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Touchpad Plus Ver 31 Class 5 - cover

Touchpad Plus Ver 31 Class 5

Geeta Zunjani

Publisher: Orange Education Pvt Ltd

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Computer Science Textbook Designed for Joyful Learning 

- National Education Policy 2020 
- Tech Funda: This section provides a practical information or tip to the students. 
- Clickipedia: This section provides interesting computer facts. 
- Lab Session: This is a lab activity to develop practical skills. (Subject Enrichment) 
- Explore More: This section contains supplement topics for add-on knowledge. 
- QR Code: Scan the QR Code given on the first page of each chapter to start chapter animation. 
- Mind Boggler: This section has puzzle or fun based activity to help understand the concepts better. 

Touchpad PLUS (Version 3.1) series based on Ubuntu 20 and LibreOffice 7 is designed carefully keeping in mind the overall growth of the child. 

The books contain updated topics like 3D Printing and Artificial Intelligence that will definitely give our students an edge above others and hence make programming ideas more innovative and creative. 
Learning is done best when it’s fun-filled and activity based. To ensure that the content intrigues the students at all times and keeps them interested throughout the course of the book, we have included interesting key features like Student Corner, Tech Funda, Clickipedia, Comp Caution, Restart, Checkpoint, Mind Boggler, Hands-On, Subject Enrichment—Lab Session, Teacher’s Note, Periodic Assessment, Test Sheet, Project Work, Speech Drill and Glossary. 

You will learn about: 
- Digital World 
- Cyber World 
- Coding World 
- Computational Thinking 
- Artificial Intelligence 

Grade - 5 

1. Fundamentals of a Computer 
2. Managing Files or Folders in Ubuntu 
3. Drawing Objects in LibreOffice Writer 
4. Creating Tables in LibreOffice Writer 
5. Customizing Slides in LibreOffice Impress 
6. Animation and Special Effects in LibreOffice Impress 
7. Introduction to LibreOffice Calc 
8. More on Internet 
9. Data Processing 
10. Programming in Scratch 
11. Concept of Smart Living 
12. Project Work 
13. Explore More (Windows 10) 
14. OGO Cyber Sample Questions 
15. Glossary
Available since: 01/20/2021.

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