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Afterburner Sunsets - Antigravel - cover

Afterburner Sunsets - Antigravel

George Saoulidis

Publisher: Mythography Studios

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When the new girl in town stumbles on a couple with a very unique relationship, she decides to help them with an unconventional solution. But will she manage to keep them together despite the cosmic forces trying to keep them apart, when the very nature of the solution she proposed can get in the way of the couple and when her university professor is opposed to the project?

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  • The Fae Lord's Mistress - A Dark Fantasy Romance - cover

    The Fae Lord's Mistress - A Dark...

    Lisa Kumar

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    Ever since the day a fae raid stole away my parents, poverty and scavenging have been two constants in my life. Home is the human slums of Chimra, though it was once known as the great city of Chicago. The fae rule over New Earth and humanity with a neglectful and ruthless fist. But everything changes when Gabreon, the fae lord who led that raid six years ago, finds me in the forbidden dumping grounds and claims me as his own. Which leads to anger, confusion, and heartache—on my side and his.
    Lina. The human Gabreon couldn't forget. When he sees her in the dumping grounds, he no longer can ignore the pull between them. Though claiming her goes against everything he was brought up to believe, he takes her as his companion. During the day, she holds herself away from him, but at night, she sparks to life in his arms. As a human revolution ferments and his growing relationship with Lina becomes even more perilous, he discovers that he and his society have much to make amends for. Earning her forgiveness will be hard, but keeping both of them alive in the meantime might prove impossible.
    ~~This story pulls you in with its passion and adventure and doesn't let go. Lina and Gabreon's tale spans several books. Though this story can function as a standalone, it is better read as part of a series~~
    ~~The Fae Lord's Mistress is a dark fantasy romance that deals with sensitive issues and adult situations. If you dislike any of those, then this epic fantasy romance likely isn't for you~~
    ~~Serialized on Tapas in the Premium Program as The Sidhe Lord's Mistress~~
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  • The Future of Sex - Books 1-12 - cover

    The Future of Sex - Books 1-12

    Sean Platt, Johnny B. Truant

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    In a future that’s lost its soul, a prodigy rises.
    In the year 2060, an omnipresent network has made humanity into something new. Thought has been hijacked. Emotion has been co-opted. Sensation has been ramped up to eleven, and “what feels good” is all anyone needs.
    The monolithic O Corporation is the most powerful entity in what remains of the world, having manipulated society’s values for decades in the name of profit. O’s leader Alexa Mathis is genius, ruthless, obsessed with the idea of finding a digital savior nobody else believes in — and swings power even the rulers don’t know she has.
    Enter Chloe Shaw: too young, too inexperienced, and too naive for the task before her. In name, Chloe is an escort — the highest of the high in a world where sex is queen. But to those who’ve been searching, Chloe seems to be much more. Someone with strange abilities no one can explain. Someone, it seems, who’s able to control the next-gen AI network on the horizon — an omniscient and nearly omnipotent entity known as The Beam.
    Is Chloe who Alexa thinks she is? As society reaches its tipping point, she must try to stake a claim for our future … before our future is decided by The Beam.
    Sex sells, yes. But it’s never sold quite like this — with the soul of humanity as its ultimate price.
    The Future of Sex is a 12-episode, 6-book serial that takes place in Platt and Truant’s award-winning world of The Beam.
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  • Magic and the Shinigami Detective - cover

    Magic and the Shinigami Detective

    Honor Raconteur

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    When the Night Foxes boldly break into the Fourth Precinct’s Evidence Building, it causes quite the stir. The break-in is daring enough, but their method shreds the magical wards and protections on the building like confetti paper. To say the police are ‘alarmed’ by this is the understatement of the century.
    As a Magical Examiner, Henri Davenforth is of course immediately called in. Quite to his astonishment, Captain Gregson has him work the case like a detective. Even more astounding, he assigns Henri a partner.
    The Shinigami Detective.
    The woman is famous for killing the most destructive rogue witch of the century, and no one is quite certain where she’s from. Every officer in the precinct is either in awe of her or a little frightened by her. Henri is just baffled. What is he supposed to do with a partner?
    Hopefully killing one witch makes Jamie Edwards enough of an expert on magic to be helpful, as the thieves aren’t content to just break into one building. They in fact seem to have an agenda, as with each theft, they take magical objects. It’s all mounting to a dangerously powerful magical construct capable of toppling the wards on any building.
    And no one has any idea what the thieves’ true target is.
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  • Science Fiction & Fantasy Short Stories - cover

    Science Fiction & Fantasy Short...

