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A Very Italian Christmas - The Greatest Italian Holiday Stories of All Time - cover

A Very Italian Christmas - The Greatest Italian Holiday Stories of All Time

Giovanni Boccaccio, Giovanni Verga, Luigi Pirandello, Grazia Deledda, Matilde Serao, Camillo Boito, Natalia Ginzburg, Anna Maria Ortese, Andrea De Carlo

Publisher: New Vessel Press

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Classic and contemporary Christmas stories by great writers from Boccaccio to Strega Prize winner Anna Maria Ortese to Nobel laureate Grazia Deledda.   The third in the very popular Very Christmas series, this volume brings together the best Italian Christmas stories of all time in a vibrant collection featuring classic tales and contemporary works. With writing that dates from the Renaissance to the present day, from Boccaccio to Pirandello, as well as Anna Maria Ortese, Natalia Ginzburg, and Grazia Deledda, these literary gems are filled with ancient churches, trains whistling through the countryside, steaming tureens, plates piled high with pasta, High Mass, dashed hopes, golden crucifixes, flowing wine, shimmering gifts, and plenty of style. Like everything the Italians do, this is Christmas with its very own verve and flair, the perfect literary complement to a Buon Natale italiano.   Includes stories by: Luigi Pirandello ·• Camillo Boito • Matilde Serao • Anna Maria Ortese • Andrea De Carlo • Grazia Deledda • Giovanni Verga • Giovanni Boccaccio • Natalia Ginzburg
Available since: 09/04/2018.
Print length: 150 pages.

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    The Mountain Path is an adventure book like no other, an exploration of a healing brain, a journey into philosophy and psychology, a test of will and a triumph of hope.
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    This work contains the collected short stories of H.P Lovecraft:
    The Festival,
    Cool Air,
    In the Vault,
    Pickman's Model,
    The Nameless City,
    The Alchemist,
    The Very Old Folk,
    Rats in the Walls,
    From Beyond,
    The Hound,
    The Strange High House in the Mist,
    The Unnamable - Hypnos,
    The Quest of Iranon,
    The Temple,
    The Moon Bog,
    The Evil Clergyman,
    The Horror at Martin's Beach,
    The Silver Key,
    The Transition of Juan Romero,
    The Other Gods,
    The Outsider.
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    D.H. Lawrence, one of the most controversial writers of the twentieth century, challenged societal norms with his novels, leading to bans and legal battles. Born into a working-class mining community in Nottinghamshire, he aspired to rise above his roots. However, as fame brought success and new friends, he felt increasingly out of place. 
    Today, you can explore the landscapes that inspired his renowned works like "Sons and Lovers," "The Rainbow," and "Lady Chatterley's Lover." This tour sheds light on: 
    - His life from start to finish 
    - Family life and residences 
    - Early-life tensions that fueled his creativity 
    - How his surroundings influenced his writing settings 
    - His affair with a married woman 
    Discover the captivating life of D.H. Lawrence, a literary giant, with links for further exploration.
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