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Panzers on the Vistula - Retreat and Rout in East Prussia 1945 - cover

Panzers on the Vistula - Retreat and Rout in East Prussia 1945

Hans Schäufler

Translator Tony Le Tissier

Publisher: Pen & Sword Military

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This WWII memoir of a Nazi officer is one of the most revealing firsthand accounts of the German retreat on the Eastern Front. A second lieutenant of the 4th Panzer division, Hans Schäufler commanded a Jagdpanther tank destroyer in rearguard actions against the Red Army in East Prussia in 1945. Then, as an infantryman, he took part in the doomed defense of Danzig before escaping across the Baltic in a small boat. His personal story offers a rare glimpse into the chaos and suffering endured by tens thousands of soldiers and civilians during the collapse of the Third Reich in the east. Along with vivid descriptions of the appalling conditions in Danzig and the fear and panic that gripped the city, Schäufler’s account provides valuable insight into the German army’s tactics as they fell back before the Soviet advance. While acute shortages of men, equipment, ammunition and fuel crippled the defense, the soldiers went on fighting for a lost cause in the face of certain defeat.<
Available since: 10/30/2018.
Print length: 160 pages.

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    The costliest battle in the history of the North American continent had begun. 
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    “The book, written in the series’ accessible style, includes more than 100 illustrations, new maps and analysis.” —Longwood Magazine
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    An in-depth course of study in the modern practice of traditional witchcraft.I stand in the meadow, at the forest’s edge. One step forward and I will straddle the boundary between fading light in the swaying grass and rich darkness in the woods. One more step and I will be immersed in the nighttime world of southern, hardwood forest. My home lay behind me, the wild magic ahead. I am the witch at the forest’s edge. This book is an invitation to animists, ancestor worshipers, magic seekers, and the wild at heart. It systematically explores the foundational aspects of modern traditional witchcraft. The book is structured into 13 core chapters or classes that cover all essential skill sets for any modern, traditional witch in a practical, caring way. Each chapter offers suggested activities and/or reflections for journaling and a reading list for further exploration. Advanced skills such a hedge riding and ritual possession are taught in a structured, explicit way that makes them accessible to a wider audience. Written from an animistic perspective and without pushing any specific deities, the book offers a thorough practical and theoretical framework for considering each witch’s personal theology and practice. Without pushing one cultural context, The Witch at the Forest’s Edge offers the means to reflect on the multiple cultures that inform the practices of modern witches, encouraging the reader to think deeply and undergird modern practices with ancestral knowledge.
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    •   Various ways of setting up SIRI to be your personal digital assistant 
    •   Configure your phone to track your walking stability and walking steadiness to reduce chances of you falling especially when alone 
    •   How to monitor important health signs with the iPhone 
    •   And lots more 
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