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Menagerie Manor - cover

Menagerie Manor

Gerald Durrell

Publisher: Open Road Media

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The author of the Corfu Trilogy recounts the delights—and challenges—of opening a private zoo on the English Channel Island of Jersey. Spurred by his passion for animals and a lifelong dream, in the spring of 1959 Gerald Durrell opened the Jersey Zoo—now known as the Durrell Wildlife Park—on the grounds of an old manor house. The menagerie provided a safe habitat for rare and endangered species and exposed its human visitors to the wonders of nature.   Dealing with escapee animals and overdrawn bank accounts, Durrell soon discovered that owning and operating a fledgling zoo was no easy task. But despite the setbacks, these charming, often hilarious stories make clear that, for Durrell, ensuring the park’s success and helping the creatures he loved so dearly was worth any obstacle.  This ebook features an illustrated biography of Gerald Durrell including rare photos from the author’s estate.    

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    Simple Daily Chart Stock Trading Method is meant to expedite your learning curve which can sometimes be long and costly. You can Google this or that information however it would take you many years to learn what I am going to tell you in this book before you could invest any of your hard earned real money in the live markets and have a chance making real money. 
    This book is easy to read, and most importantly will be effective in helping a brand new trader understand what sort of foundation will be necessary to succeed as a financial market trader. New traders come into this business with a huge ego and a feeling of invincibility and think they are going to beat the market, 97% fail, don’t be that trader. 
    What you will learn in Simple Daily Chart Forex Trading Method will fast track your knowledge of what you need to know to get started learning. You can perhaps go from knowing 0 to trading and making real money in the live markets in as little as 30 days to a couple of months if you do what it says in this book and only look at daily charts to work from as a beginner. This time frame is the easiest to learn as a beginner and may well take you less or more time depending on how fast you grasp the basic principles of this book and how fast you can employ them in a live market environment. 
    Do you want to make money right away in the live market or waste time and perhaps A LOT OF MONEY on doing things the wrong way from the start the cost of which can be steep and be an account killer and no one wants that right? Learn to use a daily chart and you will be on your way to becoming a financially successful and consistently profitable trader right from the start.
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    CONSCIOUS FITNESS is a timely and important book that invites its readers to gain a new perspective on health and wellness.  It involves looking at nutrition, exercise and overall fitness from our most basic level, pure energy, otherwise known as Zero Point Energy.  It is a modern journey into critical thought, intended to rid the reader of limiting beliefs they may have about their health, weight, level of fitness and their capacity to change.
    This book begins with an exploration of human health and wellness from an energy perspective.  At the most subatomic level, ultimately, we are nothing but pure energy and the health of that energy affects our outward mental and physical well-being.  This energy can be found (or hidden) by the conscious mind, and its canvas is our very bodies and our minds. Through the use of new scientific research, quantum science, philosophy, exercise physiology, spirituality, nutrition, and motivational science, the reader is introduced to a new belief system.  This system challenges the reader to consider new possibilities regarding their health and wellness.  
    Robert Krueger is the owner and operator of Zero Point Fitness, a fitness training center and gym in Arbor Vitae Wisconsin. He is a National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified Physical Trainer (CPT) and is certified and specializes in corrective exercise (CES). He works with all ages and interests with muscle imbalances, stability issues, weight loss and post rehabiliation from injuries and specializes in shoulder and back corrective exercise. He also works with highschool, college and semi pro athletes to improve performance in their sport. He employs a variety of personally designed exercises and techniques to include sport simulation and competitive visualization in order to place his clients in an environment where they can perform optimally both in mind and body.
    “Attaining infinite possibilities is only prevented by the barriers we build in our minds” - Bob Krueger
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  • Excel For Business Math - cover

    Excel For Business Math

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    Excel is a common spreadsheet program used in businesses across the country for nearly everything from tracking accounts to tracking the wages of employees. If you are learning business math, chances are you are being asked to learn Excel and become proficient in using the program. If you look into any jobs in business, from running your own business to working as an administrative assistant to simply working the front desk, you will find that Excel is a program you need to be well acquainted with. If you are having trouble, you can either contact a local tutor or research online help resources.
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  • Machine Learning: Adaptive Behaviour Through Experience - Thinking Machines - cover

    Machine Learning: Adaptive...

