have asked me the same question: How do I maintain my youthful look and zest for life? After publishing my first book and with the help of many amazing friends, I have decided to write a book that answers this question. In About Face there are numerous natural concepts and information about staying healthy, looking young and vibrant, from various sources.  
    Everything you think and feel is reflected on your face. What others see on your face depends on many factors in your life including diet and nutrition, your emotions, inherited and genetic factors, your natural disposition, the state of your health, and the amount, causes and duration of stresses in your life. Beyond emotional and mental stress other contributing factors come from environmental pollutants, injury, and surgery. Your youthfulness and vitality, at any age, also has a lot to do with your attitude. You are in control of a great many contributing factors relating to your radiant health and youthfulness. If you apply even just a few of the suggestions provided in this book, you truly can be younger than your chronological age.  
    Reflexology always has been a large part of what I do as a bodywork therapist. The effectiveness of lymphatic drainage techniques have been an important element of my personal practice. The Meridian Body Therapy explored here has never failed to produce consistent results in improving my life and the lives of my clients. My knowledge of medicinal herbs, essential oils, Bach flower remedies, common domestically found ingredients for use in different formulas are just a few other concepts I practice and have combined in this book.  
    About Face is holistic in nature. It addresses all the components of health and vitality and gives you practical and easy recipes and techniques, which will add quality to your life when applied to your face and body regularly. This work is a unique combination of many individual concepts including: 
    •    Face Reflexology                 
    •    Lymphatic drainage technique                
    •    Meridian/acupuncture points on the face        
    •    Lifestyle and its contribution to skin conditions 
    •    Natural skin care remedies and recipes
    •    Herbs and essential oils
    •    Movement and exercise
    •    Techniques and routines for rebalancing the face with:
    -    Relaxation
    -    Toning
    -    Face Lift 
    No matter what your age, radiant health, and youthful vitality are in your hands and at the tips of your fingers!"
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  • Holiday Crafts - 50 Projects for Year-Round Family Fun - cover

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    Linda Reece

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    The sweet and simple projects in Holiday Crafts will be sure to make lasting memories, not to mention priceless mementos. Author Linda Reece, mommy blogger and crafter, believes that no one likes to be plopped in front of the TV during family gatherings and celebrations. Spending time with your little ones doing simple crafts and actives is a perfect way to bring cheer to every holiday. Filled with fifty year-round holiday-themed crafts for ages 3-10, hours of enjoyment are guaranteed for children and parents alike. The easy-to-follow instructions, cheerful design, full-color-photographs, and simple supply lists will ensure the success of any little crafter. The book contains five crafts for ten different holidays, including Christmas, Thanksgiving, 4th of July, Halloween, Back to School, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Easter, St. Patrick’s Day, and Valentine’s Day. Inside you will find: •  Father’s Day Tie Card•  Stuffed Heart Valentine•  Paper Clover Craft•  And so much more!There are also non-craft activates sprinkled inside for a little bit of added fun. The projects in Holiday Crafts are perfect for young children to interact with parents, grandparents, and whoever else wants to join in!
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