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Public Speaking Principles: The Success Guide for Beginners to Efficient Communication and Presentation Skills How To Rapidly Lose Fear and Excite Your Audience as a Confident Speaker Without Anxiety - Communication Series - cover

Public Speaking Principles: The Success Guide for Beginners to Efficient Communication and Presentation Skills How To Rapidly Lose Fear and Excite Your Audience as a Confident Speaker Without Anxiety - Communication Series

Gerard Shaw

Publisher: Gerard Shaw

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This Book Will Help You Master Public Speaking Even If You're Introverted Or Anxious 
If you're like most of us, you openly admire – and maybe secretly envy – those who can stand fearlessly in front of a crowd of strangers and deliver an inspiring speech without any visible effort. 
But what if you could be one of these chosen few? What if you could make your message clear and powerful and deliver it without fear? What if you could turn passive listeners into excited followers? 
Would you give up your job, unveil that brilliant business idea that's been incubating in the back of your mind, and make the world fall in love with it? 
Would you fearlessly expand your social circle and easily befriend dozens of awesome people? 
Would you use your unique persuasion skills to advocate for social justice, climate protection, or any other issue that's important to you? 
Yes, you can do it even if you're deeply introverted, if you've been scared of public speaking since middle school, and if just hearing the word "networking" makes you deeply anxious. If you think that you're "just not cut out for public speaking", stop and think again. You just didn't have the opportunity to learn public speaking skills from a trusted mentor! 
It's time to act. 
Don't let your amazing ideas wither away unheard and don't let career opportunities pass you by. Communication coach Gerard Shaw is here to help you. A self-confessed introvert, he knows exactly what you're going through and how to empower you with actionable, scientifically proven techniques. 
Here's what you'll learn: 
Strategies to face down your fears and regain confidence 
How to harness the full potential of verbal and non-verbal communication and make your message strikingly powerful 
Expert-approved techniques to plan and structure your speech and visuals 
The three factors that will help you create a strong but sympathetic presence 
The beginner mistakes that could ruin your speech – and how to avoid them! 
You may have tried consulting other public speaking books but ended up disappointed. But this book is different because it's so practical and relatable. It contains step-by-step guides that won't overwhelm you, allowing for calm, steady progress. 
Some Frequently Asked Questions: 
Q: Can I use this book if I'm a student, not a businessperson? 
A: Of course! The strategies presented in the book are guaranteed to help everyone boost their public speaking skills, regardless of gender, age, or social status. 
Q: I'm extremely introverted and people just make me terribly tired. Can I overcome this if I want to be a successful public speaker? 
A: Introverts can be successful leaders and public speakers! In fact, Gerard Shaw himself is an introvert. When you apply his tips and tricks, you'll see a great reduction in your stress levels and you'll find social situations much easier to cope with. 
Boost your social skills, become a great public speaker, and let your ideas conquer the world!

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