    Herbert George Wells

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    Wondrous worlds abound in the stories within. Heroes go on great adventures through magical realms, encounter alien races, and use their ingenuity to overcome impossible difficulties.From Robert E. Howard's thrilling stories of Conan the Barbarian to Nathaniel Hawthorne's subtle tale "The Artist of the Beautiful," the power of the imagination is breathtaking. The settings range from the frozen wastes of Antarctica to the red plains of Mars. Themes of space travel, apocalypse, magic, and power permeate these stories, but at their heart, as with all good fiction, are the characters - who remain as human as you or I.During the 19th century many writers such as Nathaniel Hawthorne and Ambrose Bierce, tried their hand at fantasy and science fiction, but few fully devoted themselves to the genre.It took two men to change this: H. G. Wells and Robert E. Howard. Wells was a founder of the science fiction genre whose novels The Time Machine and The War of the Worlds established him as one of the greatest writers of the time. Howard was nearly as influential on the fantasy genre, as his character Conan the Barbarian has remained immensely popular for generations.In the early 20th century, fantasy and science fiction truly established themselves in the pulp magazines. Writers like Charles B. Stilson, John York Cabot, and Harry Gore Bishop struggled to make a living even though they wrote prolifically for these magazines. The literary landscape as we know it today was established through the writing of these devoted individuals.This collection features several of the premier writers of speculative fiction. Authors include:W. L. AldenRobert BarrAmbrose BierceHarry Gore BishopJohn York CabotNictzin DyalhisFrancis FlaggGeorge GriffithNathaniel HawthorneRobert E. HowardKenneth MorrisWilliam MorrisCharles B. StilsonH. G. Wells
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  • Shifter Menage : Paranormal Romance Collection - cover

    Shifter Menage : Paranormal...

    Emma Taylor, J.K. Hudson

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    Tempted by Two Wolves 
    Christina was a small town nurse out having a girls' night with her best friend. Little did she know she would come across a tall and darkly handsome man who intrigued her, made her laugh, and made her want him. When Tarik was suddenly called away after giving Christina a kiss she'd never forget, Christina was shocked by something she simply could not accept. That is until Roland came to find her.  
    Roland's task was to bring Christina to Tarik, but a spark was had between the two that couldn't be denied. Once alone with Tarik and Roland something happened that Christina never would have foreseen between the three of them, and she learned that what she feared was true; they were werewolves.  
    Christina returned home trying to come to terms with everything that had taken place, but then the unexpected happened when members of an enemy werewolf pack knocked on Christina's door. Could she accept Tarik and Roland? And most importantly, was she in danger from the members of the enemy pack?s only! 
    Double Her Dragons 
    Two of Them: She gets more than she bargained for on her mission for adventure.  
    One of Her: Neither is willing to give her up and tempers will flare. The only solution is to share.  
    Ava Murphy never really knew what it meant to be spontaneous and to live life on her terms until she made a promise to do just that. Packing up and moving from the small town she grew up in, her mission is to experience everything she missed out on. Ending up in Houston, she encounters two men who will give her more adventure than she can handle, and she will love every scandalous, passionate minute of it.  
    Zac and Mason are men unlike any others Ava has ever met. They make her feel alive, and she completes them both, but the secret they carry might scare her away. The love triangle causes tempers to rise and secrets to be revealed. Neither man is willing to give her up. Ava will have to make the choice to walk away or choose one. But what happens when she admits that she wants them both? At the end of her quest for adventure, her life will change forever. 
    Double Bears 
    Cynthia loves books and the adventurous lives of the people in them, but she herself lives the normal life of a librarian. Rarely does she ever go out. Most of her days consists of reading and working at the library. That is until she is nearly killed by a man on the run. In fear of her life, she tries to run away and runs smack into the men who are chasing the man who have taken her hostage. 
    Shaun and Gerald are known in the shapeshifter circle as the Brothers Swagger for they are the best bounty hunters there are. They save Cynthia from her would be kidnapper and return her safely to her home. For the Brothers Swagger, the job is done, but for Cynthia something has changed. She can't get the two men out of her head. Even at work all she can think about is having both of them in her bedroom at once. A thought so foreign that she wonders if it is her own. When they ask her to dinner, a part of her just wants to say no and be done with them, but a much bigger part of her wants to go, so she accepts the invitation. After dinner, they take her home and the whole way Cynthia can't stop thinking about them. When they pull up in front of her house, she decides to invite them inside. Will they take her up on her offer?
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  • God of Malice - Fate's Warriors #3 - cover

    God of Malice - Fate's Warriors #3

    J.C. Diem

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    Violet’s world has only recently recovered from being invaded, but it is now about to be subjected to an attack by aliens. Her angelic and human friends will need to step up once again to save their planet. They will be instrumental in helping Hellscourge and her fellow warriors save humanity from enslavement. 
    Bianca has felt like a pawn ever since she fell into Loki’s arms. When Fate contacts her directly and gives her a task, she realizes her hunch is correct. Her mission is monumental and she isn’t sure that she can pull it off. For the sake of humanity, she has to do the impossible; change the mind of a god. 
    Violet’s version of Loki has allied himself with creatures who are even more sly and treacherous than he is. His choice of partners will prove to be more of a danger than he’d anticipated, but he’d never expected the peril would be to himself. 
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