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A Controlled Existence - Dutch Capture Series Book Two - cover

A Controlled Existence - Dutch Capture Series Book Two

Gemma Stone

Publisher: Pink Flamingo Media

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As this sequel to The Sessions
 opens, Kat, Meg, and Courtney are slaves to Paul Ulbrecht, a wealthy 
and mysterious Dom, with whom they live in a polyamorous relationship.  
The quartet live a 24/7 D/s lifestyle.  Paul continues to deepen their 
submission, using them not only for his own pleasure but to serve at his
 frequent play parties.  Things only get more exciting for them all when
 Paul introduces the women to “Princess Ondine,” an internet sensation.
 Paul works as a controversial sex therapist, he also owns Star Fall, an
 elegant clothing-optional resort in the Caribbean, which covertly 
caters to the D/s community.  Two additional reside there – Claire, his 
business protégé and Tom. Despite the relationship with Tom, Paul 
maintains that he is straight, contending that his relationships with 
men are about domination and not sex.
 Kat’s relationship with Paul evolves, she becomes determined to marry 
him, although she doesn’t want it to upset the group’s stabile 
“family.”  Things, however, are threatened when her desire sets off a 
competition with Claire. Kat is confused, uncertain what the contest is 
all about. Will the game upset the very relationships she wants 
desperately to preserve? Will she lose both Paul and Meg whom she loves 
equally?  Will she get what she wants or perhaps more than she bargained


Follow the group’s adventures from affluent New England to New York City and to a sun-drenched island in the Caribbean.

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