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Bird Songs Don't Lie - Writings from the Rez - cover

Bird Songs Don't Lie - Writings from the Rez

Gordon Lee Johnson

Publisher: Heyday

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In this collection of essays and short stories, the Native American author explores reservation life through a range of genres and perspectives. 
In this moving collection, Gordon Lee Johnson (Cupeño/Cahuilla) distinguishes himself not only as a wry commentator on American Indian reservation life but also as a master of fiction writing. In Johnson’s stories, all of which are set on the fictional San Ignacio reservation in Southern California, we meet unforgettable characters like Plato Pena, the Stanford-bound geek who reads Kahlil Gibran during intertribal softball games; hardboiled investigator Roddy Foo; and Etta, whose motto is “early to bed, early to rise, work like hell, and advertise,” as they face down circumstances by turns ordinary and devastating. 
The nonfiction featured in Bird Songs Don’t Lie is equally revelatory in its exploration of complex connections between past and present. Whether examining his own conflicted feelings toward the missions as a source of both cultural damage and identity or sharing advice for cooking for eight dozen cowboys and -girls, Johnson plumbs the comedy, catastrophe, and beauty of his life on the Pala Reservation to thunderous effect.

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    The FBI Ten Most Wanted Fugitives list arose from a conversation held in late 1949 between J. Edgar Hoover, Director of the FBI, and William Kinsey Hutchinson who were discussing ways to promote capture of the FBI's "toughest guys". For sixty years, the FBI has sought the public's assistance in a special way through one of our most effective and longest running publicity programs, which, since 1950, has led to the location of more than 460 of our nation's most dangerous criminals. 
    FBI's "Ten Most Wanted Fugitives" Program:
    The Beginnings
    The Program
    Criteria for Placement on the List
    The List
    Removal from the List
    How the FBI Gets Its Men and Women:  
    A 20-Year Study of the FBI's "Ten Most Wanted Fugitives" Program 1989-2009
    Today's "Top Ten" List More Likely to Include Terrorist, Organized Crime Figures and Child Predators 
    "Top Tenners" Cannot Hide for Long
    Many Fugitives Found far from Home 
    "Top Ten" Fugitives Increasingly Caught Through Publicity 
    Project Pin Point
    Project Welcome Home
    America's Most Wanted
    Famous Cases:
    Thomas James Holden
    William Raymond Nesbit
    Isaie Beausoleil 
    Clyde Edward Laws
    James Earl Ray
    Richard Lee Tingler, Jr.
    Ruth Eisemann-Schier
    Theodore Robert Bundy
    Eric Robert Rudolph
    Warren Jeffs
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