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The Collected Works of George MacDonald - The Complete Works PergamonMedia - cover

The Collected Works of George MacDonald - The Complete Works PergamonMedia

George MacDonald

Publisher: PergamonMedia

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This comprehensive eBook presents the complete works or all the significant works - the Œuvre - of this famous and brilliant writer in one ebook - 28900 pages easy-to-read and easy-to-navigate: 
• The Princess and the Goblin
• Phantastes: A Faerie Romance for Men and Women
• Lilith: A Romance
• The Princess and the Goblin
• At the Back of the North Wind
• The Light Princess
• A Book of Strife in the Form of The Diary of an Old Soul
• The Princess and Curdie
• Unspoken Sermons, Series I., II., and III.
• The Light Princess and Other Fairy Stories
• The Hope of the Gospel
• A Double Story
• The Portent and Other Stories
• The Princess and Curdie
• At the Back of the North Wind and Elizabeth Lewis
• A Dish of Orts: Chiefly Papers on the Imagination, and on Shakespeare
• The Flight of the Shadow
• Annals of a Quiet Neighbourhood
• Stephen Archer, and Other Tales
• Miracles of Our Lord
• Gibbie
• Malcolm
• What's Mine's Mine — Complete
• Far Above Rubies
• David Elginbrod
• The Marquis of Lossie
• Adela Cathcart, Volume 
• Robert Falconer
• Heather and Snow
• The Vicar's Daughter
• Cross Purposes and The Shadows
• Ranald Bannerman's Boyhood
• Thomas Wingfold, Curate
• Mary Marston
• Wilfrid Cumbermede
• Alec Forbes of Howglen
• The Seaboard Parish, Complete
• Adela Cathcart
• St. George and St. Michael
• There & Back
• Home Again
• Donal Grant
• England's Antiphon
• Paul Faber, Surgeon
• Warlock o' Glenwarlock: A Homely Romance
• A Hidden Life and Other Poems
• Salted with Fire
• Weighed and Wanting
• The Tragedie of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark
• The Elect Lady
• Gutta-Percha Willie
• A Rough Shaking
• At the Back of the North Wind
• Rampolli
• The poetical works of 
• The Princess and the Goblin
• St. George and St. Michael 
• The poetical works of in two volumes — Volume 
• What's Mine's Mine — Volume 
• Thomas Wingfold, Curate V
• The Seaboard Parish 
• My Contemporaries In FictionDavid Christie Murray
• The Light Princess
• Thomas Wingfold
• etc.

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