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JOKES FOR VERY FUNNY KIDS (Big & Little) - A Treasury of Funny Jokes and Riddles Ages 9 - 12 and Up - cover

JOKES FOR VERY FUNNY KIDS (Big & Little) - A Treasury of Funny Jokes and Riddles Ages 9 - 12 and Up

Team Golfwell

Publisher: Pacific Trust Holdings NZ Ltd.

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Jokes for Very Funny Kids (Big and Little) provides children aged 9 -12 (and up) many hours of fun and laughter. Great for precocious younger kids too. 
“Laughter helps your child deal with potential anxiety, the stress of bad weather storms or other stressful situations…Laughter improves social connection and creates bonding.  When we laugh, we send a message, ‘I like you, and I am willing to play with you.’” – Dr. Amit Sood, Chairman of the Mind-Body Medicine Initiative, Mayo Clinic, Rochester. 
This book features: 
LEGO Jokes 
Q & A jokes 
Short set up jokes 
Medium set up jokes 
Pun jokes (Paronomasia – double meanings of words for humorous effects) 
Tongue Twisters including the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s “The World’s Toughest Tongue Twister” and other tough tongue twisters 
Corny jokes 
Easy riddles 
Hard riddles (for the whole family to solve) 
Knock knock jokes 
Brain teasers, and much more.  
The book is mainly designed to make children laugh and create lots of laughter. The jokes are spaced out well for easy reading. Throughout the book, a few of the jokes have slightly advanced words to improve your child’s vocabulary as in the joke below (e.g. recruit, evaluated, situation), 
“The police recruit was being evaluated and asked in a police exam, "Let me ask you about obeying the law.  If you had to arrest your own mother, how would you handle the situation?  What exactly would you do?" 
He replied, "I would call for backup.” 
It has been scientifically proven laughter is conducive to learning. Look inside and check out the contents. 
It makes a wonderful and happy gift for any child – big or little!

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