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Knot Tying Book for Everyday Occasion - A Knot Tying Guide on How to Tie 25 of the Most Important Rope Knots with Step By Step Knot Tying Instructions - cover

Knot Tying Book for Everyday Occasion - A Knot Tying Guide on How to Tie 25 of the Most Important Rope Knots with Step By Step Knot Tying Instructions

Garrick Boyd

Publisher: Garrick Boyd

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Are you looking for that one book to help you perfect the knot tying art to enable you make several kinds of knots for different purposes, whether as a sailor, rock climber, fisherman, or camper? If so, then read on...

Knot Tying Book for Everyday Occasion amazingly has all you need; tips, techniques, guidelines, and graphical illustrations needed to make you feel like you are in a classroom where the art of rope knotting is taught.

Are you perhaps just coming across rope knots for the first time? Have you probably gotten intimidated by the way some rope knots are made?

Relax and know what this art entails. Trust me; you'll love it and feel more confident afterward.

What does knot tying entail?
Knot tying is an art that involves braiding ropes in ornate designs and structures. Knot tying serves several purposes apart from those tied to decoration. They could be used as hitches, bends, loop knots, splices, and so on. So, linking threads together will create knots. This step is produced by linking the end of one thread line called the working end through a circular loop. Then, you draw it tight to get the knot style mentioned earlier. However, the craft got better and more efficient over the years, causing many people to take the art as hobbies and jobs.

Whether you want to tie a knot for your rock climbing adventure, to tie your tent while camping, your boat while sailing, to tie your package, or even for your home décor and usage, etc., your ability to master the art of tying knots can be a life-saving skill that could make the difference.

Below is a sneak peek into what you will learn;

	The historical information of knot tying
	Application areas of knot tying
	Terminologies used in knot tying
	Choosing the right rope material for making knots
	Tips and techniques that will set you on your way to becoming a knot tying expert
	Caring for your rope and knots the right way and safety measures to adopt when handling them
	25 everyday knot tying projects (such as fisherman's knot, camping knot, hiking knot, sailing knot, etc.) with step-by-step instructions and graphical illustrations to get you started
	Knot tying mistakes and FAQs to help you fix your knot tying mistakes, including having pre-informed knowledge of the most frequently asked knot tying questions.

…And a whole lot more!

What more then are you waiting for? Grab a copy of this book RIGHT NOW
Available since: 03/22/2021.

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