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The Online Meetings Handbook - The New Rules for Personal and Team Success - cover

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The Online Meetings Handbook - The New Rules for Personal and Team Success

Gary Genard

Publisher: Cedar & Maitland Press

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Learn the 'New Rules' for personal and team success in virtual meetings and video conferences . . .
Are you struggling to boost your confidence, skills, and influence in online meetings? Here is the book you've been waiting for. Gary Genard, author of the award-winning Fearless Speaking and How to Give a Speech presents "the new rules" for speaking successfully in the virtual world.
A professional actor and one of America's leading speech coaches, Dr. Genard offers easy-to-learn skills for individuals and teams to excel in the virtual environment. The Online Meetings Handbook offers powerful and proven techniques. You'll learn how to:
• Look and sound at your best in online meetings.
• Make remote sessions and conferences more enjoyable and productive.
• Improve your personal and team presentation skills online.
• Effortlessly project greater power and presence on video.
• Use this "trick" to speak more clearly and concisely.
• Become more personable and likable in front of a webcam.
• Develop a warmer and more powerful voice.
• Calm your nerves prior to or at the start of a meeting.
• Boost your credibility and charisma.
• Help your team stay energized in the face of Zoom fatigue.
• Discover how your company can stay ahead of the competition.
• And much more!
Gary Genard can make anyone a more confident and dynamic communicator—and has been doing so for the past two decades. Now, he helps you and your team bring the same skills of effective performance to the virtual environment. Use this groundbreaking book to thrive in the virtual world, where online meetings are more important than ever.
Remote meetings and video conferences are a new vital part of our jobs these days. If you need better skills to stand out—if you want to reach the next level of credibility and influence—you need this book! We're all online now . . . and there's been no time to develop the 'virtual persona' you need to excel.
Until now.

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