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Tabikat - cover

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Harriet Redfern

Publisher: Publishdrive

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Tabikat is a talented racehorse, bred in rural Ireland by Eoghan Foley, a former jump jockey with a dramatic past. This thriller, set in the horse racing world, tells the story of the fight back against an organised crime family by Tabikat's connections. The main action moves between Sampfield Grange, a point to point training yard in Somerset; Frossiac, a village on the Canal du Midi in Aude, France; Gleannglas, a small town in County Kerry, Ireland; and the famous Cheltenham racecourse in Gloucestershire.Tabikat holds an entry in the Cheltenham Gold Cup and is unexpectedly sent from a top Irish yard to reclusive English trainer James Sampfield Peveril, known to the racing world as Sam. Sam is visited by an old friend, Frank Stanley, who asks him to take on a mysterious new employee, Isabella Hall. The staff at Sampfield Grange suspect that isabella is not what she seems, and are determined to uncover her secret. Kye McMahon, Sam's stable groom, fears Isabella will expose his activities as a drug dealer, whilst household staff Kelly and Lewis believe Isabella to be having an affair with Frank Stanley. Sadie Shinkins, the yard manager is preoccupied with her affair with Merlin ap Rhys, Tabikat's jockey, as the two of them help Sam to prepare Tabikat for the race of his life.Meanwhile, a mysterious English visitor to a remote French village is writing a novel about a murder at a deserted airfield committed by the head of an organised crime family. The connection between the author George Harvey, Isabella Hall and the racehorse Tabikat gradually emerges as Sam desperately tries to understand the true nature of what Frank Stanley has really asked of him. Peopled by colourful characters, both good and bad, from the racing world, the story reaches its climax as the Cheltenham Gold Cup is run.The story of Tabikat will appeal to anyone who enjoys a gradually unfolding thriller set in the exciting world of horse racing.

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    •    It helps you to lose weight by speeding up your body metabolism same time curbing your craving for carbs. It makes you feel full due to its fiber content too.  
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