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Life After Humanity - Thorns and Fangs #3 - cover

Life After Humanity - Thorns and Fangs #3

Gillian St. Kevern

Publisher: NineStar Press, LLC

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Ben is a recovering vampire determined to pick up the pieces of the life that came to a halt when he was murdered over a year ago—even if that means distancing himself from his few remaining friends. Nate, struggling to navigate his new identity as a Class 3 Unknown paranormal, knows it will take more than mastery of his affinity with plants to convince Ben they belong together. 
When Ben’s application for human status is denied, he must fight to leave the paranormal world behind him while Nate’s generous impulses drag him into conflict with a werewolf pack with designs on ruling New Camden. As Ben’s vampire family draws closer to finding him, his vampire instinct awakens—throwing his continued existence into jeopardy. The hunt for the missing werewolf continues, and Nate and Ben become pawns in Councilor Wisner’s plans to take control of the city. Their only hope is each other—if they can see that before all is lost.

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    Persuasion - Lesbian Erotic Stories

    Virginia Wild

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    It seemed harmless enough to give her a ride since she was stranded and it was absolutely pouring.
    Was she tricked or too curious to resist?
    The book has 6 Girl-meets-Girl short stories of 
    Curiosity and Discovery.
    As a fleeting bisexual impulse becomes overpowering, sometimes inexperienced women act on their fascination of exotic lesbians they meet.  Could the straight girl avoid falling for the lesbian who put the moves on her?  She is reluctant in so many ways, but in the end she allows herself to be seduced by the woman for her first lesbian experience.
    “Persuasion–Lesbian Erotic Stories” is a collection of 6 stories of lesbian erotica, which contains explicit language and depictions of consensual sex between adults.  
    1. Emo Chick at the Pool
    2. Lost Kindle
    3. Lezmark
    4. Naples
    5. Tit Mouse
    6. Bike Share
    Any resemblance to persons is purely coincidental.
    © 2013 Virginia Wild
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  • Something About Her - cover

    Something About Her

    Olivia Hampshire

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    "What a story and thank you so much Olivia Hampshire. The is one of the best, "House of Romance" books yet. I am a big and beautiful lesbian. I am a very big and beautiful lesbian and I never see or hear about me in any books or in any movies or on any television shows. I love the way that the truth comes out about how important the inside of a person is. Please write more books like this for the millions of us that live and breath." Emily, Yazoo City, MS 
    "An adventure of people getting to know each other and really finding out what is important in life. And that slim ball uncle. That tells you what to be careful of when you have a little too much to drink. I don´t want to give away the story, but he got his and many times in this day and age that doesn´t happen. This was a lesbian romance story worth reading and I am so glad I bought the whole 8 book, House of Romance bundle before I read this one, though I really don't think one would have too. Thanks Olivia. Write On!" Sophia, Gulfport, NO 
    "A great story. I could not stop. It made my plane ride go very, very, fast. An, my partner likes to read what I am reading, so we both read, "Something about Her," and the bonus books for Lesbian Billionaire were just wonderful also. We downloaded the 4 book bundle for Lesbian Billionaire before we go off of the plane. We didn´t want to get off. Your lesbian romance stories are just the best." Mia, Memphis, TN 
    "I am a fat woman. My partner says that I am not that good looking and my teeth don't help the picture much either. Somehow, I got lucky with my partner because she is a drop dead, knockout TEN! She gave me a chance to get to know her. I don't know why, but we are together and it is heaven just like the way things worked out in this book. We have way more sex than they do though. LOL! Thank you for you House of Romance Books. We love reading lesbian romance are we are happy to be on your mailing list through your communication circle." Lily, Little Rock, AR
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  • Gaudí Afternoon - cover

