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Pilates for Runners - Everything you need to start using Pilates to improve your running – get stronger more flexible avoid injury and improve your performance - cover

Pilates for Runners - Everything you need to start using Pilates to improve your running – get stronger more flexible avoid injury and improve your performance

Harri Angell

Publisher: Bloomsbury Sport

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Pilates for Runners is a valuable resource filled with mat Pilates exercises designed for runners of all abilities. The clear and accessible exercises will help runners develop core strength, flexibility, improved balance, coordination and better posture, all of which are important for injury-free running and optimal performance. 
Alongside the clear step-by-step exercises you will find expert advice and motivational interviews with real runners who testify to the transformative power of Pilates.

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  • Tiny Games for Home - cover

    Tiny Games for Home

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    Designed to give the maximum amount of fun for the minimum amount of rule-reading, Tiny Games for Home will let you find the perfect game for whatever situation you're in. All you need is this book, and the stuff that's around you. (Friends optional)  
    There are games to play with spoons and sofas and TVs and turnips and books and bottles. Games about words, games about celebrities, games about the things and the people and the places in your life. Games for TV commercial breaks, games for toast, and games for lying in bed. Whether you're feeling creative or competitive, silly or energetic, we've got you covered. 
    “It's like carrying around a collection of Victorian parlour games – except the Tiny Games take advantage of modern social settings and contexts. They're amusing, raucous and inventive” - The Guardian
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  • Cross Fit to Drop Fat - A beginners guide to Cross Fit training to drop fat - cover

    Cross Fit to Drop Fat - A...

    Emma J Stewart

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    •	In this day and age, we all know that making fitness a part of your life should be a high priority in everyone’s life -- it should become a daily habit, the same as brushing your teeth or taking a shower. Dedicating a little bit of time each day isn’t much to ask when you take into account all the positive things you achieve just by being physically fit. 
    Apart from looking and feeling great, working out can benefit you in the following areas as well: 
    •	Help reduce blood pressure  
    •	Increase flexibility, which can help prevent injury and help with muscular tension. 
    •	Help to relieve stress, depression and anxiety  
    •	Help with gaining muscle, which can build and maintain strong bones 
    •	Keep your heart healthy and reduce the risk of heart disease  
    •	Lower the risk of developing colon cancer  
    •	Increase your ability to concentrate, think faster and become more sharp   
    And remember it isn't necessary for you to be in a gym to be fit. What you are about to discover shortly will show you many exercises that can be performed outdoors, at home and anywhere else you like. That's the beauty of CrossFit training! 
    You can enjoy fitness with your kids, your spouse, family or friends, people of all ages can participate. 
    CrossFit training is taking the world by storm and is reported to be growing by 350% each year which appears to be accurate with more and more exposure since the CrossFit games are shown all over the world through ESPN and is fast becoming the elite competition for fitness bragging rights. So through this guide you will discover the  history of CrossFit training, the benfits of CrossFit, the best exercises that will get you at your peak fitness levels and a whole lot more.  So before we do that, to start off we must go to the beginning...  
    Table of contents 
    Chapter 1: What is CrossFit Training	 
    CrossFit And Its Effect On The Body	 
    Crossfit exercises	 
    Crossfit training	 
    Chapter 2: The History of CrossFit Training	 
    Chapter 3: Benefits of CrossFit Training	 
    Chapter 4: CrossFit Exercises	 
    Chapter 5: 52 Insane CrossFit Workouts From Home And With No Equipment	 
    Chapter 6: The Annual CrossFit Games	 
    Write Down the CrossFit Workouts You Do And Track Progress	 
    Create a Simple Plan and Set Realistic Goals	 
    Execute Your Plan
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  • Illegal Procedure - A Sports Agent Comes Clean on the Dirty Business of College Football - cover

    Illegal Procedure - A Sports...

    Josh Luchs, James Dale

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    For fifteen years, sports agent Josh Luchs made illegal deals with numerous college athletes, from top-tier, nationally recognized phenoms to late-round draft picks. Flagrantly flaunting NCAA and NFL Players Association rules, he made no-interest loans to players in exchange for the promise of representation on their lucrative pro contracts. After cleaning up his act in 2003, he moved to a new agency, only to be targeted and pushed out of the business for a new violation-one he arguably did not commit. Then, in October 2010, Luchs wrote a confessional article in Sports Illustrated, telling the truth about what he did and didn't do. 
    Since then he has taken on a new role: whistle-blowing, truth-telling reformer. And in telling his own story, Luchs pulls back the curtain on the real economy of college football: how agents win players legally and otherwise, the staggering sums colleges make from an unpaid workforce, the shortfalls of supposed full-ride scholarships, and the myth of a college education given to scholarship jocks. Including new information about major players and scandalized programs such as USC, Auburn, and Ohio State, this book pulls no punches. It's a stunning and necessary read for anyone who loves the game, and the first step toward fixing a broken system. 
    Praise for Josh Luchs' Sports Illustrated story:  
    "There are no innocents in all this-including Luchs. The difference now is Luchs isn't claiming to be innocent." -John Feinstein, Washington Post  
    "[Luchs pulls] the inner workings of an oily business out of the shadows."-Pat Forde, ESPN  
    "A must-read."-New York Times
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  • Ephphatha - growing up profoundly deaf and not dumb in the hearing world: a basketball player’s transformational journey to the ivy league - cover

    Ephphatha - growing up...

    Dr. Thomas M. Caulfield

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    For two decades a father kept a secret journal documenting the life of his only son, Christopher, who was born profoundly Deaf. He had a simple dream of someday presenting that journal to Christopher as a special gift from father to son. But as each new challenge was surmounted, it became clear Christopher Caulfield’s story had to be shared. 
    Ephphatha, which means “to be opened,” follows Christopher’s transformational journey through the unimaginable obstacles he faced during his young life. Whose right is it to choose the intervention strategies that will help you be your best? How do you keep going when adults and children can be so unkind? Can you make yourself understood when no one around you has experienced what you are facing? 
    Christopher’s support came from those in his life who did open up. His chances for success on and off the basketball court also hinged on hard work, faith, and his own undeniable inner fortitude to never give up. 
    By the time he was nine years old he had already completed 1,500 hours of speech therapy. That same dedication led him to be a Division I college basketball recruit before he reached high school. He may not have set any records being invited to birthday parties growing up, but with Ephphatha, you’ll be rooting for Christopher all the way to the Ivy League!
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  • Woodcraft - cover



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    Not Yet Available
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  • Attention & Concentration: Golf Tips - Learn from the Champions - cover

    Attention & Concentration: Golf...

    Dorothee Haering

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    Dorothee Haering is a photographer and owner of the graphics and marketing agency "bildhaft", in Munich, Germany. Golf has accompanied she from her cradle, and most of her family has the bug too. Her grandfather practiced enthusiastically on a chipping green in his garden, and her father, a successful team player, regularly took her with him on the golf course when she was a child. At the weekends she was a proud caddy and accompanied "her players" throughout the tournaments and also briefly took part in junior training. Ever since she saw Jack Niklaus play golf 1972 in Munich she knew: she wanted to become a Golf Professional. Later, life had other plans for her and there followed an involuntary golf-intermission lasting thirty-eight years until the golf addiction broke out again with a vengeance. Her goal for her (second) golf career: she wanted to break 80.
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