    alasdair gilchrist

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    This book is an introduction to Machine learning for beginners yet it has sufficient depth to interest technical developers. It addresses the subject of Machine Learning algorithms and the training techniques used, which will enable an agent to learn through its own experience gained through interaction with its environment. The book is aimed at students without any prerequisite knowledge of math or statistics, instead it addresses the algorithms, functions and techniques as understandable processes that the layman can comprehend and action. 
    The topics of interest are as follows: 
    How does A.I. differ from Machine Learning 
    Machine Learning in practice 
    Understanding the Machine Learning process 
    Introduction to ML algorithms 
    Function families of algorithms 
    Approaches to Machine Learning 
    Techniques and methods in applied Machine Learning 
    Working with error 
    Planning the Machine Learning process 
    Understanding Linear regression 
    Understanding Decision Trees 
    Understanding Bayesian Networks 
    Understanding Association Rules 
    Understanding Support Vector Machines 
    Understanding Clustering 
    Understanding Neural Networks 
    Intro to Deep Neural Networks (DNN) 
    Types of DNN 
    Understanding Feature Engineering 
    Machine Learning Platforms and Frameworks 
     Initially we will introduce machine learning and describe it relationship with Artificial Intelligence. As part of the discussion we will learn what Machine Learning is and how it differentiates from A.I. we will learn about some features of Machine Learning and study Machine Learning in practical terms by witnessing it in action. We will see the wide and diverse application of Machine Learning and understand its pervasiveness throughout most modern technologies. 
    Then we will look under the hood at the technology to get an idea of how Machine Learning works rather than just a high-level of what it does. In particular we will be introduced to the three approaches to Machine Learning, supervised, unsupervised and reinforcement learning. We will learn about each method, how it works and why it is used for particular scenarios as well the families of algorithms that are the foundation of Machine Learning and by doing so we will learn some of the basic principles behind algorithms and some of the important inherent constraints. We will discuss the Bias-variance dilemma, the requirement for generalization, and our preference for simple over complex models. In addition we will introduce a commonly used term in Machine Learning, overfitting and we will learn the principle, how it occurs and why it is such an issue. We will also learn how we measure error accurately and suggest some trade-offs that improve performance. 
    Then we come to addressing the harsh practical reality of preparing a Machine Learning model. We will learn how to handle data, through acquisition, cleansing and preparation. We will also learn how to choose an approach, a method and an algorithm that suits our needs. In the course of the book we will study Linear regression, Decision Trees, Bayesian Networks, Association Rules, Support Vector Machines, Clustering and Artificial Neural Networks. 
    We will also learn about Feature Engineering the important task of selecting the appropriate features for the method being deployed. We will learn how to identify appropriate features and the techniques for feature extraction. 
    Finally in the closing Chapter we will learn about the Machine Learning platforms and software languages that have good ML frameworks. We will also learn about other Machine learning resources, tools and techniques that enable even SME’s to actively participate in Machine Learning activities and research.
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  • Elon Musk - Tesla SpaceX and the Quest for a Fantastic Future - cover

    Elon Musk - Tesla SpaceX and the...

    Ashlee Vance

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    In the spirit of Steve Jobs and Moneyball, Elon Musk is both an illuminating and authorized look at the extraordinary life of one of Silicon Valley’s most exciting, unpredictable, and ambitious entrepreneurs—a real-life Tony Stark—and a fascinating exploration of the renewal of American invention and its new “makers.” 
    Elon Musk spotlights the technology and vision of Elon Musk, the renowned entrepreneur and innovator behind SpaceX, Tesla, and SolarCity, who sold one of his Internet companies, PayPal, for $1.5 billion. Ashlee Vance captures the full spectacle and arc of the genius’s life and work, from his tumultuous upbringing in South Africa and flight to the United States to his dramatic technical innovations and entrepreneurial pursuits. 
    Vance uses Musk’s story to explore one of the pressing questions of our age: can the nation of inventors and creators who led the modern world for a century still compete in an age of fierce global competition? He argues that Musk—one of the most unusual and striking figures in American business history—is a contemporary, visionary amalgam of legendary inventors and industrialists including Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, Howard Hughes, and Steve Jobs. More than any other entrepreneur today, Musk has dedicated his energies and his own vast fortune to inventing a future that is as rich and far-reaching as the visionaries of the golden age of science-fiction fantasy. 
    Thorough and insightful, Elon Musk brings to life a technology industry that is rapidly and dramatically changing by examining the life of one of its most powerful and influential titans.
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  • Microsoft Excel Formulas - cover

    Microsoft Excel Formulas

    Speedy Publishing

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    A Microsoft Excel formulas study guide helps students by providing them with all of the formulas needed to perform tasks in Microsoft Excel in one convenient location. Any students taking an Information Systems or Information Technology class for business majors would find this kind of study guide useful. Most of the formulas used in Excel have to be found in various pages of the program's help section, so they are not in one place. Having the formulas all on one page provides students with a handy resource for looking up formulas without having to go through several tabs or flip through several pages of a book.
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