    Gaudí Afternoon

    Barbara Wilson

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    A professional translator and amateur detective travels to Barcelona to find a missing man in this mystery hailed as a “high-spirited comic adventure” (The New York Times). American but with an Irish passport, the itinerant translator Cassandra Reilly is living in London when she receives an unexpected phone call. The voice on the other end belongs to Frankie Stevens, a San Francisco transplant with an unusual request. Her husband, Ben, has gone missing—presumably in Barcelona—and Frankie needs a translator to help her find him. Not one to pass up a well-paying gig or a free trip to Barcelona, Cassandra takes the job. But she quickly realizes that all is not as it seems. Frankie’s charm is matched only by her guile. As Cassandra chases down leads in search of Ben, she becomes increasingly tangled in a web of half-truths—and caught between former flames Ana and Carmen. Winner of the British Crime Writers’ Award for Best Mystery Based in Europe and the Lambda Literary Award for Best Lesbian Mystery, Gaudí Afternoon is the first book in the Cassandra Reilly Mystery series, which continues with Trouble in Transylvania and The Death of a Much-Travelled Woman, and concludes with The Case of the Orphaned Bassoonists. 
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  • Funny Boy - A Novel - cover

    Funny Boy - A Novel

    Shyam Selvadurai

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    An evocative coming-of-age novel about growing up gay in Sri Lanka during the Tamil-Sinhalese conflict—one of the country’s most turbulent and deadly periods. 
    Arjie is “funny.” 
    The second son of a privileged family in Sri Lanka, he prefers staging make-believe wedding pageants with his female cousins to battling balls with the other boys. When his parents discover his innocent pastime, Arjie is forced to abandon his idyllic childhood games and adopt the rigid rules of an adult world. Bewildered by his incipient sexual awakening, mortified by the bloody Tamil-Sinhalese conflicts that threaten to tear apart his homeland, Arjie painfully grows toward manhood and an understanding of his own “different” identity. 
    Refreshing, raw, and poignant, Funny Boy is an exquisitely written, compassionate tale of a boy’s coming-of-age that quietly confounds expectations of love, family, and country as it delivers the powerful message of staying true to one’s self no matter the obstacles.
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  • Alpha's Surprise Baby - Alphas' Fated Mates #4 - cover

    Alpha's Surprise Baby - Alphas'...

    Kellan Larkin

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    His blonde hair, the colorful tattoos on his porcelain skin, and his sparkling amber eyes were all intoxicating, conspiring to create a man who I couldn’t get enough of. 
    Kade's an Omega wolf who just happens to be a rock star. But when his second album is released to terrible reviews, he loses all his enthusiasm for going on tour. That changes when his newly hired bodyguard turns out to be his fated mate. 
    Alpha Xander is thrilled to have found the man he's going to spend the rest of his life with. But he's still healing from the pain caused by a cheating ex. When Kade gets pregnant, he has to step up and become the father his new baby needs. 
    Through a stressful tour, a heartrending kidnapping, and a thrilling rescue, Kade and Xander find that their love is tested beyond belief. Will the bond of the fated mates stay true? 
    Find out if they'll find their happiness in this standalone novella with a HEA. No cheating, no cliffhangers. Inside, you'll find a precious shifter baby and plenty of sugar and spice. 
    He smiled at me and put a small, sweet kiss on my forehead. "I’m your Alpha, and I’m going to protect you like I should.”
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  • Alpha's Soulmate - Alphas' Fated Mates #1 - cover

    Alpha's Soulmate - Alphas' Fated...

    Kellan Larkin

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    He took my chin and pressed his lips to mine. Bliss overwhelmed me. This was utterly divine. 
    Tucker's an Omega wolf recovering from a traumatic past. He ran away to Lake City to pursue his passion for journalism. While he knows it's also time to find his Alpha, he's distrustful and wary of emotional intimacy. That changes when he meets Clay. 
    After a broken engagement with an ex-fiancé who stalked and threatened him, Clay buried himself in his work, founding a successful tech company. Now he's ready to move on and find his fated mate. But it turns out his ex isn't quite ready to let him go. 
    When demons from the past threaten to disrupt the pair's growing relationship, Tucker and Clay find that they'll have to fight for their love.  
    Find out if they'll succeed in this standalone novella with a HEA. No cheating, no cliffhangers. Inside, you'll find a protective Alpha and plenty of sugar and spice. 
    We’re going to start off fresh and build something together. We can do this, Tucker. You and me.
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