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Heresies Exposed - A Brief Critical Examination in the Light of the Holy Scriptures of some of the Prevailing Heresies and False Teachings of Today - cover

Heresies Exposed - A Brief Critical Examination in the Light of the Holy Scriptures of some of the Prevailing Heresies and False Teachings of Today

H. A. Ironside, W. E. Vine, William H. Pettit, William C. Irvine, Alfred McDonald Redwood, Algernon J. Pollock, WIlliam Hoste, W. B. Riley, J. H. Todd, Arthur H. Carter

Publisher: CrossReach Publications

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“For such are false apostles, deceitful
workers, transforming themselves into the apostles of Christ. And no marvel;
for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light” (2 Cor. 11:13, 14). 

The days in which you and I are living are days in
which Christians need to know their Bibles, for the only way by which we may
know whether or not a system of teaching is of God is by viewing the system
through the lens of Holy Writ—reading the
system in the light of the Bible and not reading the Bible in the light of the

Because of the crying need of Biblical light on these
erroneous teachings, I gave a series of addresses in the Church of the Open
Door, on “The Cult Kingdom,”
selecting ten of the most damaging heresies for discussion. When people saw
them revealed in the searchlight of God’s Word a large number of men and women,
held in their grip, were mercifully delivered. 

This created a wide-spread interest among God’s
children, culminating in a demand for the printing of these addresses so that
others, caught in the meshes of false doctrine, might also find freedom. 

I was about to comply with this request when I
discovered a book compiled by William C. Irvine, called “HERESIES EXPOSED.” This book completely covers not only the ten cults
I exposed, but many others, so instead of publishing my addresses I have
arranged with the writer to allow me to print this special edition of his
excellent work. By so doing we meet the demand of friends for this material and
provide my radio audience with another valuable book. 

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